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Dear Mr and Mrs Right epilogue

Dear Mr And Mrs Right epilogue
“know who you are settling down with. Don’t rush into marriage because everyone around you is doing it👰🤵.
Don’t even rush into marriage because you are pregnant for a man.
plea-se be careful of the kind of man or woman who you are spending the rest of your life with👴👵.
Is not about having a grand wedding or “talk of the town” wedding.
There is no award yet for best or elaborate wedding🏆.
A man can just chose to pay your bride price only. No traditional, white or Court wedding and your marriage will wax stronger than those who had a show off in their wedding💃🕺.
the well recognized wedding as an african, even approved by God is the traditional wedding🙄.
Men in the Bible time gave out their daughters in marriage traditionally to the right suitor.
The wedding Jesus attended in canan where he turned water into win was a traditional wedding🍻.
Even the Bible recognize it more than any other thing.
White wedding and Court is also good. I admire the white bridal go-wn and the cooperate men in suit😍.
Fantastic, very beautiful but is all for the trend and to also get the blessings of the Church.
But we adopted it from the westerners. And it doesn’t mean your marriage will not flourish without doing it and if you choose to do it you will still get the deserved blessings in your home🤩.
Don’t go and kill yourself or go into debt because you want to have a big wedding. At the end is between you and your spouse not the crowd you try to plea-se.
God has alre-ady blessed your home and no other man can do otherwise.
All I’m saying in ess£nce is that “know your [email protected] before marriage”, be supportive and respectful to each other. There is still no record for the best wedding so therefore do what you can. Even if you want to do the three wedding which is mostly done by Nigerian. The traditional, white and Court wedding plea-se go ahead and do so. If is only bride price your husband is able to pay plea-se live happily with him.
Wedding is not a guarantee for a successful living😂.
Don’t substitute your happiness for a short time affair. Hold onto yourself. keep hoping and praying. God is still alive. Your miracle will come forth soon🙏.
Do whatever makes you happy but becareful because a single mistake can cause lots of damage🤫.
Amah has spoken💝.
(This is the “Final [email protected] of MR & MRS RIGHT)

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