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Clumsy nurse batch 4

Daniellas POV
The door opened
There stood a Nurse wearing a surgeons mask
I looked at her I. D
It is Nurse delvaliers
She has her I. D
But why is she wearing a surgeons mask
Maybe she has surgery to attend to.
She bowed and tried moving out that’s when I noticed her f!ngers
No ring.
Nurse. D. Always wears her rings I looked at Anna
Her drip had been re-moved
It was on her side
Omg its not nurse delvaliers its the drip changer
Before I could turn to Tim she was fast enough to walk past him
” Tim st©p her, call the guards its the drip changer “, I shouted.
Doctor Tim ran after her but she was too fast to run
He called the guards and all them ran after her.
I hope they get her so we can blame her for Anna’s condition
💙Claras p. O. V💙
I ran as fast as I could with tears in my eyes
Am so scared
Who will save me
If the catch me
I might get killed
My mom might get killed too
What was I doing
I ran fas-ter more guards chased me
The hospital alarms where high and shouting
More guards [email protected]£ out of nowhere
I covered my face well
I still kept runing
Am tired alre-ady
My legs are paining
I was Alre-ady close to the entrance when someone who was pas-sing buy caught me
He held my hands ti-ght
The guards alre-ady sorrounded the door
I turned to look at him
He wore a black suite
He must be a guard
I looked in his face with tears rushing down my eyes
Wait what is this
It’s the guy I insulted
It’s the guy I fought with
Thank God my face is covered
This would have double punishment
No nee-d its finished
I know he will hand me over to them.
I looked in his eye and my tears kept gushing out
He looked at me for a while with his hands holding me ti-ght
I know am about to die but Damn
Why is this guy so S-xy.
The guards faced him
“Sir, she committed a criminal act hand her over to us “, they said
“What did she do and who ordered you to chase her around like this “, he asked calmly
” sir she was tampering with miss Anastasia health and Mrs Daniela asked us to catch her, She is even wearing a fake identity. The said
Just then nurse delvaliers ran out
“The criminal must be punished, she even stole my i. D card, She is the reason why Anna is not waking up”, nurse D added.
The cute guy looked me in the face for while
This is actually the first time I am seeing him differently
He looks so calm and reserved but
” sad”
He re-moved the I. D from my n£¢k and threw it to nurse delvaliers.
The I. D he re-moved made my messy hair fall into my eye
I would have moved it but he is holding my hands ti-ght.
Before I could shake my face to move the hair
He re-moved it from my eye with his hands
I looked at him with my mouth open
My eyes rolling at his face
I suddenly felt bu-tterflies in my tummy
***What is that?? ***
He then looked at me and said
” with Anna or with anyb©dy else, did you do something wrong “?, he asked me
I shaked my head in disagreement
The remaining tears gushed out
Next thing he let go off my hands and said
“Go ”
Omg am free I can’t believe this, this guy saved me,
I instantly lifted myself to ti-p because he was taller than me
I pe-cked his cheek softly then I ran away.
the guards tried chasing me but his guards blocked them
I ran away as fast as I could, I ran into the Bush and re-moved the mask then I used leafs to cover my face my face
I got out and took a bike I showed him Tonys card he said he knew the address
I can’t wait to meet him ( Tony )
I have two questions for him
First why did he schedule surgery and ignore it
Secondly why didn’t he bother looking for me so he can get his card back..
❤️Dianas p. O. V💙
I was still moving about in confusion and fear when Ryan walked in.
All the nurses hieved a sigh of relieve
His dress s-en-se “wow ”
I walked to him
Sir you are late, I think she lost a lot of blood.
“who scheduled this surgery”, he asked me
” doctor Tony “, I replied
He looked at the door for a while then he looked at Alison.
He fli-pped his hair backward then he dropped his phone on the chair
“I nee-d her file”, he said
I handed him her file and he sat down with his legs crossed
minutes later
I looked at our time
We have only 35 minutes left
And Ryan is still re-ading … comfortably
“Sir, our time is runing out should we Bring blood “, I asked desperately
” I nee-d her health record, starting from her first sugery “, he said
I ran into the the hospital store
I searched in a haste
How will he re-ad all this
There is no time
I took her file and ran back thinking Ryan had started the surgery but he still sat with his legs crossed.
I gave him the record he dropped the file on the floor
He looked at the health records from start to end, every word, every note
I must say he is a fast re-ader
After few minutes he was done he dropped the file on the floor
I checked our time only 20 minute left
He instantly wore the cover all and switched on the surgery lights
He wore his gloves with style and speed
I must say everything this guy does is charming.
He turned to us
“I don’t want to stay here or more than 10minutes “, he said
We all nodded in agreement.
He looked at her
He opened her tummy, just left side to her abd0m£n
Then he said
” scalpel “.
I handed him the scalpel
He instantly cut the area open like a slice of bre-ad
” scissors ”
The other nurse handed him a scissors
I handed him a saw I must say Ryan is very fast.
