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Nick the house – episode 19

Nick the house help

Episode 19

We can’t believe what we just heard,why would rebecca want me dead or want to scatter yvonne family,we’ve not done anything to her and i ba-rely know her,or is this a kind of setup. But where have she been since all this days.

South and the other guys waited for us in the garden while yvonne and i went to ask mrs Amanda if she knows rebecca whereabouts,even natasha is not even at home,I was very angry this time,I don’t mind strangling her to death,if she doesn’t give me any good explanation.

We walked inside the parlor,while yvonne went to call mrs amanda at the kitchen.. She finally rushed out.

*she sees that am boiling inside of me,while yvonne just sit on the sofa.. I can see tears rolling down her chic.

Mrs Amanda : (scared)my son what is the problem?

Me : Where is Rebecca?

Mrs Amanda : Rebecca?? What have she done.

Me : Answer my question plea-se.

Mrs Amanda : She told me she was going to her hometown,she lost someone in the family. And she went with natasha

Me :How come she never let us know,even her friend yvonne huh?

Mrs Amanda : Why speaking as if she have committed a big crime,she left that day you saw us talking down here,she did not want to add to the ones you are facing right,she said she will be back tomorrow,. plea-se tell me what is going on

Yvonne :(crying) Why would rebecca of all people plan evil against me and my family.

Mrs Amanda : Did i hear you say plan evil?

Yvonne : Yes, The police informed us that the as-sas-sin confessed alre-ady?

Mrs Amanda : Wow,that’s good who is the person behind the mask.

Me : Rebecca they said.

Mrs Amanda : Haaaa, Rebecca,why? I don’t believe this.. It can’t be,don’t tell me you believed this,do you?

Yvonne : I don’t to whom to trust anymore right now *she stood up and rushed up stairs*

Me : We nee-d to see her first at least to find out the truth..

*i left her there to meet the guys outside,while mrs amanda opened her mouth wi-de*

I walked to the garden and sat with the guys,as we talk.

South : whona see the girl?

Me : They said she travel,honestly i don’t believe what the police said,e fit be set up. At the same time,that madam wey dey inside so ehh,I no trust am at all,but my woman trust the madam unto say she don stay for this house for very long time.

Dan : we-tin,we go do nau?

Me : The plan still remains as we planed,two inside,while two outside.. I will give you car that can not be suspected,so that you can follow up anyone you suspect,while dan and olamide must watch that madam closely,even when she is going to the market,you should let south and jimoh know when she is about to go,so that they can be re-ady for follow up. South i will give you [email protected]£ras so that you can capture any wrong movement.

South : No wohala,we dey your back.

Me : South plea-se get prepared,kingsley will be here to pick you and jimoh to the [email protected]

*not quit long kibgsley [email protected]£,while south and jimoh joined him,when they left i took dan and olamide to the visitors quarters,before heading back to be with yvonne,I know she is feeling so bad right now.

That day was not cool tho,I was scared tunde might be killed,and i have to help him out,in the evening of that day,yvonne refused to eat,I tried to let her eat,but she refused,I called mrs amanda to know if she can help console her but she didn’t,she was still consoling yvonne,when we heard smell of something burning on fire,she left immediately to check, something also sounded as a message [email protected] sound beside yvonne,mrs amanda forgot to take her phone,I moved closer to check what message was that. And i saw this [email protected] the screen of the phone.


*I heard footstep approaching the room,I kept the phone immediately,and went back to my position,she [email protected]£ and took her phone,she saw the message but pretended,she said

“Oh who is s£nding me call me message at this period of ha-rd sh!p,she left immediately.

While yvonne sle-pt off without eating.

What is she up to.. I nee-d to inform south and others to get re-ady to follow her up.


To be continued…..

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