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Clumsy nurse batch 25

Clumsy Nurse
minutes later our [email protected]ç£ended. I headed for Anna’s house as quic-kly as I had changed.
Ryan left for surgery.
I entered my car minutes later I arrived Anna’s house.Clara concentrate,©p thinking
about Ryan u nee-d to find out how he took the poison.pls pls pls…st©p thinking about Ryan..I
smiled and [email protected] myself lightly then I opened the car door.all the maids bowed. I rushed inside
and instantly opened his room door with my key… he [email protected] his eye open.the drip was almost
finishing.I instantly re-moved it
” dad sorry
” I was scared at first when I realized the drip was finishing but i remembered that Anna can never
forget her dad so I calmed Down.
I smiled
” how do u feel
” stronger
” can u sit now
he moved up and sat down i smiled and sat beside.
” actually dad I found out that u were being pois£ned
” really
” yes and its a very dangerous poison ..if u take it again u might die.I nee-d you to be careful abodasked rything that goes into your mouth, every injection u get..just be careful
” ok
” ok lets try walking.
I pu-ll-ed him to his feet but he flin-ched and sat back.was it painful,well I know it’s a gradual
I helped him sit in his wheel chair then I pu-ll-ed him out to the dinner
” what will u eat
” I feel full
” yes too much supplements sorry
” its ok.
” well let’s go on a house tour
” Anna what about work
” am scared of leaving u alone until I find out how u got sick .I nee-d to concentrate on you..I nee-d
to be available when you call.
he smiled and t©uçhed my face.he’s nurse took the wheel from me and I faced Rachel who tapped
” tell me
” u have not been at work for two days
” Rachel mr Grande comes first
” u don’t un-derstand this is the opportunity men like malcom use to strike
” don’t worry
‘ am just scared cos that period Anna lost concentration from work was when malcom chased us
out of Chicago and India
” Rachel u know am not Anna ,anything I do i do it for real.while I am with dad I will concentrate on
him ,spirit soul mind and b©dy and whenever I return to work I will also concentrate fully…I will
cover up for my lost times.don’t be scared
” ok…. am so happy , dad is getting better
” yes I nee-d u to get me info on Isabella
” what kind
” everything about her
” ok
we both looked at Mr dervantes.
tonias POV.
God when did Anna get so smart…. how dare she take over like this.she even tra-pped him
yesterday and he didn’t take the poison… gosh.all thanks to the way in which I poison him.he will
still take it without knowing.he will surely take it today.but I nee-d to call malcom.
” hello
” tonia
” malcom Anna is really getting difficult
” how
” she now locks her dad up and treats him secretly,she doesn’t give me space with him.
” listen Anna would never find out how we are poisoning Grande ,even if she has the [email protected] of a
goddess, she wont know we are poisoning his water , our work is too clean…and Grande will still keep taking that poison even in her pres£nce,she Wont know
” mmmmm nice
” u know , I like it that Anna is carried away , she has not been to work. I am using this opportunity
to pene-trateA.G.H.C-L .(a.g.h.c in los Angeles)
” wow
” yes ,I alre-ady pene-trated a.g.h.c here… no one is smart enough to notice my actions.and before
Anna returns to work I will give her the biggest shock of her life…. she fooled me in the bidding I
will teach her not to [email protected] malcom..I am going to ruin a.g.h.c for good.
” nice … what’s your plan
” watch and see tonia, watch and see
” I hope Anna doesn’t figure it out
” we are almost done.before Anna returns to work we will be clear so it’s better if she doesn’t even
show up at work for some time.
” wow I love what I am hearing
” now go make sure Grande takes his poison.
” sure ,I am on it.
I dropped the call.hahaha malcom just targeted Anna’s biggest and most active [email protected] will
cry.we alre-ady s£nt her out of Chicago now Angeles will join.hahahaha.I don’t regret doing
business with malcom.I don’t regret kidnapping issabella for him.Anna is just w@!sting her time
issabella is my biggest as-surance.I can’t wait for her to get her [email protected] back.malcom said she forgot
her signature.
I walked down to Grande.Anna sat facing a table … something is different about this girl,something
is off .I am sure if it .. Anna does not place anyb©dy above work not even herself so who is this.
