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My Colorless Rainbow – episode 23

Episode 23.
By Amah

Days turned into weeks and my birthday arrived. I didn’t have any big plans for it, as usual all I wanted was to stay home and maybe get a 30th birthday gift for myself and do whatever that will make me happy.
Birthday is not a big deal for me any more like it used to be before. Maybe because I’m getting older. I look forward to it and when the day arrives it seem normal. I don’t write out resolutions or what I want to achieve in the New Year, I just flow with life. Whatever that comes I go with it.
Ohio may want us to chill out either at his place or any cool sp©t, he may want Dora, his cook to make something for the house and we will eat happily together. The highest thing he will do is to get me a birthday gift.
I don’t want to have high hopes or expect too much because sometimes disappointment leaves me shattered. Ever since my 28th birthday that my expectations from Richa-rd [email protected]£ crashing at my feet, I st©pped expecting too much from people.
I got a call from my parents, few friends and colleagues wishing me a happy birthday. Ohio also called that morning to wish me a happy birthday. He asked me to get re-ady that afternoon so that we can hang out.
I knew it won’t be more than that, I obeyed and got dressed. Jojo [email protected]£ to my mind as I was rounding up with my makeup. Is unfortunate that Silas pla-yed a smart one on her. Who could have thought Silas was capable of such. He appears as a nice guy and it was ha-rd to suspect him. I don’t know how he managed to dupe almighty Jojo.
 Maybe I could have been his victim if I was interested in him. He probably saw the type of woman Jojo was and decided to deceive her with his sugar coated lies. I feel pity for Jojo who will have to start all over again, from a scratch. She have to end up getting a reasonable job first to support herself and quit her old lifestyle of milking people, especially men with deceit.

Today is my day and I will not let Jojo’s thought to bother me at all. Ohio was coming to take me out. I will laugh and let loose of future fears because I can’t change whatever God has predestined for me. Whatever is meant to be will definitely come to past.

Ohio kept to time and [email protected]£ just when I was doing the final t©uçh on my facial make up. He had a gift bags in hand, I knew it was for me, he handed them to me just as expected. He looks nervous and kept chatting with his phone. Calls were coming into his phone, he excused himself and stepped outside to receive it. It was unlike him acting all secretive yet I did not pay attention to it. I supposed to be the nervous one not him because is my birthday but I wasn’t. I thanked him for the gifts and kept the bags aside without opening them. I wore a simple white jean trou-ser and off shoulder flower t©p. He asked me to change the cloth with one of the go-wn that he bought for me.
I never knew what was inside the bag, I quic-kly checked and saw beautiful go-wns and a burgundy ankle stra-p sandals. I was very excited on seeing those unexpected gifts. I hvgged him ti-ght and changed into one of the go-wn and the shoe.
I asked him to check me out and he looks speechless. Ohio got my shoe size right, the colors were beautiful, the go-wn fit perfect and I feel fabulous in them.
He smile and said I look great. He took my hands and we stepped out. I don’t know exactly where we were going or what he has in mind, I trust him and did not even bother to know.
Melinda did not call to wish me happy birthday, Joe has traveled back to meet with his wife and kids but he never fail to call on my every birthday and he did that again today.