” f0rç£ps ”
I handed him the tool
I handed that to him
He turned to the other nurse
“Check heart beat ”
He turned to me
” Diana blood”
I went for the blood bag
” nee-dle holder”
A male nurse handed it to him
” towel clamp”
I returned and handed it to him in a Haste
Omg he is almost done
” cli-ps ”
I handed him
” vascular clamps”
I handed him
” stapler ”
I handed him
” thank you.
Wait he’s done
He was done
Hes work was so clean but something is weird about ryan today
he was smiling to himself carelessly all throu-gh the surgery
I noticed him holding in some kind of laughter
He smile regularly a he thought of something
I wonder what happened.
He re-moved the gloves and washed his hands
Then he re-moved the cover all and wore his jacket.
” move her, her sugery was a success, the patient should be awake by 8:00 tomorow. “, he said this and rushed out
I checked the time, wow we still have 11 minutes left
no wonder he is a star surgeon.
I instantly moved Alison out of the room
what a long day am so tired..
❤️Ryan’s p. O. V💖
What a surgery
But i can’t st©p thinking about that sily k!ss.
It’s just so funny thoughts of it makes me want to laugh.
Why did that ugly looking girl k!ssme anyways
It was so funny when she stepped on My shoes while tying to Raise herself to my height
I laughed again
I wonder why this is so funny.
I chuckled to myself and with my hands on myl-ips
This makes me laugh, I don’t know why..
💙Clara p.O. v.💙
I arrived at Tonys house
Omg it is so big
And so white
But does he live alone
Aaagh is this safe
Why didn’t I think of this Before coming here.
Anyways am alre-ady here
I ran into the compound where I saw him swimimg in his pool which was beautiful and was demarcated with a big white stair case
He walked out and sat on his chair
He lighted a stick of cigarette and sat facing his bottle of wine
His hair dripping we-t
His skin dreamy
Hes so cute
He hadn’t seen me yet
Ok now he saw me.
I just remembered am looking ugly
I instantly started arranging my hair
He waved at me
” hey “, He shouted
I looked around then I bowed from the distance
This made him laugh to himself.
I wonder what’s funny..
Clara p. O. V
I finally decided to walk down to him
I got to where he sat
I bowed again
He stood up
He was really surprised to see me
I looked round the house
Wow amazing
The pool was unending
I mean it was so round
I think it sorrounded the house
I wonder where it ended
He just looked at me quietly
💙Tony s p. O. V❤️
Now that I look closely this girl resembles nuella Quite a lot
She is still amazed at the pool
She looked around smiling
Just then she dragged my hand
“I want to see where it ended “, She said
“Where what ended “, I asked in confusion
“The water come on”, she shouted almost jumping up
She dragged my hands and I followed her
She walked down and I walked behind her watching her as she smiled carelessly
While looking into the water
We walked about the buiding and [email protected]£ back to the front
She [email protected] her hands together in satisfaction
” Oh really, the water has no ending “,
She said smilling.
“Yes it doesn’t “, I replied her while looking at her
“But sir, you scheduled surgery,
“Arrrrgh how did i forget, anyways am sure they called Ryan “, I replied
” oh ok, but I [email protected]£ to give you your card,
She opened her bag with a very sorry face
” am really sorry, I totally forgot… pls forgive me it was all Abigails fault.
” she dragged me into that free bus, I know I didn’t have transport fare but I could have trekked.
” you wont believe i didnt even sit down in the bus, I stood all the while till I got home.
” it was when I arrived home that I realized I was with your card ”
” i wanted to call you but my phone was in the kids section.
” i went in there and searched all the kids one by one untill one Korean…………… She just kept blabbing , non st©p without even breathing
Holy heavens what a lady
I enjoyed it though, she talked for a long time while searching her bag.
Seconds later she looked at me with her mouth open wi-de
Her eye were now teary
I walked close to her
I swear I f0rç£d myself not to laugh.
” what’s wrong “, I asked her
“Actually, I can’t find my purse “, she said almost crying
” but, i that were the card Is “, i asked
She nodded
“Arrrgghh what is this “, She said and she sat on the floor with both hands on her head.
I covered my mouth to hold my laughter.
” no problem, you can bring it later “I
She started blabbing again
” why have suffered this week
” i really, really, suffered to find my phone
” searching for something in that kids section is not funny
” now I forgot my purse there
” i tell you my life is going out of hands ” what is This
She scattered her alre-ady messy hair and [email protected] on the floor with her eyes closed.
” Clara are you okay “, I asked her
“Shhhhhhhh moment of silence “, she replied
I chucked as I dragged her up
She must have really stressed herself for this card.
” Clara don’t worry, we Will search for the card together “, I said
She smiled
” uuhhmmm I will just change “, I said
” oh ok “, She replied
I tried walking into the house but she still stood there
I turned and dragged her hands into the house.
she looked around the house, I guess she just realized no one is here….