Anna’s pov
I Formed a bad habit of counting by drugs trying to predict how close my surgery is .. just then
Tony walked in holding a teddy bear,I smiled wi-dely
” hy 22
I chuckled
” Tony
” just kidding,here.he handed me the teddy and I smiled
” are u ok
” yes
” did u come to inject me again
” no actually I [email protected]£ to check up on you
” ok I am fine
“I know we both smiled as he sat beside me
” Anna , I nee-d to tell you something..I don’t know how many times I will say it before u pity me
” what
” I can’t st©p loving you
I looked into his eye
” plea-se…. forget it all ,shares,merger,money.let’s just be happy,lets be happy for the moment .
I smiled and k!$$£d hisl-ips for long minutes gosh I forgot the s£ntence Clara thought me. I smiled
and Tony k!$$£d me more sweetly and slowly.
” Tony
” yes
” I never st©pped loving you
he smiled and I hvgged him
” Anna
” i want to live and die with u
I smiled
” truth fully am scared
” why
” what If I die
” no u can’t… u won’t
” I have a wish
” tell me
” now that I am still alive and strong can u take me to see the London bridge
Tony laughed
” Anna ur crazy
” just take me out.I am tired of perceiving the same smells I perceived for 2 years . I wanna go
out .just only today.
” ok I Wil
” will u take me to your house too
” I won’t forget
we both laughed as he pu-ll-ed me into a wheel chair.yes this drugs made Me weak to walk.I can’t
even carry myself but I am so blessed because I am happy. .tony pushed me out
claras pov
tonia stepped out and sat beside Anna’s dad
” Anna has he eaten
” I dont think u should bother about that tonia
” Anna be nicer,Tonia am full” Mr grande said
” well are u taking enough water?” tonia asked
” yes…, Anna go to kitchen tell the maid I nee-d water.
” ok dad
I stormed into the kitchen.I met the maid
” I nee-d water
” for who
” dad
” ok
she opened the fridge and handed me water which I gave another maid to take out.I tried walking
out then I paused .why did she ask me who nee-ds water,does water have ownersh!p.secondly
why was she so careful about where to pick the water from
I turned to her
” can i get water.
“for who
” ok
she opened the fridge and gave me water from the” lower” section.
I handed it to my maid
” put it in my car
my maid walked out
” can u give water to drink here” I said looking at her
” ok
she gave me water again from the “lower” section I took it from her
” one more water for tonia” I said looking at the fridge
she handed me water from the” lower” section….I smiled and placed a fake .call
” oh Dad.,yes, ok dad.” I turned to her “can I get water for dad?…
she rAised her hand to the” upper” section and gave me water I smiled I found out what i want .
the poison was never in his food but in his water.I wondered why only his water was in the upper that was how they poisoned him.I looked into the water.
Omg just now I remembered i alre-ady gave a maid one can of water to give him…..God plea-se
hope he didn’t drink it
I stormed a very heavy high don’t drink that water.oh no.I ran fas-ter
oh gosh I stormed in and he was about drinking the water i rushed over and took it from him
” Anna
” dad who told her to to give u water
” what
” u can’t drink water now …It will spoil my ha-rd work. those drugs Wont work again.
” oh
” yes
I threw the water away… Tonia pushed him further throu-gh his wheel chair
Clara think .if I tell him his water was pois£ned they will find another means to poison him…now I
don’t know who is poisoning him …its not safe..if they find out that I am aware of the poison they
May result to shooting him or finding another way so I nee-d to be ahead of them… yes .I will
carefully change that water into clean ones.they will think they are still poisoning him they won’t
know he is getting better.that way I will have time to concentrate on my work and st©p monitoring
him good idea.
I stormed into the kitchen she was still by the fridge
” Tonia is calling you
” ok.
she walked out and I locked thrework I carefully picked out all the poison water and threw it out
the window into the by one.then I replaced it with clean water. good,so least
before the realise what I did Mr grande will be strong and I must have found out the culprit.
I opened the door and stormed out i called Jake on phone
” hello
” clara.
” I want u to look into Tonias favourite maid
” Elena
“ok.I will give you feedback.
” ok.
I wonder what Ryan is doing now,was his surgery successful I miss him..
I met dad outside.
” dad I will leave now.
