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Diary Of A Legonite 2 – Episode 13

Diary of a Legonite 2 Episode 13 (CIA Agent)
©Danny Biitka
All Rights Reserved
Dear Diary,
You have the right to be bored with me for not [email protected]!ngyou on my whole family brouhaha, I was caught up somewhere.
Bryan had visited Shanty at the hospital the next day, but he was told she was discharged earlier in the morning, it was good news, but I was not in the mood for any fun, but I just praised God my friend is up and awake.
So, still with my Mom and my Strange Dad, with their families trying their best to blame each other for who caused what only God knows.
Warren Mensah: I have a lot to tell you Delly (I think that’s how he called my Mum when they were together}…Delly
Mum: There is nothing to tell me, and am not re-ady to hear anything
Will you Woman listen to whatever he is trying to tell you and st©p being stubborn; don’t you know you are wasting our time? One Man from Warren Mensah’s side busted.
Me: Excuse me; with all due respect, if you think your time it’s being wasted, that’s the door, after all your pres£nce here is not nee-ded.
Man: Watch your words kid
Man 2: Hey, hey hey….Cut it here and lets listen to them
Me: Yes, thank you
Warren Mensah: Before I married you, I worked as a secret agent with the CIA.
Everyone: Whaaaaat?
Mum: How am I supposed to believe that, do you expect me to believe that?
Warren Mensah: I know it’s ha-rd , but I [email protected]£ down here to get a family and escape from this CIA stuff, I wanted to live a good life and have time with my family, with a wife and children..
Me: CIA?
Warren Mensah: The job you thought I did back then was just to cover up my real identity, That job?, I couldn’t have afforded all those luxury…My salary was taken care of by CIA,almost everything
Mum: CIA? You?
Warren Mensah: Hmmmm, it’s ha-rd to believe, but you have to try ha-rd to believe me
Mum: You swore vows to me back there on the altar of God, you lied to me? My family and to God on the altar
Warren Mensah: Yeah I know very well…I had to leave for your own safety, and that of you, Fafa
Me: For our own safety? How
Warren Mensah: I st©pped answering to the calls of the CIA, so they started tracking me here in Ghana, I mean I was investigating a very serious problem, but I abandoned it, I did that because I wanted to have time for you, my Family….But they thought otherwise, they will do everything to take down anyone who carries a secret about them…And I know they had s£nt men down here to hunt me down
Me: How did you know that?
Warren Mensah: Delly, you remember I fought a guy here some time ago, we all concluded he was an armed robber?
Mum: Yeah I do remember very vividly
Warren Mensah: He wasn’t an armed robber, I went throu-gh the same military training with him back I the U.S, he was s£nt here to kill me
Mum: What? But you still s£nt him to the police station
Warren Mensah: No I didn’t, I buried three bullets into his b©dy before deposing him off
Me: Whaat, you committed murder?
Warren Mensah: That isn’t murder, I was protecting myself and my family, and he wasn’t the only guy they s£nt, I knew If they couldn’t take me down, they will use my family as a bait.
It was just interesting, I thought I was watching a movie, I watch a lot of this CIA movies and their schemes is just something nice, they keep secrets, you mess up with them, they take you down, notwithstanding who you are and where you are, Warren Mensah backed his story with pictures and videos of his time with the CIA, and where he went to hide after he left us….I had to drop a few tears.
Back on campus, I learnt I just missed this mid semester exams,WTF?…This lecturer is always abs£nt, and what we get is only handouts, and the first day he appears, he conducted an announced exams, Shark of all people missed it, so it’s no big deal.
Shanty I heard was preparing to come over to my place and pay a visit…it was a way No…I called immediately Shark told me that.
Me: Hi baby girl
Shanty: Komot
Me: You foo err?
Shanty: I was planning to come to your place today, I miss you alre-ady
Me: Nope, Shark just told me about that, you can’t come here, and they are outside talking plenty plenty, am fed up
Shanty: What’s the run down?
Me: The man who happens to be my biological father worked with the CIA
Shanty: CIA as in CIA
Me: No, CIA as in Ghana police, sia
Shanty: Lol, that’s nice, you Dad a CIA
Me: Nice? Do you know what it entails?
Shanty: Whatever, when are you coming back to school?
Me: Maybe tomorrow
Shanty: Okay, I nee-d ice cream, don’t dare forget
Me: Sias3m…
It was fun speaking with Shanty once again, I really do miss the twins, Shampaigne and her [email protected]ûghty words, Shark and then my silly Roomie…I know she’s using my be-d as a S-x parlor now…
I know from how Warren Mensah was narrating his story, and how my Mum was soo interested in whatever was happening, I was waiting to hear more
Mum: So, why are you still wearing a ring, that’s our wedding ring?
Warren Mensah: Because I haven’t divorced my wife, and am still wondering why she has re-moved her ring.
Mum: What did you expect; do you know what wearing that ring did to me? I look at it back then and all I saw was disappointment
Warren Mensah: I know
Me: Errrm, so who is this kid, I think a boy, why is a boy’s picture here among your stuff?
Warren Mensah: That’s my son, I know I messed up when I left, I had an affair and that is my boy
Me: Wow, what’s he’s name?
Warren Mensah: Nicklaus Mensah
Me: Age: He’s 20
Mum: Twenty?
Warren Mensah: Yes Twenty
Mum: Fafa is about Twenty Four now, and you left when she was only three, so you had a kid with another woman immediately you left
Me: You left, and a year later or so, you had another kid
Warren Mensah: It’s all my fault
I was happy at least, I had a brother somewhere, I always wanted to have a sibling, but Warren Mensah was pissing me off, I walked out of the meeting. I heard the [email protected] I was interested in.
NB: Why should Fafa’s Mum take back Warren Mensah?
To be continued.
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