She suddenly started coughing but I swear I know that cough, nuella does it very well., it’s a fake cough
I turned to look at her
She scratched her hair
” but sir “, am not re-ady yet , let’s take it slowly “, She said
omg what is this girl thinking
*** so funny what a crazy girl ***
I hastily left her hands
“Hey, what are you thinking, I just wanted to change so we can look for the purse “, I said sharply
She knocked herself
” oh arrrgh, don’t mind me, just….. let’s go “, She said
We walked into my room she looked around
She sat on the be-d , i watched her carefully as she folded her hands into her legs.
I walked into my dressing room and after a while
I [email protected]£ out wearing my shorts, i picked my polo on the be-d
This Clara girl covered her eye
” hey , what’s wrong “, I asked
” get dressed alre-ady “, she said sharply
“Oh sorry ” I wore my t©p and re-moved her hands from her eye
She looked at me with her mouth open then she slowly closed it..
💙Claras p. O. V💙
I feel like coughing again
Why Is he looking in my face
I looked at his dressing
Wow so nice
I hastily stood up
” let’s go “, I replied
He took my hands and we walked out
Why does he keep taking my hands
It’s so funny
Treating me like a baby
We got to the car and he opened the door for me.
He opened the drivers seat and sat
He locked his door
I tried locking my door but it was a little ha-rd
But I still pushed it
“Did you lock the door well?”, He asked me.
Before I spoke
He moved over to my side and Locked the door well.
I smiled
“Use your seat belt “, he said
Before I could do it he leaned over to me
He fixed the sit belt well
He just covered me with his S-xy b©dy while doing that
His face was directly in front me
But I didn’t Care less
Just then
He rolled those S-xy eyes to look in my face
I turned to ice
Hes not moving out
He just stayed like that looking at me
Why is he still so close to me
I might cough again
he looked at myl-ips
What’s wrong
I li-cked myl-ips, is there anything there
He looked in my eye and started moving closer.
What is he doing
Does he want k!ssme
What to I do
My eyes opened wi-de
Just when he [email protected]£ close enough
He looked down and slowly withdrew
“am sorry,
” its ok, maybe you just sli-pped “, I added.
He chuckled and started the car
💙Tonys p. O. V❤️
I can’t believe I almost k!$$£d her
What [email protected]£ over me
What’s attra-cting me to clara
Shes clumsy
Poor dress s-en-se
But amazing smiles
Fun to be with
No pretences
No fake Ness
I guess that’s enough
Soon we got to the hospital
She was fast to run into the kids pla-y
Omg What a Crowd
We started looking for the purse
I searched almost all the kids with bags
Clara chased them around one by one
They had fun with her
I can’t st©p laughing
Clara is so skinny
the crowd of children Keep pu-lling her to the floor
anytime she fell she won’t stand up
She would ask a kid to help her
once they give her a hand
she will push them down too
What a pla-yful girl
She stood up and we continued the search
We both scratched our hair
No sign of her purse..
💙Claras p. O. V💙
Tony is really stressing himself
Searching this kids is not funny
But who is that fat kid
She is carrying a toy bag
I shouted to Tony
“Hey, catch that fat kid, Hurry hurry!!!!!
He ran after the child
I too ran after the child
The kid kept runing non st©p until Tony finally caught her
They kid started laughing
I laughed too because the kids laugh is so contagious
Tony instantly took a picture of me
I took her bag from her
We seached it together
So many toys
Then I saw My purse
My micky mouse purse
I smilled and raised it up
Tony looked at the purse awkwardly
“Uhhm is that yours or the kids “, he asked
I sat back on the floor and opened the purse
i brou-ght out his credit card and handed to him
He smiled
“Thank you ‘, He said
” you are welcome “, I replied
“Come on, lets go, I will take you home “, he said
We got to his car
We both entered and I directed him to my house
We arrived
I [email protected]£ down and waved at him
He tried leaving when my dad walked out
” won’t you Bring him inside “, He said
I remembered my mother
” no no dad, He is going ” i said
My dad turned to Tony
” not even tea “, He asked
” it will be my plea-sure ” Tony replied
We walked into the house
He sat down
Just then my dad shouted
” honey, come Clara [email protected]£ with her b©yfri£nd“, he shouted
” oh am glad, finally, my child won’t die a vir-gin”, She shouted.
I instantly covered her ears with both hands
” mom!!!!! , I shouted
I looked at Tony who chuckled quietly
My mother ran down
” omg doc Tony, what are you doing, are you Clara, how are you….
I know mother is confused so I shouted
” he’s not my b©yfri£ndmother, he’s not, he’s really not “, I said
” oh , No wonder, I almost choked “, She said.
“Good day madam”, Tony said
” you are welcome, what can I offer you “, She asked.
” ouch am alre-ady full, He said
” all right dear “, sHe replied.
” clara you have such a wonderful family “, he said.