” ok
” I alre-ady arranged your drip and told the nurse how to do it so once u are done resting go inside
so she can inject it…remember I want your bones to grow strong so u can walk
“ok but what about water
” well …you are free to take water in 30 secs
“ok I love you.
I k!$$£d his cheek
Anna’s pov
wow am I not the happiest person on earth.Tony took me to a lot of places then to his’s
really pretty.I sat quietly on his be-d then he sat beside. just then I heard sounds around the living
room like someone was moving.I have been ignoring this sound for long but when I [email protected]£ i didn’t
see anyone.
” Tony , Seems someone is in the house With us . I heard a door move ” I said looking into his
“don’t worry I Will check.” he walked out and minutes later he walked back to me.
“so what do u think of my house
” who was it
” did a ghost come
” Yes ….. no. it was a friend
” tony its not wrong if you have a serious [email protected]£. does she live here ?.
“No its not really..
” tony I left you and i was [email protected]!ngRyan so its ok of u are [email protected]!ngsomeone else i un-derstand.
” yea ,you are right. its a girl
I looked Down for a while and raised my face forcing a smile.
“it’s ok… uhmm do u guys live together…how come I didn’t see her when we [email protected]£
” well she was in the other living room.
“oh ..thats nice.. am happy for you
“me too.. am happy that she’s here .
” well my being here is a lot of discomfort so will u take me back” I tried standing up my leg pained
he caught and helped me Sit.I re-moved his hand from my b©dy.. frowning my face
” i really want to go..won’t u take me back?” I said turning and looking into his face with my tear filled eye…I don’t know why am tearing up.
” Anna are you okay ?
” just take me away alre-ady” I tried rushing out he caught he and i fought against him..i just nee-d
to go before I start crying here.
” Anna st©p
” leave me alone !!!” I shouted pushing him away
” you really want to go?…. I thought u said u weren’t jealous and u un-derstand
” well I do. i just want to go !” I said and Tony helped me Sit then he pushed me away we got into
the living room and there the girl stood .
” tony am done ” she said
tony nodded. I watched her press a bu-tton and all of a sudden a bright light clouded me. I turned
to look to at Tony .he smiled
” do u really think I will disrespect u that much……. surprise Anna. it’s our anniversary.
I wiped my tears and different lights rained on me.. it was so pictures displa-yed on the
wall.the other side of the wall displa-yed old pictures of me and Tony…. I smiled. I turned to the
other side and and saw the thick red writting.”I love you Anna!. it displa-yed on the screen with
different colours soon every [email protected] of the house displa-yed
“I love you Anna ” in different designs. it was the most beautiful thing I ever saw. even the floor
wallpapers kept changing into different scenes
I smiled and Tony held me ti-ght.I turned to him
” thank you.
” I love you Anna… I love you so much.
I smiled and my tears streamed.Tony knelt down facing me and gently t©uçhed my n£¢k.
” Anna say something.
I looked up and my tears dried
” Tony the circu-mtances that made me break up with you had not changed. the merger is still
there and once I return I am too marry Ryan.
“is that what you really want . what about u ,what about me , what about us.don’t we deserve a
” Tony
” Anna I want us to get married it’s u that i lets make this work plea-se.
” Tony u don’t….
he k!$$£d me shutting me up. I de-epened the k!ssand our k!sslasted so long I forgot what I
wanted to say.
he unlocked and swiped his f!ngersagainst myl-ips then he k!$$£d me again so de-eply our
ton-gues Met.
” don’t say hurtful words Anna .
“I love you too. is that okay” I said crying.
Tony hvgged me ti-ghtly.
we both looked around the room
” its beautiful ” I said smiling.
” I know.” let’s go.
he pushed me into the room
” No carry me ” I said looking up like a kid.
“oh should I
I nodded
he lifted me up and carried me into his arms.
” shall I cook for you
” No , I nee-d to be in the hospital.
we walked into the kitchen and he placed me on the counter.then called Shane
” Shane I nee-d a favour
” tell me
” p 22
” Anna
” can I keep her in my house for today.
I will return her tomorrow
” fine.take care of her .
” Ok I will.
he dropped the call.
” tony what do u want to do with me
I smiled.
Elena pov
wonder what Anna was doing in the kitchen cos Tonia didn’t call me.I arrived home and walked
into the living room just to find my Anna in my mom and sisters sat on the floor .how did
she locate my family
” madam
” Elena can we talk
I looked at my family and nodded
Anna stood up wow nice fashion.
we headed out
” I know what you are doing though I don’t know why
” what
” why are u poisoning my dad
” no am not, I don’t know anything about…..
