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Ghosteens episode 5

By: Authoress Diamond
Episode 5
“What the heck happened!” I screamed throwing away anything my hand t©uçh.
Oh my!That’s the worst embarras-sment of my life.
“I wish I should just die “I yelled crying uncontrollable.
” It seems that Ethan of a guy is possessed, don’t you think he has some supernatural powers like ermm..magic?”one of my maids said.
“You are such a fool! Those horror,supernatural movie you watch is getting into your stinking [email protected]” I yelled getting more angry.
“Am sorry Lolita, I just think m….”
“Keep you mouth shut!I nee-d privacy!” I said walking out on them.
I took my bag and headed straight home.
What if he has supernatural powers indeed?
What if maybe he has some spirit he talks to?
God! I have to stalk him to know what’s really happened.
I kept walking home having my heads bowed in shame.
“Ouch!” I winced in pain.
Who did I bu-mp into?
I looked up and I [email protected]£ mute.
Can someone be more handsome than Ethan?
“Hi!” He said beautifully.
“H..Hello” I replied stuttering
Is this an angel on earth?
“Uhm,am wondering if you could show me Rainbow flix high since you are on their uniform” He asked smiling.
This is too tempting and breath-ceasing, it is also the first time am seeing a guy with cute small gap teeth.
“Yh,follow me” I replied
👿Unknown p.o.v👿
Seems I will have fun here on earth..
I alre-ady re-ad her mind, she has hatred for Ethan,she would be a perfect tool.
After having my way with her,I will strike my plan.
Get to be thinking who I am?
I am Reich,the one s£nt by Lucifer.
We finally got to the school gate, the first person I sighted was Ethan,the guy preventing the ghost catchers from taking Shalim.
Shalim mustn’t know about her name not to talk of Her death! It will really pose an havoc in hell.
Ethan is silly for saving her.
“I will take my leave now” The girl said.
“Oh thanks! Can I have your digits” I asked beaming.
“Oh..yes” she said smiling.
👦Ethan p.o.v.👦
Ever since Ivy left,Shalom has been so clingy and it’s frustrating.
“Don’t tell me you are following me home”I asked in disbelief.
” Just once,to see how beautiful it is.. Is it wi-de?Does it has swimming pool? “She kept asking question till we got to the gate.
There is this handsome guy on them gate,Immediately we pas-sed by the gate…I felt a familiar s-en-sation.
I got this feeling only if there is a strange ghost around.
Is this guy a ghost?..No..he isn’t…if he is the gateman won’t be interrogating with him.
Then why?
Immediately we left the gate, Shalim starts to cough.I thought it was one of her pranks but hell no,it wasn’t.
She was coughing wildly.
” Shalim!Shalim!”I called holding her hands,her hands suddenly went more cold.
“What the heck is happening” I stuttered.
“” Shalim called closing her eyes slowly.
“Shalim!” I shouted.
Her eyes closed gradually… As she fell…I caught her immediately before she could fall on the ba-re ground.
“Shalim!” I called gently
Am damn confused,I don’t know what to do😏.
👻Ghost girl(Shalim)p.o.v.👻
I felt something hit me immediately we left the gate but I ignored it.
We walled further and I suddy had the urge to cough.
I let out a cough and it turned to a continuous cough.
My vision [email protected]£ blurry,I heard screams…
What’s happening?
I f0rç£d myself to open my eyes but it seems am not in control of it any more.My eyes closed at his own will and I suddenly felt myself in another place.
I saw some guys dragged a young school girl..The girl looks so much like me.Those guys blindfolded her despite her plea-s.She was dragged on the rou-gh ground earning her some scratch on her legs.
Though she is screaming in pain,they never left her.
Then suddenly I saw a man and a woman grinning but their face is not clear.The woman gave the young girl a h0t [email protected],causing a cut on the girll-ip.
The woman whispered something to the guys and they went away.
The guys charged at the girl and within a twi-nkle of an eye they tore the girl’s uniform.
The screams of the girl was unbearable.
“Help!!!Someone help!!”
👦Ethan p.o.v.👦
I sat beside Shalim on my be-d,I don’t have any other choice than to bring her home after she blacked out.
My attention gets sifted to Shalim,her f!ngersmoved and she suddenly starts to wrangle on the be-d.
“Help!Someone help!” She screamed tears falling freely down her cheeks.
Her eyes fluttered open and she closed her eyes almost immediately.
“Who are you?” She said j£rking up surveying her surroundings and before I could mutter anything
She [email protected] me!
👻Ghost girl p.o.v.👻
Oh my gawd!
I just recover from my dream and everything still looks odd.
I didn’t recognize Ethan before I [email protected] him my [email protected] just got back now.
“Ethan” I called softly
“Am sorry” I said with guilt
“What?” Ethan said ru-bbing his cheeks that has turned red.
“You are becoming unbelievable” He said bringing out a tray of food.
“Oh my!”I muttered happily re-ady to devour the food.
” Wait”Ethan suddenly said
“Why do you fainted the other time” He asked curiosity and care filled his eyes.
I can see it!
“What?I don’t have an idea” I replied nonchalantly but truth be told…
Who is the girl I saw?
What with the blurry vision?
“Ethan, I want to tell you something” I said lowly.
“What’s that?” He asked eagerly
But I nee-d to eat first!😋🍛
“Hun?Why do you like doing funny stuff at this crucial moment?” He asked,a sm-irk curling on hisl-ips.
“Cus I love you” I replied sheeply.
“Uhn?” He asked dumfounded.
“What?Did I just say that?”I stuttered covering my mouth.
My gawd!!!
*To be continued.
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