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NYSC: My S-xvice – episode 12

episode 12

I sat up on my be-d, confused as ever. I started
counting my regrets, trading blames and ma-king a
whole lot of wishes.

I regretted ma-king love to Ella, I blamed the
federal government for not scra-pping NYSC and I
wished I wasn’t posted to an all-girls secondary
secondary school.
An inner being scolded me: -nigga you nee-d to
st©p all this psychosis and face yourfu-cking

E Don happen be say e Don happen. I picked up
my phone and dialled Ella’s number:

Me- “Hello”

Ella- “Hello sir”

Me- “Is the problem really serious?”

Ella- “Yes it’s very serious o. My elder brother
based in Lagos has even called and said he is
coming back next week because of it.”‘

Me- “Are you going to expo-se me?”

Ella- “I don’t know o. I don’t know what my
family is planning. I’m scared.”

Me- “ok. Relax. are you coming to school

Ella- “maybe”

Me- “plea-se come, we nee-d to talk”

Ella- “ok. I will”

Next day, I went to school to very early.
Selected Students usually swept clas-srooms during
the morning devotion. I [email protected]£ early, called the
s£nior prefect and ordered her to as-sign Ella as my
staff room sweeper for the day.

The S.P and I were friends and she was one hell
of fine & S-xy girl. When Ella [email protected]£ into my staff
room, she was sweeping slowly while we discussed
the biggest problem in my life at the time.
She confessed to me that she had a quarrel with
her parents the day she spent the night in my
house and that they were furious about her
slee-ping out.

She however used one of her clas-smates as a
cover-up by lying that she spent that night with
her. However, her cover blew open a few days ago
and her parents [email protected]£ suspicious that she might
have spent that night with a guy.
Her mother had threatened to go to a prophet and
he elder brother was coming all the way from
Lagos to unleash the dragon.
Sweet Jesus, are you gonna let them kill me?. I
had only one solution which was to find a mature
female who would stand as an alibi for Ella. Else,
I’m doomed!.

Any female teacher would fit this role, but then I
was like Nelson Mandela in this institution. I was
well respected and seen as a perfect “example” of
good and responsible young man.
Any teacher would be disappointed to hear this
and I couldn’t risk to leak this t©p secret. There
was one person I could trust, her name was

Nkechi was one of the two female Corpers
posted to the school with me. She was a loyal
friend but I knew she would be disappointed to
hear the story cuz she had lots of respect for me.
But hey, I’d rather disappoint nkechi than
disappoint nysc, my family, my principal, teachers
and all the students… yeah, I’m serious! cuz
that simple crime could get me dismissed from

Nkechiwas really disappointed but she agreed to
help me. As agreed, she reported herself to Ella’s
house and told her parents that Ella spent that
fateful night at her house.
Due to respect that the people had for corpers,
they believed the story and that chapter just
closed. Funny enough, nkechi started inviting me
to her house almost every weekend but I never
honoured it.

NK, I’m really sorry, there was ha-rd ly a free
Saturday. Lol. You saved me a great deal… God
bless you.

I swore never to have anything to do with Ella
after that drama.

Never say never. One Sunday morning, I had lots
of academic work to do and nee-ded someone to
help me with the marking of some test scripts.
I nee-ded someone who was fast and fairly
intelligent too and Ella fit in that category. I
picked up my phone and called Ella. Twenty
minutes later, she was in my room, helping me
with script marking.

Around two hours later, I just had the urge to
re-lease a little stress so I sat behind Ella and
started [email protected]£ss!ngher soft hvge bo’obs. She acted
like she wasn’t in the mood (na lie, she bin dey
vex for me) and I wasn’t in the mood to persuade
her so I just enjoyed what I could. Half bre-ad is
better than none. While I was smooching n
su-cking, she was marking.

If I did something sweet n s-en-sitive, she would
pause for a while then continue.
Later on I just got tired and decided to [email protected]
por:n videos I found in her phone. We got talking
about por:n n its effect in this generation and she
confessed to me the por:n videos were all s£nt to
her by a friend of hers in ss3 and she said the girl
fuc:ks a lot.

Her name was Juliet. I knew her throu-gh Ella,
they were close and she was very young n innocent
looking. D–n! I didn’t believe my ears!. That
same girl had been bugging me for a long time but
I always dismissed her cuz she looked too
innocent… Like a Reverend sister. No, like holy
Mary. There and then, I put Juliet on my hit

Juliet used to check on me almost on a daily basis
and I prayed she checked on me another day.

A few days later, Juliet [email protected]£ into my staff room
to check on me as usual.

Juliet- “good morning sir”

Me- “good morning. Excuse me …..”

To be continued

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