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My mind as a teenager episode 69 – 70

My mind as a teenager
Episode 69 & 70
I remained indoors for the rest of the week.
Raymond would call and we’ll talk. I was
expecting my siblings home the following
week for school resumption so I had to visit
the market to buy the things we nee-ded at
home since I’ll no longer be depending on
junk food.
I had earlier on decided to board a bike but
on a second thought,I started my walk to the
market after ma-king sure “my’ house was
un-der lock and key.
I [email protected] by some girls that I knew I went to
primary school with. We don’t talk because
we all went our separate ways after primary
school and y’know this big ” girlism” attitude
when girls wait for the other person to be the
first to talk to them.
I had walked about ten steps away from
them when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I
turned around and I [email protected]£ face to face with a
not too tall beautiful girl. She will [email protected] for
miss Ebony black if there was a beauty
pageant like that. Her face was lit with a
smile. I know I always see her,sometimes
alone,most times at Vivian’s shop.
Ifunanya: Excuse me plea-se. You’re Rose
She asked very politely and friendly.
Me: Yes. I’m Rose.
Ifunanya: My name’s Ifunanya. If you can
remember me,I was in primary one when you
were in primary three.
I looked at her in surprise. And she
recognised me?
Me: You must have a good memory.
Ifunanya: Thanks. Looks like you’re going out
Me: Yes. Want to go to the market to buy
somethings for housekeep.
Ifunanya: Oh! May I accompany you?
Me: Yes plea-se. Your company will make it
We walked to the market talking and getting
to know ourselves. By the time we were back
to my house,we both knew everything about
our families and 60% of our personal lives.
She was such a jovial person that I liked her
Me: Welcome to my house. What do I offer
Ifunanya: Water plea-se.
Me: Only?
Ifunanya: Yes.
Me: Okay.
I got her water and we went back to
discussing street issues. Suddenly, she just
changed the t©pic.
Ifunanya: Do you know that Vivian will be due
by next month?
I looked at her and I was sure she could re-ad
the shock on my face.
I had forgotten there was anyb©dy like
Vivian. I had also forgotten that she was
I heaved a sigh as I remembered again all the
things Ebuka (the father of her child) said to
Tears dropped from my eyes so I had to
dismiss my new friend with the promise of
seeing her next day.
As I woke up the next morning,I had a lot of
decisions to make.One: I’ll have to go and
visit Vivian.
Two: I’ll never ask her about the paternity of
her baby.
Three: I’ll be the best friend I can be to her.
Finally,I’ll never have to brood over my past
experiences. I was moving on.
Around 10am,I was throu-gh with all I had to
do. I took my bath,dressed up and left for the
market. I bought garden
eggs,oranges,watermelon,apple and a
bathroom sli-pper(till today,I don’t know why I
added it to the list).
I rushed to Vivian’s house like it was my
heaven. I got to the door and knocked. I
waited for about five minutes before the door
was answered… Vivian.
I stood there and looked at her. It was like
she grew shorter with the pregnancy. Her
stomach was round and very balanced. She
was tying a wra-pper. Her naturally pimpled
face looked like it was experiencing more
pimple production (the pregnancy of course).
I started crying. Not because of her new
found ugliness,or because she was
pregnant,or because its being long I saw her.
I cried because she looked so healthy and it
pained me that I didn’t contribute to that. She
joined me and we cried together. I ran into
her arms and almost froze when I felt a slight
j£rk from her stomach. I thought I had hurt
her so I looked at her.
With a smile on her face and tears still
running down her cheeks,she brushed my
shoulder and pu-ll-ed me in before she locked
the door. We walked into the sitting room
and I comfortably sat down after placing my
bag beside the cushion.
Vivian: How are you?
She sat beside me and checked me out.
Me: Can’t you see I’m fine? How are you
Vivian: I’m good o. You’ve seen your
pregnant friend in all her ugliness.
We both laughed at her joke before I shifted
the fruit-filled bag to her side.
Me; I don’t know what you will like now so I
bought so many fruits. Manage them biko o?
I’ll buy more when next I visit.
She looked into the bag and looked back at
Vivian: You’ve being stealing from mummy’s
shop abi?(she and I had always never
differentiated between our mums)
Me: Nooo. She’s not even around self.
I took time to explain to her how I’ve been
alone since the vacation started and how I
got the fruits using the daily allowances my
mum asked me to be taking from the shop.
Vivian; Okay o. Thank you. Just don’t want
you to be in trouble because of me. I actually
thought your people will ask you to st©p
seeing me because of my condition because
almost all my [email protected] no longer talk to
Me: Ah! My mum hasn’t even said anything
but I’m sure she won’t st©p me from seeing
you. Its not your fault that you’re pregnant
Vivian: it’s my fault o nne. If only Ebuka
owned up,I wouldn’t be . . . . .
Me: Wait o! Where’s your mum?
Vivian: She went to the hospital with my dad.
Me: Sorry o. But is he still sick?
Vivian; Nne,his condition is now worse.
We spent the rest of the day talking about
our families and gossiping about Raymond
and I.
Around 6pm,her parents [email protected]£ back and I
had to leave. I promised to visit often and
during the good night hvg,the kick [email protected]£
again and she told me it was  the baby
kicking. I laughed and kept ru-bbing her
stomach as she led me to the gate.

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