I smiled
” clara go and change so you can walk him out ” she Said
I know my mother
She wants to s£nd me out
I wonder what she wants to tell him
I stood up
” all right mum “, I rushed out
I was rushing up the stairs when my mother shouted
” clara be care full on the stairrrsssssss…….
I was alre-ady rolling down the stair again.
I pushed myself up and turned to them
” mom, dad, Tony “, am alright.
I ran into my room..
❤️Mrs David’s p. O. V💙
I can’t believe someone like Tony is in my house
Could he really be [email protected]!ngClara
I looked in His face and he looked worried
I guess he is worried about Claras fall.
” uhhm why don’t you check on her I mean it’s obvious you are worried ” I said to him.
” oh that’s ok, I can’t pry into her privacy “, He replied..
” don’t worry, Clara doesn’t have privacy all her friends are welcome in her room “, i said
He smiled then he stood up
He Carefully walked up the stairs..
💙Claras p. O. V💙
I walked into my room and found Tyler on my be-d
Always sneaking up
I sat beside him and re-moved my shoes
” Welcome, i have been waiting you “, He said
” i know, someone must always be in my room “, i replied him
Just then Tony walked in
Tyler stupidly covered his face with the pillow
I stood up and walked to him
” sorry to badge in I just wanted to check on you, since you fell “, He said
” oh am fine “, i replied
He looked at the be-d I instantly dragged out the pillow so he could see Tyler well.
Tyler waved at him and [email protected] comfortably in the be-d
” it’s getting late, I have to leave “, He said
” oh of course, I will walk you “, I added.
We both walked down, we got to the car.
I bowed
” goodbye “, i said
” bye, i had fun “, he added.
he entered his car and drove away.
I ran back into my room and [email protected] Tyler
” mm so what next, did he ask you to [email protected]£ him?, he asked
” not yet, I just [email protected]£ from his house today “, i replied
“Omg Clara, rule no 1” no S-x till it’s defined “, He said
” what’s he saying ” I asked
” just saying “, He added
” where is Cinderella “, I asked
” she’s in my room”, He replied
” and you are here “? I asked him
” been with her all morning missed you”, He said
I smiled
Just then another person sneaked in throu-gh my window.
I turned
Omg its Lia
I hvgged her
” lia you have changed “, Tyler added
” am I fat or fit “, She asked
” perfect “, Tyler added
Tyler snuck out of the window he thinks I do not see him take my chocolate pack.
Lia t©uçhed my hair
” sis, why is your hair so messy “, She asked me
“Well, I don’t wash it anymore “, i said
“What, clara you are spoiling your amazing hair “, She shouted
” i just want to rush out of the shower, washing my hair makes me late to work “, i said
” and your b©yfri£ndis not saying anything? “, She asked
” arrrgh don’t go there “, I added
” i heard you are going to African with Ryan ? “, She asked
“Yes I am “, i replied
” omg, can i go in your stead “, She asked
I pushed her
” silly ” I said
” ok as someone more experienced with men I will give you some ti-ps “, She said
” ok tell me “, I added
” first always lock your door.
” Make sure to pack all you nee-d
Pads, cloth, cream etc.
” oh thats easy ” i added
” and, whenever the weather is cold, don’t lur-k around that cute guy if not hmmmm…………. she li-cked herl-ips
I got interested
” what will happen “, I asked.
” he will say to you, the night Is cold, take off your cloths and lie with me “, She said
I instantly covered my che-st in surprise
” really “, I asked
She nodded
” another ti-p “, She said
She tried talking when her phone caught her interest
She picked her phone then shouted
” clara the girl who looks like you is on t. V ”
I smiled wi-dely and looked into her phone
It was my role model
The girl who looks like Me
Nuella maravella
She looks a little like me
Once i used her old picture as my d. P and my friends thought it was me.
She looks just like me
But i am shorter and she is prettier
I am also slimmer and her nose is more aligned, also her face is well built
She always looks so expensive
she is a model and also an intelligent doc.
During her last interview she said modelling was her real dream and medical school is her dad’s dream..
💙Nuellas p. O. V❤️
I am in New York
My as-sistant just informed me about the change in my schedule
I just arrived new York today for my modelling contract with nivea as their [email protected] ambas-sador
And I just got informed that I nee-d to go on a health visit at( A. G. H. C)
Just the same day
I am in so much pain
Why does dad do this to me
I am mad at him
I called him on phone
” why did you change my schedule for Thursday dad ”
” Nuella I have future plans for our health center And being in good terms with A. G. H. C is perfect. “, He said
” dad I can’t, what about my dreams “, I asked him.
” stupid dreams, you have no future as a model concentrate on being a doctor just like your brother, enough if this modelling game “, he shouted at me
” come on dad, I am an international super model
” and a professional doctor too, you will visit that hospital next tomorow and you can’t change that, and after that you can continue your modelling parade ”
” dad plea-se, Thursday is a big day for my career as a model “, i said
” It is also a big day for my duty as a father and your future planner, I alre-ady spoke to Mr grande, they are expecting you. “, he said
I dropped the call..