I noticed that Ohio was driving towards Lili’s restaurant, he probably wanted us to chill at his cousin’s place and I was very okay with it. I will get to eat my special food at least. I was alre-ady feeling good with my fine dressing, all thanks to Ohio who wanted to make sure the day was indeed a special one.
He kept taking a peep at me throu-gh his review mirror all throu-gh our drive to Lili’s place. I knew he was admiring me. I checked myself again if my makeup was still perfectly in order.
We arrived at Lili’s restaurant and Ohio [email protected]£ around to open the door and took my hands into his.
He guide me inside slowly. Immediately we got in, there was a chorused unexpected shout out. “Happy birthday Becca” I almost fainted from shock. Thank God Ohio was beside me and held me from falling.
I saw people gathered with two big decorated cake and different gifts and balloons all over the place. My name was painted every corner of the restaurant.
There was Melinda and Cole, Rina, Ella, Lili and her husband with two sons, Cherry, that’s Ohio secretary at work, many other people including the staffs at the restaurants, the people I know and the ones I can’t recognized. I covered my mouth from screaming. I have never had a surprised birthday before and this was wow! How did Ohio managed to pu-ll all this people together. I know Melinda is his [email protected] in crime. She must have helped him out.
The cakes were placed on a table which was in front of me, I had a tickle of tear drop. Rina who was beside me with her little daughter handed me a tissue.
Melinda was busy with other ph0togra-phers, ma-king videos and taking pictures. They sang for me and asked me to cut the cake and immediately I did that, there was another cheer and I did not realize that Ohio went on one knee beside me.
I was busy laughing and trying to pose for the [email protected]£ra when I noticed that people were looking in one direction.
I followed their gaze and saw Ohio. He had one of the most beautiful diamond rings that I have ever seen in his hand. He lifted it out while still on a knee.

“Becca, will you marry me???
I looked around me to know if this this was all for me. I quietly pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.
This was too good to be true, I screamed out excitedly. I couldn’t hold back myself. I covered my mouth before another scream will give way. Tears run down my face and I did not bother to clean it up. I look around again at the beautiful and smiling faces urging me to say yes. Some were even saying yes on my behalf. How did God decided to bless me with so much today?
This was a place my heart was shattered and it [email protected]£ the same place a man like Ohio who i thought I will never attend to his clas-s, he was on his knee asking me to marry him.
Who will ever say “No” to such a man? I couldn’t say a word as I began to nod my head. And gently the word [email protected]£ out straight.

“Yes, I will marry you”.

Wait a second, did Ohio just proposed and I said yes. I mean this is all a reality not some sort of dream or prank. Oh my God, I wanted to scream down the roof as Ohio sli-pped the ring into my f!nger.
This was higher than the ring I bought to engage myself which I left at home. I felt undeserving of everything that just took place.
It was just too much to take in at once. After he sli-pped the ring, he stood, k!$$£d and hvgged me right in front of everyone.
Melinda’s voice was the loudest, as she kept jumping and screaming out happily as if she was the one getting engaged. It was her usual way and it was the happiest day of my life.

I couldn’t just st©p myself from admiring the ring, and praying that all this is truly happening and not some dream I will wake from.
We had a lot to eat and drink and even danced our heart out. i later un-derstand why Ohio went shopping for me and asked me to change into the beautiful dressed and shoe. I’m so happy that I obeyed and wore the go-wn and the ankle stra-pped burgundy heel shoe. It was perfect for the whole occasion.

I [email protected]£d Richa-rd for three years and expected a ring but at the end he left me with a heart break. Despite I have known Ohio for long but we started [email protected]!ngofficially just few months ago. Our relationsh!pis not even up to a year and yet he proposed, he actually proposed within a year of getting into relationsh!pwith him. I can’t still come out of the shock that Ohio asked me to marry him and I said yes. Our relationsh!pwas not upto a year and he was alre-ady proposing. I was very happy that I felt like jumping to the roof of the building and screaming out to the world that a man actually proposed to me, then I will stretched out my hand for the whole world to see the beautiful ring.
I did not see any of this coming. Both the surprise birthday [email protected] and proposal. Everything took me off guard.
I’m Ohio Jacob’s wife to be and it was one good feeling I can’t seem to st©p myself from.
He introduced a couple to me. The young man shared some resemblance with Ohio

“Becca, this is Klint…my brother and his beautiful wife, Teri. They flew all the way down yesterday after I told them I was going to propose. Klint and Teri wanted to witness this day. I was hoping and also prayerful that you won’t say no to me. Teri rose my fear on that but Melinda reas-sured me that I have nothing to worry about. I’m finally having you all to myself soon. We have a big wedding to plan Becca.

