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The DNA test episode 11 – finale

The DNA Test (episode 11)
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Every relationsh!pgoes throu-gh challenges every now and then but the way we handle such challenges is what truly matters. Some couples come out stronger than before while the reverse is the case for other couples. In Ace and Belinda’s case, they had hit a major rock that could have crushed their marriage and make their differences irreconcilable but it’s quite commendable how they scaled throu-gh with little or no permanent damages. To t©p everything up, their marriage reconciliation was sealed and blessed with an additional bundle of joy. All Glory to God!
The news of Belinda’s 4 weeks pregnancy was a mind b!owing one for the couple whose marriage almost hit rock bottom. The fact that they had been trying for a long time to have another baby since the birth of their first seed ‘David’ but non was forth coming, almost made them drop dead due to the shock they felt at that moment. Ace was at the verge of going crazy, as the hor-mones in his b©dy was about to explode; same with Belinda. It was such a day to remember!
“Doctor plea-se tell me you are joking, are you?” Belinda nervously inquired. The doctor smiled faintly and repeated himself for the second time; just in case they didn’t hear the news properly the first time. “I said you are 4 weeks pregnant, Congratulations!” he repeated. It was at this point that Ace fully digested the news and reacted with an overflow of joy in his heart. The excited young man jumped up numerously and kept chanting “Yes!”.
On the other hands, Belinda held David ti-ghtly with a big smile on her pretty face. “Oh thank you Lord, thank you so much Lord. How much more awesome and beautiful can today get? Thank you so much Lord” The excited expectant mum quietly said as tears gently fell off her eyes. The scene was beautiful to behold and the doctor also shared in their happy moment.
The remaining hours of that day was blissful all throu-gh. Immediately the couple got back home, Belinda picked up her phone and called her family to inform them that David had been reclaimed. Everyone was so happy for the couple and screamed on t©p of their voices. They were extremely happy that the case had been resolved amicably between both mothers.
Just as Belinda’s family members were rejoicing with her for David’s victory, she broke the good news of the new baby on the way. Everything was just too much for everyone to digest, as the good news kept dropping back-to-back. Belinda’s mum danced for joy all throu-gh that day and thanked God for all he had done.
All throu-gh that night, tears of joy kept falling off Belinda’s eyes and that of Ace too. They were overly emotional due to the new things that were happening in their lives. It was a lot for them to take in at once, hence the reason they broke down in tears at any little chance they got.
From that day henceforth, David sle-pt with his parents in their room because Belinda wanted to utilise every given opportunity to bond with her son. She would cudd-lehim as though her life depended on it, while Ace would cudd-leboth of them. David went to everywhere with his mom and was home schooled for a while so she could be around him all the time.
Ace pla-yed the role of a good father indeed and always brou-ght Junior over to the house whenever it was his turn to have custody of Rita’s son. Due to that, Junior and David [email protected]£ almost inseparable because they spent quality time with each other. Belinda still loved Junior with all her heart as nothing changed at all. Junior’s old room was still intact for him whenever he [email protected]£ over to spend the night. Another room was furnished and given to David as his new room, but the little boy spent most of his nights in his parents room. Life was good and fulfilling for everyone.
Days turned to weeks and weeks to month and Belinda’s delivery [email protected]£ drew nearer. This time around, Ace didn’t nee-d to be told in order to cancel hospital delivery as an option for his wife. They contacted the hospital Belinda usually went for Antenatal Care and made a contract for a midwife and doctor to come over to their house and deliver the baby when the time is due. It cost Ace a lot of money to be able to pu-ll such weight but he wasn’t moved because the couple didn’t want history to repeat itself again. It was now official that they were going to have a home delivery. What a relief from tension and fear of the unknown.
One fateful evening, Belinda and Ace were cu-mddled up in be-d. At that time, she was alre-ady eight months gone and her delivery [email protected]£ was getting closer. They la-id in be-d and reminisced on everything that had happened in the past and also the challenges they [email protected]£ as a couple. As they talked about de-ep things, they were interrupted by David when he opened the door.
“Hey baby, come here and snuggle with mama and dada” Belinda happily said. David ran towards the be-d and climb it. A space was created for the happy boy in-between his parents so he fixed himself inside. “I love you baby” Belinda said with a smile on her face, “I love you too mummy” David replied.
As mother and son had their moment, the atmosphere was ignited with love and happiness as they all enjoyed the moment. After a little while, Ace sat up and held Belinda’s hand; “Babe, I think we should say our vows again to reaffirm our love for each other” he said. Without wasting time, Belinda agreed and sat up too. “Who will go first?” she inquired and Ace took the lead.
“Today, I might not be fully sure or aware of what tomorrow will bring, but one thing I’ll promise is to never put myself in the position of losing you again nor put you in a position of losing me. I promise to be faithful and to remain faithful to you alone. I promise to put you and our kids first before every other thing. I promise to have eyes for only you and everything that pertains to our family. I promise to never disappoint you ever again. I love you baby, thank you for giving me a second chance” Ace soberly said.
Belinda was greatly t©uçhed by her husband’s vows. She held his hand ti-ghtly and said; “I love you so much babe, you are the only man I ever want to have eyes for. I’m so sorry for [email protected] you the other day at Rita’s house. I have been feeling guilty since I did that but never had the courage to apologise to you. I promise to never do it again, no matter the cir¢vmstance. I renew my trust for you this moment and promise to believe in your lordsh!pover this house and union. I promise to respect, cherish and love you all the days of my life. So help me God!”
After the vows exchange, they pe-cked each other on the cheek and landed the remaining k!sses on David’s face. It was such a memorable day for the couple as their love for each other was rekindled. What a priceless moment indeed!
Finally, the highly anticipated day for Belinda’s delivery [email protected]£ and this time around, Ace and her mum was pres£nt to witness it all. Since the delivery was taking place in their house, they had the liberty to witness everything live without being asked to leave the room.
The midwife and doctor was pres£nt that fateful evening to aid Belinda in the delivery. After few hours of labour and contractions, a bouncing baby girl finally made her way into the world.
Oh My! You nee-d to see how happy Ace was at that moment. He was so happy that he didn’t even know when tears started falling off his eyes. The baby cried her first cry and everyone smiled with joy in their hearts.
In that beautiful moment, Ace moved closer to his tired wife, gave her a soft pe-ck on her forehead and gently muttered; “Thank You God!”.
End of story! 😉
Thanks for staying tuned till the end. plea-se make a comment on this story
Written by Sonia Okehie

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