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Lucifer’s bride episode 14

Lucifer’s Bride – Episode 14
(She’s mine)
A story by Faith Lucky
Rated 18+
Roxanne’s POV
I returned home feeling really really tired.
Naomi didn’t show up in school throu-ghout the day and it kind of got me worried. But the new guy – Nicklaus – he seemed really friendly and had made my day fun.
He even bought lunch for me.
I walked pas-s the sitting room and was about entering my room when a maid showed up.
Oh! The new maid.
My hand was alre-ady clasped around the hinge of the door but I paused to look at her as she approached me.
“Hi” she said with a smile and it struck me with surprise.
I scoffed and looked behind, then back at her.
Hold on; is she referring to me?
“Uh…hi” I said reluctantly, still feeling confused.
She stood in front of me and sighed.
“I’m Shantel and…I’m a new maid here. First, I want to apologise for what happened yesterday. I mean, the drink and all that. Sorry for speaking that way to you. I was just in a bad mood” she said but I couldn’t say a word.
Is she really apologising?
“So, can we be friends?” She asked and I dilated my eyes in shock.
Wow. Seriously?
“Hello?” She waved at me when I remained quiet.
“You sprinkled something into Damon’s drink yesterday. What was it?” I asked and noticed how she twitched.
“Huh? What…What are you talking about?” She asked and suddenly laughed.
“Oh, that? plea-se; are you trying to suspect me? It’s just a little ingredient to make it sweeter. It’s something I don’t like sharing with others, but on my way to his room, I suddenly thought about it and decided to add it to his drink. there’s no bad intentions attached.
“Hold on; do you really think I poisoned him?” She paused and laughed again. I just kept watching.
If really it were poisoned, why then is he still alive?”
I gave her a long ha-rd stare aid sighed.
She has a point but, I still don’t feel satiated about it.
“So…can we be friends?” She asked again with a smile.
Why does it seem important to her?
“Um…sure” I replied cursorily, just trying to make her leave.
The truth is, I don’t feel comfortable around her.
“Aww. Thanks a lot” she beamed
“You’re welcome” I replied with a smile as I opened the door and walked into the room.
I leaned my back on the door and thought for a while. Why am I having a bad feeling?
I took in a de-ep breath and went ahead to change. I nee-ded a shower first.
I went into the bathroom and had a long cool shower and when I was done, I tied a towel around my che-st and [email protected]£ out so I could look for something else to wear.
Damon had alre-ady stuck my wardrobe with new dresses and it seemed surprising to me.
I was about opening the wardrobe when the door opened and I turned to see him coming in.
Oh, my!
Not now.
I gulped nervously as it dawned on me that I was tying just a towel.
There’s no way he’s going to spare me this time around.
“Mmm..hi” I said with cracks in my voice as stared at the floor.
He was putting on a long red jacket that swept the floor – like he always does.
He walked into the room, levelly, but st©pped at the be-d, sitting on it.
“Come close” he said in his usual gentle tone and I took a step closer to him.
My feet wo-bbled as I did.
I walked slowly until I got to where he was, standing in front of him.
“Turn around” he said and I turned around, now backing him.
Fear was eating me up. But I’ve learnt never to go against him or make him repeat himself.
He left the be-d and [email protected]£ to stand behind me – very close to me.
I closed my eyes as he pressed my both b***sts and k!$$£d my n£¢k.
Then, he went for the ti-p of the towel and my heart gave a mighty leap.
plea-se, no.
I whimpered as he loose ti-p and the towel fell freely from my b©dy, leaving me stark n**ed in front of him.
He s£nt his hands to my ba-re tummy, ma-king me shiver a little.
I could feel his ha-rd c**k press against my ba-re bu***ks.
“You’re mine, Roxanne” he whispered Into my ears.
“Always remember that”.
He pushed me to the be-d immediately and I winced.
He took off his jacket and [email protected]£ on t©p of me on the be-d, in between my legs.
He brou-ght his face close to mine and acted like he wanted to k!ssme, but didn’t.
I could feel my heart beating like a [email protected] drum.
He moved hisl-ips from mine and went for my b00bs instead, giving my n!ppl!s little bites.
I shut my eyes and ti-ght£ñed my hold around his shoulders,, helplessly ma-king little [email protected] s.
He squee-zed my left br**st r0ûghly and s**ked from it like he wanted it to produce something.
He ended with a little bite on the tilt and next, he un-bu-ttoned his belt and took off his trou-ser, even without leaving me.
I felt so much fear as I opened my eyes to look at him.
He took my right hand and placed it on his ha-rd c**k and I [email protected], ma-king my eyes gleam more brightly than ever.
“Push it in” he said, staring directly into my eyes.
I opened my mouth in shock and trepidation, unable to comprehend it.
Oh, plea-se. I can’t do It.
He gave me an uncanny stare and slowly, I tried pushing It in.
It was so ha-rd and big and I felt my hand get we-t as I got it close to my cl!t.
I can’t believe I’m doing this. He’s ma-king me feel like I’m causing myself pains.
It was so ti-ght and I f0rç£fully pushed it in, , ma-king me [email protected].
I took my hand away from it and he adjusted himself closer to me, ma-king it go dee-per into me.
“Hah” I [email protected] and [email protected] ed in ecstasy as the pain – sweetness drove me mad.
It didn’t really hurt like the first time – but it still did.
He thrû-sting in and out of me, ma-king me ti-ght£ñ my grisp around him.
I couldn’t even open my eyes – probably because I was scared of staring at him in the face.
He held my hair with both hands and started going dee-per into me, ma-king me re-lease more screams.
Shantel’s POV
I stood outside the door and listened to the [email protected] s of the lady – Roxanne.
Who’s she to Lucifer? What does she mean to him?
I don’t know why, but there’s a strange feeling I get when I’m around her. A strong powerful feeling.
I feel there’s something else about her .
Who could she be?
To be continued…

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