I’m still dumb founded with everything happening really fast. I hvgged Ohio’s handsome brother Klint and his beautiful wife Teri.
Teri said she was an event planner and will give us a perfect colour of the day.

We all had a good time, I was at the door with Ohio greeting everyone as they leave. They kept singing congratulation as I hvgged them and said goodnight to them.
Anita was on a honey moon, she was not among the crowd. Jojo could have being here but she sold her heart out to the devil and said I will never be happy in my life but the table is gradually turning for my good.

Lili made sure every of the guest had a gift pack to go home with. Ohio booked the whole restaurant for the day and there was no customer for that day except the people who [email protected]£ for my [email protected]
I was so tired when Ohio dropped me off that night. I wish we can go to his house, I would have love to sleep in his arm and thank him properly for giving me the best day I will never forget in my life.
I was still resistance to leave his car and he was not re-ady to let me go. He asked if I want to come over to his place and pas-s the night. I gladly said yes.
He turned the car and drove to his house. Klint and Teri who [email protected]£ in one of Ohio’s car was alre-ady in the house.
We had a long night gist and I got to speak with Ohio’s parents throu-gh a video call with Ohio’s phone and even Natalie as they said their congratulation and also wish me happy birthday. They said they can’t wait to finally meet me.
That night, after we retired to the room. I freshened up and wore Ohio’s pyjamas which was too big but I love being in his cloths.
After our usual k!ssing, he said goodnight. I thought there will be more. But I was too happy with the ring on my f!nger that I accepted the goodnight k!ssonly. He covered me up with a duvet, k!$$£d my forehead like a child and held me in his arms as I sle-pt.
Which other feeling is bigger than this. Having a man like Ohio to yourself. Even though I have my worries of him still not ma-king the inti-mate move but my happiness was bigger than it.
I was staring at my ring until I sle-pt off that night. The following day the first thing I checked was my ring which was still cooling on my f!nger.
 I had breakfast in be-d from Ohio. The day was a beautiful one. I spent it with Teri, talking and laughing.
It was that evening that Ohio went to drop me off. I wish the wedding is done and dusted so that I can move in with him and not come back to a quiet house.

He followed me inside and stayed for some time before leaving.
The week worn on, Klint and Teri traveled with a promise to return back soon. Melinda’s wedding followed up. I was back at my parent’s house, helping Melinda in every way necessary. Ohio drove down to check up and spend time with my Dad, they run the tre-admill together and talk about the latest government news.

Melinda’s wedding day [email protected]£ and she was very beautiful in her wedding go-wn. The event was great. My Dad was happy as she walk Melinda down the aisle to Cole, who stood with the officiating priest.
Ohio was sitting beside me, he squee-zed my hand and said our own big day is by the corner. I smile and nodded because I trust him with everything in me.
They were pronounced husband and wife and followed by the reception, dancing and merriment followed in order. We also took pictures.
I spent a day at my parent’s house. Melinda and Cole were off for their honey moon.

I was back to my base. I and Ohio were alre-ady working on fixing our own wedding [email protected]£ so that it will also favor his people who will like to fly all the way down to attend.

I was home alone that night, after speaking with Teri over the phone on how the reception will be and when she will be traveling down again to start up with the proper plans. i jot out some of the things nee-ded for my big day and felt sleepy while during that.

I decided to go to be-d. I was alre-ady slee-ping when I heard a ban-g on the door. I was shock and wondered who could be knocking by such an ungodly hour. I checked the time it was 1:45am. Almost 2am. The knocking [email protected]£ fierce. I stood and ti-ptoed to the door after putting off all the light. As I checked the security hole. I saw someb©dy on a facial mask standing by my door and hitting it ha-rd with a sharp object.

I wondered who could be that or who s£nt the mask person. The intruder covered all the face, wore a big black overall cloth. I couldn’t’ see who exactly he or she was. I guess they were two, because I heard one talking to another before bouncing ha-rd on my door again as if they want to break down the door.

I quic-kly rushed back to get my phone so that I can call for help.


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