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Luna in my Home – episode 2

Episode 2.
By Amah
I got home and she was getting the children re-ady for the night. They ran to me and hvgged me.
Teni my daughter is 7years, while Dare my son is 5years. The two kids were enough for us. It was an agreement between me and my wife. We wanted two or three but since we have Teni and Dare, girl and boy there was no nee-d to keep trying for another child.
They got dressed for the night, my wife makes sure that the kids goes to be-d early so that they can wake up on time and get re-ady for school.
Bisi threw another cold “welcome” to me when she saw me. I [email protected] out, wondering what I have done wrong. I freshened up and was re-ady for dinner but my wife did not leave any food for me on the dining table but there was food in the kitchen.
I walked to the kitchen and collected food from the pot. I noticed a small new [email protected] cooker with just one burner standing at one side of the kitchen. The big cooker looks unused.
I wonder what Bisi was doing with a small cooker when we have a big one that can take four pots at the same time.
I did not think much on the cooker. I collected water from the fridge and carried my food to the dining table to eat.
Bisi was sitting down with a mug of her usual h0t choco and her eyes was on the television which was showing her favourite program in the sitting room.
I looked at her, but she did not bother looking up at me. I sat to eat and as I ate, I try to hold a normal conversation with her if she will be able to loos£n up.
“Honey, how was your day? I asked her while looking up from my food.
She replied shapely still without turning to look at me. Since she did not ask me how my day went and I decided to ask her, she could have at least try to reply me with a better tone and attitude. What is all this madness that she is trying to form?
“What is the problem Bisi? Is obvious you have been like this since few days now till this moment. What is the problem?
I asked, dropping my spoon back to the half-eaten jellof rice. I have lose appetite and couldn’t continue with the food again.
And just as expected she threw her reply back at me
“The children, did they troubled you? Do you nee-d anything? Did I do or say something wrong to you? Do you want something? Bisi talk to me and st©p replying me with just a word….plea-se talk to me. What is the problem?
“I said I’m fine.”
She turned and replied me with a big frown on her face before standing, she picked up her mug of h0t choco and left the dining to the sitting room to continue with her television program without any interruption.
I looked from her to the plate of half eaten rice staring back at me. Sitting there not knowing what to do. Holding a conversation with Bisi was proving impossible alre-ady. How do I find out what her problem is?
“Could it be about my affair in Abuja? But there was no way Bisi will know about it because I try to make sure of that. And Bisi does not go throu-gh my phone. I cleared every traces of Luna both on phone and appearance.
I deleted all conversation of me and Luna from my phone. There was no way that Bisi will know about it but I wish she can tell me and make my mind at rest, let me know what exactly is eaten her up.
I carried the plate of food back to the kitchen. I thought of going to join Bisi in the parlour but is a waste of time.
I went to the room and lie down, waiting till when she will come to be-d and I will try my very best to know what is her problem.
I got busy with my phone, I opened my chat and saw Luna’s message on it. Is been a week she s£nt a message to me asking me when I will return to Abuja of which I told her I don’t know.
I cleared our chat that day and made sure everything was cleared that day, even before I dropped my phone to sleep that night.
I frowned immediately I saw her new message on my phone again.
Luna’s message re-ad
“Hello handsome….? You don’t even check up on me, I have been the only one checking you up to know how you are doing. That’s unfair sweetie. Even though you made it clear that you are married but that shouldn’t make us enemies or strangers. I was at the Abuja h0tel lunge, that same place we met. I was there this evening to have my usual c0cktail drink and all I can think of is you and how much your t©uçh left in my heart. I miss you sweetie and wish you will return to Abuja soon. No man have being able to make out with me like you did in our first and second night. I wanted more, I wish it will be everyday but my heart was smashed the moment you told me that you are back to Lagos. I look forward to having you back here, don’t keep me longing and waiting. plea-se reply me whenever you see this….luv you! k!sseseses!!
I re-ad it all over again and began to think of the next reply to give her so that she will st©p calling and texting me. I don’t want Bisi to ever find out that I had an affair. I sle-pt with another woman during my trip to Abuja. That alone will hurt her and she will lose all the trust she had for me but what if Bisi alre-ady had an idea about the affair?
Questions crowded my mind and at that same time I was thinking of what to reply Luna when Bisi entered the room.
I was holding onto my phone and was about replying Luna when Bisi [email protected]£ in like a ghost.
She looked at me suspicious before changing into her nightie, while she was changing up I quic-kly deleted Luna’s message and switched off my phone.
Bisi [email protected]£ to lie down and gave me a good distance on the be-d, while facing the other side.
I called her name quietly, asking her what is eating at her, she did not reply.
I moved over to her and try to k!ssand draw her closer but she fled up and [email protected] my hand off.
