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Wrestle of love episode 10

Episode 10
🚨💜 WRESTLE OF LOVE🧛🏻‍♀💇🏻‍♂
Writer: Feathers.
Deccan’s POV
Ari, we were friends, but you got overwhelmed by your negative emotions, you later realized that Cruise is innocent, yet you didn’t apologize, to be candid, its unfair.
“I’m so sorry Deccan” Ari Said looking at Deccan and Cruise
Ari: How did I got home that day?
Deccan: I really did not know how you got connected to Mindy, but anyways, Mindy planned on having S-x with you and recording it that night
Ari: I’m confused, I didn’t even drink that night, the last thing I knew was that he left me
Deccan: Yeah, Only Mindy can explain how he got you to the be-d that night
Ari: But how were you aware that he was about having S-x with me?
Deccan: Mindy happens to be in the same gang with me, he was about videoing the S-x he is about to have with you so he can be on t©p of the gang list
Ari: My days, a life record, how come I wasn’t aware? Did he have S-x with me?
Ari asked in fear
Deccan: No, as soon as I saw the video on our site, Cruise and I drove straight to Mindy’s [email protected] , we barged into the club, we traced the room the video was shooting from
Deccan: Fortunately, the room Mindy and you were wasn’t locked , we barged in and saw him n-ked, he was su-cking your br£@st while laying on t©p of you
Ari: What!
She shouted in shock
Deccan: Ari, calm down, it’s done alre-ady, As soon as he saw us, he charged back and stood up, he wasn’t expecting any disturbance, he felt so bad. He wondered why I have come to destroy what he is about to do
Deccan: I had to explain to him that you are my friend and I can’t stand and watch him use you
Deccan: He didn’t say anything, he just bite hisl-ips and paced angrily around the room.
Deccan: I and Cruise quic-kly went closer to where you were laying, Cruise carried you in bridal style to the car, we traced your home throu-gh the GPS of your car and that was how we took you home
Ari: You saw mum right?
Deccan: Yes of course, she was the one that welcomed us , she asked what happened and we explained in brief to her.
Ari: Alright, So its definitely Mindy that leaked my nûd£ ?
Deccan: I’m not sure
Ari: So, my br£@st is su-cked, I can’t imagine. Everyone in school has obviously seen my nûd£, now he’s satisfied
Deccan: Ari, you nee-d to be strong , But be smart next time and know who to trust
Ari: Cruise, I’m sorry for your suspension in school, I’m totally wrong, plea-se forgive me?
Cruise: Ari, I did not have anything against you , you simply got overwhelmed by negativity
Ari: Thanks so much Cruise.
Ari: Deccan , I hope you are cool with me?
Deccan: Sure , I’m fine, I’m cool
Deccan: We are now friends, we promise to stand by our ourselves.
Ari: Actually, I cried so much yesterday night, mum also cried, I know my dignity is gone in the school, I would have gone to another school, but you and I know that I will have to start from grade 1, I don’t want to waste four years of my life just like that, I will be strong and move on.
These conversations happened between Ari, Cruise and I at my club
There isn’t school today, Cruise resumed early to club for some works, I promise to join him there to keep his company
I got to the club in few minutes time and someone called me on phone
It was Ari’s mum
Ari’s mum: Hey Deccan
Deccan: Who is that plea-se?
Ari’s mum: Ari’s mum
Deccan: oh mum, good morning
Ari’s mum: Good morning handsome, my daughter is really sorry for all that has transpired between you guys yesterday and especially her actions towards cruise , she doesn’t know how to call you, so I decided to call you
Deccan: Mum, its not a big deal, give her the phone
Ari’s mum: Oh! Thanks handsome
I really don’t know why Ari’s mum is referring to me as handsome.
Ari’s mum gave the phone to Ari
Ari: Hey Deccan…’she was sobbing on phone’
Deccan: Oh no, Ari don’t cry, it’s alright
Ari: Deccan, I’m sorry, she said stressing the word while crying
Deccan: Ari, Its alright
Ari: Deccan, where are you plea-se? I wanna come and meet you, we nee-d to talk
Deccan: Well, I’m in hell oh! Sorry, I mean club
Ari: Your club right? I’m coming right away
Ari [email protected]£ in an hour time to the club, I welcomed her gently, I informed Cruise about her pres£nce
We took a sit each surrounding a table and we started the discussion above.
We gist and talked about some other things before she left
I was left with Cruise at the club
Cruise: Deccan, this girl didn’t say anything about me going back to school, Isn’t she suppose to speak to her mother to help me cancel the suspension
Deccan: She knows what is right, I’m sure she will act in your favour when she gets home
Deccan: I will call her to come to club at night, I will discuss the issue with her, don’t worry Cruise, you are gonna write the exam with us
Cruise:I hope so
Deccan: Hope so! ‘I exclaimed raising my brow’
Deccan: Its reasonable for her to apologize and talk to her mum to help you cancel the suspension
Cruise: Alright, thanks .
Cruise left me and I went to a pri-vate place to cool off my mind
I picked up my phone, I called Ari and told her that I will like her to come to the club at night
Without much persuasion, she gently obliged.
⌚ ⌚ ⌚
At night, Ari entered the club with her nice yellowish go-wn that is just beneath her as-s, the go-wn is very short that if you look at it carefully, you might probably see her [email protected]
I was turned on immediately I saw her , she [email protected]£ closer to me and hvgged me.
I pretended to be a gentle man and gave her a light hvg, I bid her to take a sit which she did gladly
All this while, Cruise was busy with my manager
Songs were buzzing from the speakers.
We were enjoying the song, at the same time sipping our drinks with smiles of love on our faces
Deccan: Ari, tell me you are enjoying this?
Ari: So soft, I love it
Deccan: wao! What would you say about my club?
Ari: My days!
She exclaimed and sipped another drop of drink
Ari: You want me to say something about the biggest club in New York city
Deccan: Oh yeah
‘She smiled gently’
Ari:Bring your ears closer
I brou-ght my ear closer to her and she pla-yfully bit it
Deccan: oh! That hurts
I said jokingly
Deccan: Ari, I got a surprise for you
Ari: I cant wait
Deccan: Follow me
Ari obliged.
I went to a room and she followed me.
I entered and she followed.
‘she was staring around the room’
Ari: And what is this plea-sant surprise?
Deccan: ‘I smiled gently,’ I went to the door and locked it’
I carried her in a bridal style and threw her on the be-d
I was damn hor-ny, I can’t control myself.
I guess she noticed that something strange was going on within me
She quic-kly stood up and head towards the door swiftly, I guess she wanted to open the door
But I can’t allow that, I wanna fv¢k this beauty, I carried her r0ûghly and threw her back to the be-d
I hasting-ly re-moved my gentle man T shi-t, I re-moved my trou-ser too, I’m now left with bo-xer.
She looked at me helpless on the be-d, I quic-kly climbe-d on her then I heard a knock on the door, I waited.
I wanted to proceed in my quest again, then I heard another knock
The knock continues and this time I ignored, I r0ûghly placed my hand at the edge of her go-wn in a bit to n-ked her
The door suddenly bur-st open, someone broke the door
It was cruise
I was shocked, how did he know I was here?
Ari pushed me away immediately and stood up
Cruise: Well, I’m not surprised.
Cruise looked at the room to check if I had any [email protected]£ra videoing it, but he didn’t see any
Cruise: I knew something like this might happen
Cruise faced Ari
Cruise: Ari, remember the dream you narrated to me sometimes ago?
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