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My mind as a teenager – episode 37

My mind as a teenager
episode 37
Frank: This one you called,hope there is no
Me: Frank,I want to see you. Can I?
Frank: Yes plea-se. Where are you?
Me: I’m at home. Mum and dad will soon be
leaving the house for their meeting place. I’ll
call you when they leave so that you’ll tell me
where we can see.
Frank: Expecting your call then.
I hung up. Mum and dad normally went for
their kindred meetings every Sunday. I was
sure they were going to leave soon so I went
into the bathroom, took my second bath for
the day and quic-kly went in search of a cloth
to wear.
The next hour,I was sitting opposite Frank at
a joint that was not too far from our street.
Frank: Nwa,what is the problem?
He asked after I refused to take anything or
even put a smile.
Me: Can you be able to listen to me and not
judge me?
He looked puzzled by my question.
Me: If you can’t,its alright.
Frank: Baby,nob©dy is perfect. We all have
aspects of our lives where we male mistakes
so tell me what the problem is.
Me: You know about Raymond and I right?
He frowned and nodded.
Me: No nee-d to frown plea-se. Let’s just
discuss as friends.
Frank: No problem.
I told him about the text messages and he
started laughing.
Frank: Now Rose,I’m going to talk to you like
a sister. I’m going to re-move every feeling I
have for you and talk to you honestly.
I nodded like a kid(which I was).
Frank: Relationsh!ps are not meant for kids
with little or no un-derstanding of what it
means. Raymond and yourself are still kids
and shouldn’t venture into relationsh!ps yet. If
you want a b©yfri£nd, you should look for
someone who is much older because he will
un-derstand you better. But [email protected]!nga kid,he
knows nothing,he can’t plea-se or make you
happy. Rose,you’re a beautiful girl and I’m
sure you’ve got lots of matured guys dying
for you.
You nee-d a guy with experience. I know he
should be upset that you put him into trouble
by running to his house,but telling you that
he hates you is what I won’t agree to.
Me: But I love him.
Frank: That is infatuation not love.
Me: How do you know what I feel for
someone else?
Frank: plea-se don’t ask. All I’m saying is that
you have a right to be happy and its all in
your hands. Forget Raymond,he is a child.
When he grows,he will un-derstand better.
I nodded and agreed with him. How was I
supposed to know that they were all lies?
Frank: So will you give me a chance?
I looked at him and nodded. He held my hand
and started telling me how wonderful my
experience with him would be.
Something got to my mind and I just had to
Me: Where did you school?
He was shocked but he still didn’t leave my
Frank; Now I know that Raymond has bring
doing a lot of talking.
Me: No. He didn’t tell me anything.
Frank; Don’t defend him now.
He left my hand and I had to say something
to ease the tension.
Me: It was Skipoo who told me about your
not being a student and about school fees.
Raymond never talked about you.
He seemed to relax upon hearing that.
Frank; I dropped out from school after I
wrote my junior waec.
Me: But why?
Frank: I want to go into business. With the
kind of connections I have now,I can start
any business of my choice.
I wanted to say more,to ask more questions
but I just had to let them die inside me.
He wasn’t like Raymond that will give you all
the answers to your question. He was the
opposite of Raymond’s personality and I have
to accept that he can never be like my
We spent more time talking about something
I wasn’t even interested in and finally,around
6:30pm,he walked me home.
Kindly like
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