💙Claras p. O. V💙
Next day
Is funny lia actually washed my hair today and dressed it
Then she packed it well
She even ironed my nurse uniform for me
She said she wants me to look pretty today
Imagine that
Right now I am running throu-gh the street
I ran out of the hospital to buy food for one of the patients
Next thing I ran into a big white car
It almost hit me
Thank God it st©pped
I fell to the floor out of shock and fear
I fell so they can rush me to the hospital at least Diana will get a little Money out of them.
I [email protected] with my eye closed
thinking about my future
Then a guard walked out
Another guard walked out
A girl walked out holding a black book
All of the looked at me in surprise
Just then the girl shouted
Madam come and check this out
This girl looks like you
Just then I opened my eye
And she stepped out if her car
Omg kill me
Its nuella maravella
My one and only role model
She bent down to me and smiled
“She really looks like me “, She said
“Hey are you okay “, she asked me
I closed my eye ti-ght
**pls just take me to the hospital i nee-d money **
💙Claras p. O. V💙
I was waiting for her to carry me into the car so we can go to the hospital when she [email protected] my cheek gently
I opened my eye she smiled
” hey I am a doctor, it’s obvious you are All right “, She said with a very cute pla-yful face
I started coughing
” oh am I, I didn’t realize”, I said
She smiled and dragged me up
” hy my name is nuella, nuella….
“Maraverlla “, i added
She smiled in surprise
” how do you know me “, She asked
” actually everyb©dy knows you, infact you are my role model ” i said
” so whats your name “, she asked
” oh its Clara, I said smiling, Clara David “.
” nice meeting you Clara I know you must have hurt your leg so I will transport you, if you don’t mind “, she said
**Arrrgh no I nee-d money **
” well where I am going is very different from where you are going “, i added
” oh really? “, She asked
” yes I am going straight then you will go left, you go right them you bend, you stand then you cross the road, you run then you walk, you go left and straight then right. “, I said
” that’s quite a distance, ok no problem. ”
She opened her purse and brou-ght out money she didnt even count it she just placed it in my hand I smiled wi-dely
“Thank you but you didn’t have to do this its totally normal to get hit by a car its not a big deal anyways thank you, bye “, i bowed and ran away.
I headed back into the hospital since I didn’t buy food i decided to avoid the room where the woman [email protected] always like s£nding someb©dy around
Am so happy
I can’t believe I am rich.
I sli-pped my money into my purse.
I walked into alisons room
She alre-ady opened her eye
Her surgery was indeed a success she [email protected] quietly smiling
I wish Anna can wake up and smile like this
I really miss Anna I miss her so much that I am willing to do anything for her just anything.
But everywhere is so ti-ght I can’t visit Anna anymore am so scared I know Anna is being poisoned but am not yet sure if I know who is doing it so I can’t tell anyone before I tell the wrong person and get killed.
But am still suspecting doctor Tim.
I t©uçhed alisons hands
Hey, are you ok “, I asked her
She just smiled
” don’t worry you will Soon go back to school and lead your cheerleading squad i always watch you on t. V “, I said and she smiled..
❤️Anastasia p. O. V💙
I have reached that Point in my life where I feel meaningless.
My mother Is missing I don’t know if she is happy or she is sad.
My dad i have not heard from him
My sister and her mother are bent on taking all my shares from me
But they can’t because I am the only heir to everything my dad owns
It’s all in my name it will only move to his other child of I am gone but as long as i am alife
Everything my father owns still resolves around me
Danielas mother got jealous when she saw the will for the first time
After she confronted my dad about the will
I had my accident
And my mother disappeared
But I will never let them take anything away
Everything that belongs to me I will place un-der my mother and my unborn child
Not daniella and Mrs tonia
I will fight them with my last breath and they wont win
It seems like this drug is getting too much in my system
My stomach pains so badly
❤️Doc Tims p. O. V💙
I am still bothered about the fact that the drip changer might know who I am
I was lost in thoughts when Daniela called
” any good news”, I asked
” i should be asking you, I mean isn’t Anna suppose to die by now, I am just tired of her slee-ping that’s the reason why Ryan is still waiting for her as-suming she is dead everyb©dy will move on, She said
“I am not a junior doctor Daniela I know what I am doing, Anna has taken a lot of that drug and it is damaging her liver slowly just a little more if it and Anna will be out of your way, Anna will die very Soon trust me on That, just make sure her drips are not changed anymore. “, I said
“Ok”, she added and dropped the call..
💙Nuellas p.o.v❤️
It’s useless my dad has decided.
I nee-d to cancel my schedule with nivea…
This is really going to break me down. But i have no choice
I better call my manager so that he can cancel.