” Elena am I smiling?
” ok it was Tonia, it is all tonia.I swear.
” what
” she’s the one poisoning him,she has always been doing it
” good so I nee-d u to ensure that my dad doesn’t take the poison again
” how
” I alre-ady changed it to clean water,that’s what u will keep doing each time tonia gives u a new
set of poison
” ok I Will
” don’t forget I have enough proof to sue u for attem-pted murder
“I know
” ok.good night.
she walked out and her guards followers her Anna was mean before but she got more smarter and
fearless..I rushed into my house.
clara pov
wow being Anna today was really stressful . I feel so sleepy and week.I didn’t have time for work.
just then Jake called
” Clara are u home
” on my way.
“Ok…Chris called me he said he thinks something is wrong with our los Angeles live feed
” how
“I dunno but u know Chris is our h0ttest [email protected] in a.g.h.c.if he says something is wrong then
something must be wrong..but he said he can’t place it but his instinct tells him something is
“so I told him to s£nd u the video. am sorry I know u don’t work at home but we are all scared cos
Chris doesn’t raise alarm for it stands now he is still at work trying to figure out what’s
wrong so I am connecting you to the live feed right now . I wish u too can look into it.I believe that
this night, out both of u one must find out the problem.sorry for the stress.
I scratched my so this What Anna goes throu-gh.
“ok Jake s£nd it…
soon my car pu-ll-ed into the compound.I walked in Ryan is not yet back.where is my sweetheart.I
walked into the shower and took a bath . I wore my go-wn.he s£nt the link to the live feed.
I switched on my system and connected it to the big t.v in the room,.. i watched the video . but is
there anything wrong?. I mean this should be exactly what is happening in los Angeles now. I
logged into the weather forecast. okay okay.It rained in los Angeles today by 3. I paused the
pres£nt preview and backwarded to the earlier ones… ok 3 o’clock feed. I paused the video close
to the window.
but it’s raining… nothing is wrong ..chris must be kidding. I don’t see anything wrong. I called Chris
” Chris I don’t see anything wrong.check the weather.
” Anna I am still at work… something is wrong I feel it very strongly but i can’t place it…I checked
the weather too.
” tell me exactly what your mind is saying
“I think that video is fake maybe they constructed it from past videos but an expert did it ma-king it
look alike.
” but this is a live feed … how can they corrupt it
” Anna I don’t know… I can’t see any proof in the video.all my team members said the video is ok
that am drun!k. but Anna I know for sure something is wrong I wish u would just concentrate on the
video you are smarter than me .I know u will figure it out. just try looking at the video with full
concentration. you where bone in a.g.h.c if anyone should notice a Change it should be you.
” ok…. I will try my best.
I dropped the call.
Clara concentrate and detect.I pla-yed the video again and stood up facing the t.v. I used the
remote to control the speed. I started from early 1 o’clock. oh gosh its late where is Ryan.I can’t
even concentrate.
malcoms pov
I sat drinking my wine when one of boys [email protected]£
” sir we nee-d to withdraw our activities right now. we nee-d to cancel the plan.
I stood up ,
“Anna is about to find out
“how ,Anna is not at work. she didn’t go.
Lucinda stormed in
‘ dad we nee-d to st©p the operation my mole in the research [email protected] of a.g.h.c just told me
that Chris is suspecting something and he connected the video to Anna.
“what !!!
” we all know Anna and Chris are two smart heads,Anna is watching the fake video and within
less than 30 minutes that girl will figure out that the video is fake.she is a h0t [email protected].
” yes sir and we are still pushing the drugs .if Anna finds out that the video is fake she would s£nd in her team in Los Angeles to go to the hospital and once they arrive they will see all we have
done.” king said
” Anna will sue you to court dad and we will loose all our [email protected],pu-lling her down will backfire
times 10..let’s st©p now.
” tell me ,how far have we gone” I said
” we are almost done sir before 4pm tomorrow or even 3 Anna will be crying .
” that’s if she doesn’t figure us out this night.” Nathan said
” continue ,we are too close to st©p”I said
” Dad Anna will surely Catch us scared.
