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s£dûç£d episode 2

s£dûç£d( Episode 2)
(Tales of se-duction)
Praises Chidera Obiora.
As we got into the car, i was moody all throu-gh the journey. I would had told Amaka to lodge in a h0tel. I would have even offered to pay the money for her h0tel accommodation. It was better than way than live in the same house with temptation. If not for Patrick who acted like he was the owner of my house, i would have dragged my wife to the be-droom and talk some s-en-se to her. Sometimes being friends with some people can lead you into doing things you wish not to do, or considering situation you wouldn’t have even considered if given a chance.
I had just drove out of the gate when Patrick kept smiling and laughing at the same time. He was alre-ady looking like one who wished that he was the one in my shoes.
” my guy, My guy.. See as you the bone face. Bros you suppose de happy o. I dey envy you now o. Chaiii .. I wish say na my house Amaka come stay. I for don teacher her something i swear to God. Chaiiii. ”
I kept mute. I wasn’t surprise at Patrick’s action. He wasn’t a married man. He wasn’t even committed to just one woman. How would a man who had several h0t S-xy ladies scattered all around Lagos, even know the meaning of faithfulness. Patrick was a guy who never held on to a relationsh!pfor more that two months. His longest relationsh!plasted four months. And that was because the woman he was [email protected]!nglived in Jos plateau state. She was too busy busy to come to Lagos, but had promised to come immediately she was granted her annual live from office.
The very day she made up her mind to come see Patrick, who she took as her b©yfri£nd, or fiancee as he made them feel, that was the day i new than the relationsh!phad just come to an end. Patrick showered her with gifts, lavished her with money, and at night , he got a piece of his own cake and ravished her like a wild animal.
I remember vividly that faithful morning when Patrick [email protected]£ knocking on my door. He looked so happy and full of energy. I stared at him in surprise, wondering what was ma-king this man so happy.
” Uche … My brooo…. My bro, my bro.” he gesticulated happily, shrugging my shoulders and jumping up like a pastor who was preaching on an alter.
” Uche what is it na? What is the matter again? Why you just de smile like this? ” I asked .
” that girl [email protected]£ na. ”
” which girl be that? ”
” Ah ah… That girl wey dey Jos now. That my girlfriend wey i tell you say she too fine, come fresh like Jos Tomatoes. ”
” Hadiza? ” i asked.
” No jor, not Hadiza. ”
” ahh then which girl is that? Is it Emmanuella or Beatrice . ” i asked.
” which kind one come be this na. Which kind chooking you want come chook me like this na? ”
” No na. You know say you get plenty girlfriend for Deferent states. Abi all this ones wey i call no be you girlfriend? ”
” see Uche, those girls you are calling are all my ex girlfriends. Am talking about my pres£nt girl in Jos; Hanatu. ” he said, heading to the cushion to seat down.
” O Hanatu, ” i said smiling, pretending as if i knew the exact girl he was even talking about. “when did she come? How is she? ” i asked smiling.
” Omoh i am done with that girl. Ahhhh…. But i go miss her shaa. That girl is just too sweet. She gave it to me in all directions. That girl can ride a man like a horse. ” he said, standing up to move and his [email protected]!st front and back in a bid to describe how he rode her. ” sha trust me. She pleaded for me to st©p. Flames , Uche i mean real flames, smoke was coming out from her below. ” he laughed, [email protected] his hands and stamping his feet on the ground.
” then why are you leaving her if she is this sweet as you said? Why don’t you marry her?” I asked. ” I know that girl loves you. And you want to break her heart.”
” Bros. No be that kind of girl am looking for. See Uche , am looking for a woman that is compatible with me. The one that will give me [email protected] time to get. The woman who would prove to be a competition for me. Not all this ones that just visits you and the next thing they are opening legs on the very first day, just because i said i love her, and probably spent a couple of cash on her. ” he confessed.
” So you are leaving here now?” I asked.
” Leaving as in how. Bros if you say leaving, that means am definitely going to come back. I said am breaking up with her. We are done. I don collect my share. Make she de go biko ” he said, standing up to get a bottle of wine from my mini bar.
The Lagos express road was quite free today. Unlike some other days, when the road was usually packed with okada drivers and motorist, all scrambling their way throu-gh. It was usually a frustrating and terrible experience on the n£¢k of every driver.
I sped my way all throu-gh in silence, driving at 150km per hour. I was not saying a single word to Patrick who was now silent haven noticed that i was not looking happy and wasn’t even replying him.
I was lost in thoughts. I was still calculating how my stay with Amaka was going to be. I was upset. I didn’t even realise that i had pressed my legs ha-rder on the car Tuttle. I was now speeding uncontrollably, venting my frustration on the pedals.
” Uche ! Uche!!! Jesuuuuussssssss christ ” Patrick shouted like a mad man. His shout jo-lted me back from the thought i had immersed myself in. I turned quic-kly to realise an upcoming speeding trailer that was struggling with its breaks, and horning continuously. I had realised this at the very last minute.
Was this how our life was going to end? Was this how i was going to die? I thought to my self.
To be continued.
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