I placed the call when my as-sistant walked in
My manager picked the call
“Nuella, I hope you are getting re-ady for nivea, i don’t nee-d any stories “, he said
“Just cancel it I have a more important meeting “, i added
” this had been your dream for 5 years girl, what could be more important “, he said
” plea-se just cancel don’t make it more difficult for me “, I added
Just then my as-sistant spoke up
“Madam don’t cancel I have an idea “, she said
I dropped the call
“Tell me queen “, i said
‘This might sound a little crazy but what if we use that girl who looks like you “, she said
“Really “, i asked her
“Remember she is a doctor so what to say and which terms to use won’t be ha-rd for her “, she added
“She will be in a. G. H. C while you will be in nivea since the contract signing is indoors
“And after the contract signing I will Come out for the main shoot won’t people ask how Come I am also in (A. G. H. C)
“No no no clara will be very fast.
once the contract signing is complete she must have left
A. G. H. C. then you will come out for the shoot.
People will think you just left
A. G. H. C and rushed to nivea they wont know that it wasnt you. “, she said
“Wow so wonderful but how do i find this clara girl now “, i replied
“She is a nurse so she’s either a nurse in A. H. H. C or a nurse in r. D. “, she said
We will look for her and kidnap her
Omg I hope she agrees
❤️Claras p. O. V💙
hours later
I am so tired I guess I am more tired because I am sad
I ran out of the hospital while checking my time
Anyways I am looking good I better walk
I st©pped runing and started walking
Just then a black jeep st©pped in front of me
I tried runny away but 4 men in suite chased after me.
No no
I started runing fast but the kept chasing after me
What to do I better run left
I tried runing left when the other one of them finally caught me
He carried me up
This is kidnap
I kept kicking my leg up and down and shouting
They placed me in the car I tried shouting but they covered my mouth with a handkerchief
Now I don’t know anything any more.
1 hour later
I don’t know where I am
Seems I am n-ked
Someone is R0m-ncing me
Jesus’s Christ
” aaaarrrrgghh” I screamed
💙Claras POV💙
The [email protected]ç£is not ending
I opened my eye And I saw 5 women in white
What’s going on why are women R0m-ncing me
They started applying all weird stuffs on my skin
Annoying, this is gettng out of hand
Minutes later they were done, the covered my b©dy with the white towel jacket
And I sat on the be-d
Omg I almost forgot I didn’t finish parking all the expired drugs out of the store yesterday
Someone died resultant to those drugs so methron ordered me to check for all expired drugs in the store and throw them out
I ran out without finishing that work how did i forget
Methron Linda will kill me, am dead.
I wish Diana helped me
Just then one of the women in white gave me my phone
I picked up
It was Diana
” hey bes”, i said
“Hey Clara how could you leave without finishing your work “, she yanked
” i am sorry I forgot, what will we do now “, i asked
“Look at the time I am still in the hospital clearing your mess “, she said
Omg thank God
“Sorry, really, really, Sorry”, I said
“Just pray the methron doesn’t catch me, am almost done”, She said
She dropped the call I know she is bothered and angry
She is always covering up for me
Back to reality, where am I
I sat looking around when someone walked in
It was nuella she stood facing me
” i must say you have an amazing skin Clara “, She said
” oh thank you but why did you kidnap me “, I asked.
” actually sorry I didn’t plan to kidnap you but I nee-d your help “, She said And sat down
“What kind of help….. omg what is the time, my mother is going to get worried about me, what to do “, I shouted
“Why dont you call her”, nuella added.
Nuella was looking at me when I called my mother but she didn’t pick up
Omg this is bad i nee-d to call Tyler
I called Tyler he picked
“Hello “, i said
“Hey clumsy ”
“Where are you , i asked
“Am home your mom has been crying all night “,
“Night, what do you mean night”, I asked confused.
I checked my time and it was 8pm
Omg how come
“pls tell mom that am fine infact am at Diana’s house “, i said
“Ok I will go upstairs right now”,
“Hey don’t sneak up throu-gh my window you will spoil things”, I said
“You know that’s my best pas-sage way “,
“Tyler “, I shouted.
He dropped the call. And I turned back to nuella
“I want you to go to( A. G. H. C) in disguise as me. remember visiting Anna is one of the main aims of my visit and the main the goal is to prove to the world that the maravellas are still in good terms with
( A. G. H. C and R. D ) ”
“But why me, why can’t you go? “, I asked
“My dream is at stake thats all I can say, but if I am really your role model and you really follow me up you will un-derstand “.
**Omg maybe her modeling dream is at stake, its ok since I can also visit Anna ****
“So tell me will you help me “,.
I nodded
“Good so whats your name? ”
“Clara dav……….
“Nuella maraverlla. “, she added
” nuella maraverlla “, I said smiling.
Just then another woman walked out
“Nuella your b©yfri£ndjust called, I think he is in town ”
Nuella jumped up and rushed out
She turned to me
“Clara you will not sleep tonight, you nee-d to learn how to act like nuella “, She said
“What?!!!! I shouted
She dragged me up
“Your skin and hair has been worked on so your personality is our next problem “, she said.