“she won’t” a voice said I looked it was arrora.
” arora?
“let’s continue Anna Wont find out.she might be smart but our video work was smart too. it nee-ds
de-ep concentration to find out if it is fake and Anna can’t concentrate at home cos she lives with a
man… this weather is very ro-mantic I don’t think Anna will concentrate on watching that preview
this night.we are so close so lets not ruin it.
“arora Anna and Ryan are fighting”Lucinda said
“no, after she fell sick they [email protected]£ back again..I alre-ady saw k!ss!ngand hvgging pictures.
“ok….. let’s work with auroras Faith guys..Anna won’t find out.
“ok dad.
they all walked out.hahahaha Anna i am about to shock you.
clara pov
i paused the video.mmmm something is weird about this video.(smart as-s)
I moved closer to the screen with my remote and zoomed in. is this a past video cos this woman is
wearing Wednesdays uniform and…. Ryan walked in I smiled.he wra-pped his hands around me
from behind and k!$$£d my n£¢k sweetly then my cheek.he turned me over and k!$$£d myl-ips
deliciously. I smiled into hisl-ips
” I missed u
” how was surgery
Ryan took the remote from me
” Ryan don’t………….
he alre-ady changed it to [email protected] laughed
” I was working Ryan
” even Anna doesn’t work in my house working Is made for office and fun Is made for
home….gosh this weather is yummy
I smiled as Ryan increa-sed the volume of the music and pu-ll-ed me into his arms he used his l!pon
my ear I smiled as he [email protected]£d me by my w@!st and ate my n£¢k.
” but I really ” shhhh.
he lifted me up into his arms and k!$$£d me again each time I dis£ngaged he locks the k!ssagain I
smiled.finally he pu-ll-ed me down
” gosh I nee-d to bath
I smiled he walked into the shower I ran to the t.v and pla-yed the preview again oh no clara what
did u figure out before…Ryan just wiped my memory with a sweet k!ss. hmmmm woman wearing
what… oh jeez I scratched my hair just then it [email protected]£ back.yes woman on uniform.I forwarded the
video searching to see her face Ryan walked in again. i tried concentrating I didn’t look at him I
faced the screen he chuckled.
” clara..
“am concentrating…. don’t try distracting me
he smiled and and brushed his f!ngerson my bu-tt I smiled
“ryan u wont succeed in distracting me,
i cant fall.” I said concentrating on the screen.
he chukled and k!$$£d myl-ips i didnt de-epen the k!sshe smiled
” really ,can u [email protected] … u really think u can [email protected] concentration game ?” he said .I nodded
” yes i can” I said with courage “i faced the screen.where was I …. ok woman with … ryan
mas-saged my hair i held it in he smiled
” nothing?”he asked me
i forwarded the video .but why is this wom…….. ryan brushed into my legs with his hands then my
th!gh and h!p..
i held it in God… stubborn u
” jesus nothing yet” he asked
i smiled and concentrated.
” ok thats a challenge” he said
i backwarded the video … ryan carre-ssed my br**st from my singlet oh jesus that was calling what
a pla-yful guy i still held it in. i must find out whats wrong in this video.. ryan kept pressing softly i
still concentrated ryan looked at me with his mouth open
” hey!!, nothing too …
i smiled and concentrated if only Ryan will give up now and let me work….i know I felt that one… I
logged into the weather forecast just then Ryan did the worst.he gently lifted my t©p to my
shoulders and took my ni**le into his mouth he su-cked me and brushed his hands into my [email protected] .i
didnt know when I dropped the remote… I can’t hold this one. I [email protected] ed out he smiled and raised
his face
” i won!!
I smiled
” ryan u Dont want me to work?
” truthfully no
” just one minute
” no, i miss u am hungry… even Anna doesn’t work at home
“that’s because she doesn’t miss work but i missed work
” No
“Ok I Will cook so u can eat but will you let me concentrate if I cook for u?
“‘mmmmmmmmm till ur done.
I nodded and rushed into the kitchen.
I am so weak but i am scared of failing Anna.I nee-d to look into that video.
I placed my pot on fire.
is Clara still cooking or what? its been long.I walked into the kitchen and she was slee-ping I
smiled. Clara plea-se don’t stress yourself too much you will break down.
