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My mind as a teenager episode 52

My mind as a teenager
Episode 52
Me; What? Ebuka? When did this happen?
I slumped on the chair and my head started
going in circles. Vivian’s cry was even adding
to my anger;
Me: Why are you crying now? No wonder you
were apologising huh? You’re so shameless.
Vivian: Nne,I’ll explain
Me: Explain what? Jesus! I so hate you right
I stood up and walked home. How could they
do that to me? Its true I no longer loved him
but the girls here will un-derstand that feeling
you get when you see your ex with someone
I went to be-d on an empty stomach.
In the morning,I went to buy bean cake
(akara) when I saw Ebuka. He was also there
to get some. The anger from last night [email protected]£
back to my throat. i pretended not to know
him,bought my akara and left. I was alre-ady
halfway home when I heard my name. I
recognised the voice but I refused to answer
him. He ran to me and tapped my back. I
turned and gave him my worst stare;
Me; What is it?
Ebuka: Hey babes,calm down.
He spoke in a different intonation totally.
Me: As you can see,I’m on my way home and
what I’m carrying is breakfast so plea-se, talk
your trash let me go home
Ebuka: Shuu! You’ve become harsh. Calm
down plea-se.
I looked at him and nodded in mockery.
Ebuka: Can we see later in the day?
Me: Why? What for? So you’ll get me
pregnant the way you did Vivian abi?
He scratched his head ha-rd ;
Ebuka: Vivian should really mind her
business. Why will she be telling people that
I’m the one responsible for the pregnancy?
Me: Because you are responsible for it. If you
wanted Vivian,why did you come to me? Last
three months,I was here but you weren’t.
In just three months,you [email protected]£ back,sle-pt
with her and now,she’s pregnant? Ebuka,all
the too much talk about coming back for me
has vanished abi? Ebuka  I hate you so much.
I concluded and went home.
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