” ok “, I replied
“First do not talk to much always, just smile with pride ”
“Ok “, i replied
“Second walk with aura, and wave, you are a model you don’t know who is taking a picture of you and a lot of people will wave at you so wave back with style.
“Ok ”
“So let’s practise ” she said
I stood beside her and we started cat walking. almost like my mom thought me it was pretty easy after so many trials I fell flat to the floor
Nuella [email protected]£ out
“She is good but she is not perfect “, nuella said
“We have to work on only two things
“Her speech
“And her walking step.
“Because she won’t eat there so no nee-d for table clas-s. “, nuella said
“Yes madam “, the woman replied
Nuella walked out and the woman turned to me
We have to practice for 8 hours so let’s start..
💙Daniela p. O. V❤️
Dad is stronger now we all going to welcome nuella maraverlla tomorow.
My dad is still ma-king calls he just called the Dervantes family which means Ryan will also welcome nuella..
Am so scared nuella is a doctor even though she’s a model I am sure she’s a good doctor.
what if she finds out what’s wrong with Anna when she comes to visit her
What will happen, all my plans will crash.
Am so scared I pray she doesn’t come or she doesn’t visit Anna
My mom walked in I alre-ady told her my problems before
“Daniella I told you nuella is not that intelligent she is too busy being a model she will not find out what’s wrong with Anna “, she said sitting down
” But how sure are you mother, Ryan will be there, Mr Dervantes will be there and Dad will be there. if nuella expo-ses the secret behind Anna’s health it is finished Anna will start treatment. “, I said
“You fear too much Daniela”, She added
“Mother just kidnap nuella, pls am scared I have a feeling nuella will find out the truth, remember she was the one that did issabellas surgery and it was successful, nuella is smart lets not take this chance we know Anna is her friend mom am scared. “, i said
“Daniella our work is clean, the drips are pure it takes a microscope to notice the difference in colour.
“But mom ” i said
“Even If she finds out, anna had digested a lot of poison you think waking her will be easy? I am sure that drug has started damaging her livers “, mom said
“I hope so because I want Anna to be dead once Ryan comes home from hes health mission.
💖Ryan’s p. O. V💖
Nuella is coming here I can’t wait to see how she is after high school
I have seen a lot of her pictures lately she is really changing
Crazy girl, what’s the Nick name she calls me again
Anna will be so glad to hear nuella voice
I feel a little pain in my heart and my heart beat had been seizing recently I wonder what’s wrong.
Then this cough keeps wors£ning and I am recently coughing out a little blood
I s£nt my head maid to get my drug I wonder what she is doing
Ok she just walked out
I coughed again
” where is it, I asked her
” sir your drugs are out so i called your doctor she said she will s£nd new ones tomorow”.
I coughed again
” what do I do, I don’t feel fine “, I said
” i called the hospital it turns out they have your drugs so i alre-ady s£nt another maid for it , so don’t sleep off, ” she Said
” ok thank you “, I said
She walked out, right now i miss anna so much
Anna fell for me first before I started falling for her
She caught my heart with only her caring heart, care is one the things missing in my life. With dad its always work, business, money🚶
Mom Is always busy with her ti-ght schedule she has been missing me but ever since I [email protected]£ back she hasn’t visited.
I started living alone right from 15yrs
There was no nee-d staying with them when all they did was talk about money.
Even if i fell sick they rarely visited that’s just how they are
i lived like that no care no love from anyone.
Untill I fell for Daniela and then I later got to live with Anna as a fiance
I never loved Anna untill She stole my heart
Even when I didn’t talk to her because I am not someone who is used to human beings I love being on my own.
Still Anna cared for me if I was sick she wouldn’t sleep , if I had a little head ache she would follow me every where I go with drugs.
She showed me The true care I never experienced before she was indeed my guardian Angel.
I fell for Anna and she made my life a fantasy.
now she is gone am back to my dark world no b©dy cares If I am sick or strong no one knows if I took my drugs or not.
I hate human beigns so much and am alre-ady used to existing without them
Humans irritate me recently.
I coughed again and it was more blood but the drug hasn’t arrived so i fell to the be-d I will f0rç£ myself to sleep.
That was when the maid brou-ght the drug I was alre-ady tired so she dropped it on the be-d..
❤️Tyler p. O. V💙
I snuck into Claras room she alre-ady packed up for her travel omg how many toys did this girl pack.
Her mom is still crying this family is just so funny I ran down to her
” oh Tyler, have you seen Clara “.
“Mom I [email protected]£ to tell you how Clara is” I Said
She wiped her tesrs
“Mom Clara is not missing she is at dia…..
She cuts in
“But I called Diana “, she said
“Who said Diana, I said her dear b©yfri£nds house “, i added
“b©yfri£ndwho is that, could it be tony “, She said
“I laughed out, ” of course who else, they are spending the night together. “, I said
She smiled
“Oh finally my child is in love “, She said
I tried talking but pushed me out of their house I looked throu-gh the window and she started dancing.
Next things she picked her phone
Omg I hope she is not planing to call Tony.