I walked closer to her and turned off the [email protected],no maybe she hadn’t eating.I turned on the [email protected] and
finished what she was mixing .I placed it on fire. I sat facing her and she sle-pt soundly even the
noise didn’t wake her she must be really tired. I moved her hair and k!$$£d her cheek. Clara is an
Angel who was s£nt to earth.
soon the food was done I switched of the fire and just looked at her slee-ping face and poutedl-ips,
i k!$$£d her she smiled … omg is she smiling in her sleep.
just then she woke up in a haste.and scratched her hair she looked around and ran to the stove
” oppa am sorry,I didn’t know when I fell asleep.
” No, apology not accepted
” why
“I don’t like the way you are stressing yourself.
” actually,I have no choice and a lot of thwonder re involved.” she said this dishing the meal then she
sat facing me
” eat , u said you where hungry
“oh.. of course ” I took the fork she smiled and relaxed her face on the table.
I smiled soundfully Clara is asleep again.I ignored her.after few minutes I carried her up into my
arms then into our room…I dropped her on the be-d and she rolled to her side.
cute when she is slee-ping.
few minutes she awoke again
” Clara
“omg why did I sleep… I didn’t watch the video
“Clara take a rest if you are weak.
” No ..seems something is wrong
” do u think you will be able to concentrate if you are drooling.
” I will try
she took the [email protected]©p again and i watched her
” what are you watching?
” Yes,
“u what are u watching.?
she realized she didn’t even [email protected] video.I took the system from her
” Clara don’t break down for something you can break down
” Clara rest, look into it when you are strong.
” what if something goes wrong
” that’s major incident can take place by this time…u are still Clara take you time
and rest u nee-d your [email protected]. u still have a board meeting tommorow u can’t appear looking
” Ok” she dropped the system.
” goodnight
” Ryan are u sure that no one would get hurt
” are u asking me that with your eye closed
she smiled and fell to her sleep.
i wra-pped my arms around her
” No one will get hurt Clara ,not you ,not Anna ,no one you care about.
she turned and hvgged Me ti-ght
“not you Ryan
“Yes not me.
I k!$$£d her fore head.
~Clara’s POV~
oh God.thank God I woke up early… I will go to work in the next 30 minutes for now I bettEr watch
that preview.
Ryan turned on the .is he still slee-ping?
lazy. I switched on the video just then my phone rang,Liam. I stood up and walked into the shower
Ryan doesn’t know I am in contact with Liam and he is cutely possessive… I better avoid issues
thank God he is asleep.i picked the call closing the shower door.
” Clara am around your home ,are u home?
” by this time ,where are u
” well…
” am with a friend
” male?
” well no.. let’s meet tomorrow
I dropped the call.I can’t tell liam I am with Ryan over the phone.he might get hurt.I alre-ady
accepted his love meaning I accepted him as a friend and gave him permission to love me so I
should have told him immediately I got back with Ryan so he Wont keep his hopes up.I walked
back into the room and [email protected] Ryan
” who was that? “,Ryan asked me.
” well…he opened his palm so I can give him my phone..I hastily deleted the number and gave him
my phone.. I can’t start explaining how I stayed in a h0tel with Liam.. he saw my last call just then
Liam called again…Jesus.. I ignored the call
” won’t u pick…do u nee-d to go to the toilet again cos ur free
” no Ryan its not ….
” pick your call!
” ok.
I picked up
” i forgot , tell lia am with her wallet
“ok..s£nd me ur house address
he dropped .
” Ryan ,Liam is just my friend
” friend,and u couldn’t pick his call in my very pres£nce.
” well
I don’t un-derstand , it was throu-gh me you met him and in a very dirty circu-mtance. should u still
have anything to do with him? i mean after I took u away from his house rightfully you shouldn’t
meet him how did u meet liam again, am confused.
” it was when we broke….
” wow so u dumped me and ran to Liam,ahhh no wonder
” ryan must u take it the wrong way
” then why couldn’t u pick his call in front of me… how did u meet him.
” Ryan st©p.i didn’t want him to know am with u yet . and secondly I nee-d to clear some air
” in his house,u just asked for hisfu-cking house address so comfortably.. come on everyone knows
Liam king is a [email protected], u can’t tell me he’s just your friend and u are so comfortable going to his
house where he lives alone after what almost happened last Time then it means something is
going on between u two.