“Don’t you dare t©uçh me Abayomi! Don’t even think of it. I’m warning you, just stay away from me…keep your distance Abayomi. If you don’t want me to stay here I will go to our children’s room or stay somewhere else. Respect yourself and don’t t©uçh me with those hands of yours…
I was speechless watching her rage at me. Something was seriously wrong. Bisi only calls me by my full name when she is mad at me. She ha-rd ly calls me Abayomi only when I piss her off. Bisi calls me darling or Yomi. But calling my full name means she probably knows about what I did in Abuja h0tel.
I wish she can just open up and st©p torturing me with all this silent so that I will know where exactly I wronged her and see if I can make amend.
She covered herself with the duvet and turned to the other side of the be-d, avoiding me like a plague.
I lie down quietly and began to talk to her. Even though she may not reply me but I want to get the word out of her.
“Bisi, Even if your husband do something wrong, this is not the way to let him know about it. i wish you can tell me what exactly is the problem rather than doing all this. What did I do wrong Bisi? Tell me. Did you see or found out anything or even hear about anything? I was thinking is because I have been coming home around 8pm and never meet the children before they sleep. that was why I decided to close early and come home on time today but yet you are still not happy. Do you nee-d anything, say it…tell me and I will do it. Bisi, whatever it is, I’m sorry…I hate it whenever you are acting like this. I don’t even know what to think or do anymore. I cherish you Bisi, you are the wife of my youth and we will grow old together, I love you honey and I’m forever grateful to you for giving me two beautiful children…Teni and Dare. I hate to see you sad honey…what did I do? Honey….honey….plea-se talk to me…
After all the long enticing words she still did not answer me. I try to make another move but she [email protected] my hands off and gave me another strong warning not to t©uçh her.
I gave up and decided to f0rç£ myself to sleep.
The following morning I was up very early as usual and got re-ady for work.
She was still lying there and even if I call her she will not answer me but I went ahead to inform her that I was leaving.
I was not expecting a reply but was shock to get one from her.
“Why are you telling me that you are leaving? I thought I was invisible to you or you are just beginning to realize that I exist? Eeh Abayomi…answer me?
I rolled my eyes, not knowing how to answer such question. She was sitting up on the be-d, re-ady for a fight.
I opened my two palms as I stood in front of her.
“I don’t un-derstand what you are talking about? What are you saying Bisi…if you have anything to tell me, then say it. Because is too early to start an argument with you.
She sat up properly from the be-d to face me. Her voice was getting high, I asked her to calm down and reduce tone of her strong voice before she will wake the kids up from sleep.
It was too early for her madness to start.
I was trying to find a better way to handle the situation at hand.
“Abayomi remember whatever seed a man sow, that is what he will reap. God knows I have been a good wife and a good mother. Go ahead and keep deceiving yourself…continue to act like you don’t know what is going on or what you did. My God will keep fighting for me…let God be the judge.
She walk pas-s me to the bathroom. I stood there more confused. I began to talk silently to myself like a crazy person.
“Bisi knows, oh she knows that I had an affair. She knows that her trusted husband cheated on her. But how did she get to know? Could it be she is only as-suming things but not sure? How will I remedy this mess that I have made?
Why won’t Bisi hit the nail on the head?. Why is she taunting me with her word but never says what exactly is the problem.
I know without being told that she probably figured it out, one way or the other.
Without waiting for her to come out of the bathroom, I took my car key and disappeared into my car.
I was not comfortable all throu-gh my stay at work. I kept thinking of what to do and how to make Bisi to forgive me for ever cheating on her.
It was not my intention but one of my biggest mistakes.
I stayed out with Aram my friend that evening after work.
“What is going on Yomi? You look dull today. Family problem? Work ish or both?
Aram asked me while I was sipping my beer quietly.
“Is precisely my wife. I have not told anyb©dy this before, I had a tangle with one babe when I travelled to Abuja last month but it was an unplanned scene that shouldn’t have taken place, my wife foun….
Aram looks surprise and the next thing he bur-st out laughing while I was still talking.
“Wait Yomi, you of all people that used to preach to me about infidelity in marriage? I’m shock. Wait, did the lady charmed you into be-d? How did it even happen? I’m surprise. Don’t tell me that you wife found out about it…?
“Aram! I guess she did, but she never mentioned it directly to me. my wife probably figured it out and has been acting strange ever since. Aram, I don’t even know what to do. Bisi keep tormenting me with her silence and attitude. I wish she will come out straight and pour it out to my face so that I will know what exactly is her problem….
Aram [email protected] out, took a sip of his own beer and said.
“Maybe you should confess instead of carrying the guilt or watching her get hurt. Explain to her that it was all a mistake and I know it will hurt Bisi but time heals all wound. She will eventually forgive you. if you think she knows, maybe is better to come out clean and make her un-derstand that it was all a mistake. Summon courage Yomi and do it before things gets out of hand in your home…
I thanked Aram for his advice before driving off that night back home. I was re-ady to let it all out. Since Bisi knew about it, I will clear the air.
I will apologies and promise it will never happen again and is a promise I’m re-ady to keep no matter the cause.
I still wonder how Bisi got to know about it but I’m re-ady to come out clean and I pray my family will come out of all this unhurt.
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