I am finished
❤️Tonys p. O. V💙
“Why is Mrs David calling me, I hope there is no emergency surgery”, I picked up
“Hello “, i said
“Tony my dear, she laughed.
** this is getting weird ***
“How are you “, i asked her
“Am fine, tell Clara that I got her message she’s free to sleep out she can even stay one week “, She said
“Ok, but where is Clara “, I asked
“What, she is in your house right “, she added
“Oh yes, why not…. wait who is this…. oh Mrs David I didn’t know it was you “, I said
“Haha its me, take good care of Clara bye. “, she said
She dropped the call
Why is Clara using my name to lie I wonder where she went to.
I nee-d to call her
oh I forgot she has my card she hasn’t called Me yet so i don’t have her number.
I wonder where she is
I better not think negative
Maybe she went to visit her b©yfri£nd
Could she be with Tyler
Oh my, oh my Tony control yourself.
But where is Clara I stood up and started walking about my room
I started looking for her number on my phone
I fell to my be-d and started kicking myself about
Arrrgh i feel so jealous..
❤️Claras p. O. V💙
Am done for, my legs are paining at least nuella later confirmed that I am perfect.
Right now we are doing yoga she asked me to keep my mind blank but my mind can’t be blank I have a lot of things to think about
Oh finally we are done she sat back down
“So clara I will teach you how to greet people
When it comes to older people you hvg them eg, like Mr dervabtes and Mr Grande and their wives ”
“Ok “, i replied
“When it comes to younger ones eg daniella, doctor Tim, ryan that’s If he shows up. You pe-ck both sides of their cheek. ”
“then you wave at the nurses.
“Ok “, I replied
she stood up
“Now greet me like daniella “, she said
I stood up and gently k!$$£d her cheek on both sides
She smiled
” perfect but what if i am Ryan ” she said
I didn’t know when I hvgged her ti-ght without letting go she knocked me and I got myself
“Hey don’t do that “, She said
We both laughed.
“Remember your words should be counted ” she said
“Ok” i replied
“Ok you are re-ady now lets jog for 30 minutes. ”
I nodded
We ran out we kept runing round the suite while she checked her time
50 minutez later
We st©pped
Wow nuellas 30 minute Is one hour I am tired I just fell to the be-d and sle-pt off
But nuella she is busy checking her skin in the mirror and applying different creams, does she even sleep.
next morning..
💙Nuellas p. O. V❤️
Its morning we are almost late and Clara over sle-pt
Am done and re-ady my make up artist is still working on Clara so i entered the room
Her make up was clas-sy
“Wow Kyle, She looks just like me”
“I know but the difference is still clear someone who knows you well will know she is fake”
” what do we do “, I asked
” her b©dy stature, height, hair and colour Is a match but her face, unless she will wear a glas-s.
Just then my as-sistant spoke up
” what if she wears nuellas mask, her face mask which she wears when she doesn’t have strength for make up ”
” did you come with it “, Kyle asked
” yes sure” she replied and handed it to Kyle
Wow i remember the day my as-sistant wore that mask and met with my dad
At first he thought it was me then he said to her
” call me my darling, nuella doesn’t have a pot belly ”
Everyone laughed that day.
They dressed Clara in the same cloths i wore.
I must say she is more beautiful than i Am
Her b©dy make up is just awesome
One problem she laughs a lot
Her waking steps were just like mine.
She waved at me and she did it perfectly
The mask worked I feel like I am m looking at myself.
“Hey Clara “, i said
“Shhhhh, call me nuella, nuella maraverlla. “, She said smiling
I heard horns outside seems the car arrived
We both ran out
I entered a different car and she used the other.
Omg I forgot to tell Clara the name I call Ryan
Oh no, Ryan will know it’s not me. And she alre-ady drove off..
💖Ryan’s p. O. V💖
Omg am really late and my family alre-ady arrived at the hospital
I ran out of the shower fast
I dressed up
This cough started again I planned to take my drugs before going but I forgot
I was alre-ady running into the car when a maid gave it to me.
I was about taking it when dad called..
❤️Diana’s P. O. V💙
I just [email protected]£ out to the hospital front yard
I have not seen Clara all morning
I wonder who Mr Grandes family is waiting for.
a big black car just arrived many guards walked out
Omg its nuella
She walked with so much style and She waved at people around
She walked very fast just like a model her guards walked behind her, she is so pretty and has A very powerful aura
She held her glas-ses in her hands
Wait she just waved at me and pas-sed by I can’t beleive she waved at me
I tried seeing he well but her guards covered her
I just watched her from a distance
Just then the rich families walked down
Ryan’s car just arrived he rushed out he’s guards covered him he is holding a white small bottle I guess its a drug tablet.
He also waved at people and walked in throu-gh the other side.
Soon he caught up with his family they are all standing in front of nuella..
💙Claras POV💙
Omg how do i hvg all these mean men and women😂😂🙆
(You Go hvg Them ooo😂�

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