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Judas in the church – episode 15

Judas in the Church
Episode 15
It’s been 2months since pastor King traveled and things had not been easy on pastor Chris. He and pastor Douglas are not working together at all. Pastor Douglas was always opposing him and changing plans. He had told himself he would be calm but he was losing his patience.
He had organised for a three days program in church and had invited some guest speakers he was working seriously on how the program would go and had been praying for the success of the program. The program was to begin the following week and so he had lots of things he was busy arranging since Douglas wouldn’t help him. He was in his office on Friday evening when he saw people coming to church and the choir was singing and more and more persons were coming in. Then he [email protected]£ out of his office and he saw brother Chuks on the alter singing, ushers well dressed welcoming people in, and much more persons trooping into the church. Pastor Chris did not un-derstand what was going on and so he signalled brother Chuks to handover the mic to someone else and come over.
Brother Chuks gave the mic to another member of the choir and quic-kly went to see pastor Chris.
”Chuks, God bless you” I don’t un-derstand, what is going on? Are we having a program in church today?
Chuks was confused by the question because he expected that since pastor Chris is the acting general overseer he should be aware of the program.
”Papa, I don’t un-derstand this question o” he replied. ”Listen” pastor Chris continued, I have been in my office hearing music going on, seeing people come into church, the truth is I don’t know what is going on. Is there a program today?” He concluded.
”Papa but you have been the one announcing the program na? ” chuks said.
”What program”? Pastor Chris asked
Chuks was confused, ”Moment of His peace” he managed to answer.
”Moment of His peace is not until next week, was it today I have been announcing?”
”No sir, you’ve been announcing that it will begin next week, but pastor Douglas announced it three days ago that MOMENT. OF HIS PEACE have been brou-ght forward to today. I thought he is your as-sistant and you asked him to do that.” Chuks said.
Everything [email protected]£ clear to pastor Chris, he was filled with anger. How could Douglas just wake up and change everything he had been working so ha-rd for? He could feel his anger rising but he didn’t want to show it before Chuks and so he asked Chuks to go.
”Dear Lord” he prayed, give me the grace to pas-s throu-gh this, give me the strength to overcome this, give me the wisdom to scale throu-gh this”.
He quic-kly went into his house which was in the church compound and freshened up, changed his clothes and went into the church, then he took his seat all full of smiles.
Douglas who was alre-ady sitted and handling the affairs and activities that was going on was shocked to see pastor Chris, he didn’t think pastor Chris was going to come at all. He had thought that out of anger, pastor Chris would stay away and he will be the one to hand and take charge of everything. But he was shocked to see him take his seat as the acting general overseer of the church.
The invited guests were alre-ady stepping in, which means Douglas had informed them of the change in [email protected]£ but could not tell his pastor. As soon as they [email protected]£ in, they went straight to pastor Chris and shook hands with him before taking their seats. Douglas felt neglected and angry.
And his anger rose even more when pastor Chris rose up and [email protected]£ to him at the alter all smiling. The crowd cheered and [email protected] and some people were screaming at the t©p of their voices. ”We love you pastor”, pastor Chris still smiling calmly took the mic from Douglas and hvgged him lovingly. ”Thank you pastor, let me take it from here”. Douglas couldn’t argue as he gave the mic to pastor Chris and went to take his seat with his heart boiling with anger.
”Church can you plea-se put those hands together for pastor Douglas” the church [email protected] and shouted as pastor Chris continued, ” I appreciate God for this program. I want to appreciate pastor Douglas for his effort in ma-king this program happen today. I had thought it would be next week but pastor Douglas had said no, it can happen, it can happen. And he put in much effort and today it is happening. Put those hands together for him.” (He turned to Douglas still smiling and said) ”thank you pastor, God bless you” and then to the congregation he asked. ”What do you tell our pastor? ”. ”God bless you sir” they all chorused and [email protected] for him.
Douglas was f0rç£d to smile even though he was filled with anger. The program started and he kept to himself all throu-gh. He didn’t want to [email protected] in anything anymore. But by the grace of God pastor Chris handled everything perfectly well and people were blessed.
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