” Ryan did u just say that?
he fell to his pillow and used his blanket to cover himself. I tried tou-ching him
” go to work ” he said.
I turned the video on but i couldn’t concentrate.I kept looking back at Ryan i never had a quarrel
with him before I don’t know how to handle him..I closed my [email protected]©p and rose up to him on the be-d
i just hvgged him ti-ght he didn’t t©uçh me . he tried moving me i didnt move
” ryan am sorry ,am really sorry.forgive me plea-se I won’t do it again.I k!$$£d him de-eply and when
he unlocked angrily I formed a baby face and took my lowerl-ips into my mouth.
” Ryan plea-se
finally he pu-ll-ed my head down in a de-ep hvg, i took a de-ep breath.that was war. I unlocked from
the hvg and checked me time…I nee-d to be at work.
” tell me how you met liam,I wanna know
” well how we met = I saw Danny in utica and he took me to a h0tel where I met liam cos Liam
asked him to bring me
” and
” well there was no skin t©uçhes .Liam just wanted to tell me that he was in love with me
Ryan nodded
” and
” well I told him I still want ryan but i accepted him as a friend. I scratched my hair.
” so why didn’t u tell him about us last night
” actually I wanted to tell him to his face so be Wont feel hurt.if I hurt him he might become my
” ok good so why did u take his house address
” well he has lia’s wallet so I want her to go and take it.I said looking into my go-wn
” truth
I nodded.
” ok.I believe you ” Ryan said . I don’t feel leaving him ,I don’t feel like going to work. i feel weird..I
miss ryan so much i don’t know why…I feel like I am going to loose him.
” Ryan are you going out?
” yes but i will be back before you.
” ok.” I nodded and smiled as I slowly k!$$£d him again till our ton-gues pla-yed on each other. he
tried Zi-pping down my go-wn I hit his hand he smiled i unlocked
” am late
he laughed
” bye.I wore the mask and fitted it. I ran down. i still miss ryan so much… what is happening to me.
I entered my car soon I arrived a.g.h.c every b©dy bowed.I walked to my office. now I can
concentrate on this preview.I re-moved my suite jacket and dropped it.
i stood facing the screen.
~Malcolm pov~
my boy walked in
” sir arora was right,she didn’t figure anything out last night. but she is at work and we are still in
the process. we are so close…if only we can distract her for 4 hours.
” i thought she would be with her dad,
how do I distract Anna’s attention.
” sir i dunno…the girl has no weakness,even when her dad fainted she still attended a board
” what about her b©yfri£nd
” Ryan… what do we do to Ryan
” shoot him
” what!!, Mr dervantes son
” this is my biggest chance to lock down all [email protected] of A.G.H.C. in the world. this is big and it
nee-ds a big sacrifice.
I guess, Ryan devantes is the sacrificial Lamb.
” but
” this is the only way we can distract Anna from work for the 3 to 4 hours u nee-d.once she hears
he was sh0t she will leave work .that way she won’t realize our plan and before Anna is done
mourning his death. a.g.h.c will be locked down everywhere.
” ok sir.
he called his boys
” new order,take Ryan out.
“ok sir ,he is just walking into his building.
my boy dropped the call and left.
~clara’s pov.~
I ran into the research [email protected] with Rachel everyone bowed.
” Chris you are right,something is off in the los Angeles preview
” what do we do madam
” black out all other videos, I want to only watch what is happening in los Angeles.
” ok madam.
soon all the screens where showing loss Angeles..
” good ,now [email protected] video”
I said facing another screen.they displa-yed it and I paused the video on the woman wearing
” yesterday was tuesday but a nurse is wearing Thursday our preview showing the
future?”I asked
Chris looked up
” Anna someone hacked into our system” Chris said
” yes the person corrupted our satellite and the person is feeding us past video” Ethan said
” that means , for the past 2 days we have not been watching what is really going in los Angeles”
Tristan said.
” madam what’s our next step.” Chris asked.I tied my hair up..I am really scared right now.. what is
really happening in los Angeles now…God.
“Chris  I nee-d you to locate the hacker
” Ethan call the md of a.g.h.c-l for suspicios activity
” tristan I nee-d you to…my phone rang I picked up
” hello
” Ryan was sh0t
” what!!!

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