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Early Days Of My Life (18 +) – Episode 1

Early Days Of My Life (18 +) – Episode 1

In the mid 2006, I gained admission to GCI, school II as a boarder…
I am an easy going guy that loves being quiet when lonely but my loneliness didn’t last long as an hostelite.
I could still recall from those days when I’m always crying because I’m a newbie which made some of my mates laughed at me and some s£niors too.
One common thing about the s£nior students was that they love to ride we juniors.
They bully us, threaten with cane and labour…
As for me, I am just an easy going tout that does almost everything nee-ded to be done ‘then’ till I later turn into a gangster….
As a student with no experience, I don’t know anything about se-x or anything….
Then, I taught [email protected]ç£and slee-ping on t©p each other leads to giving birth ‘then’…
I mingle with almost every student I [email protected]£ across in the school, guess that was where the fame emerges….
Many s£niors liked me and wanted to make me their school son maybe because the Yoru-ba I speak is fluent or because I follow the la!d down rules and regulations.
I could still recall vividly the day my mum handed me over to a s£nior who happens to be my school father. I didn’t know I will be enjoying in hostel ‘then’ because I will slee-ping with my school father in the s£niors room.
That day was the first day I saw tears in my mum’s face, the tears generated tears from my eyes too because I never leave home to anywhere, I don’t go on holiday, I don’t visit families, I ha-rd ly use more than three days in those place my parents and our house isn’t located… Just don’t know why.
After she left, I still cried for like 2 weeks after tears now finally left me. lolz.
I felt like my parent want me to suffer because they s£nt to a boarding school, I didn’t know I moved into another world of (God-Knows)…
On a saturday morning after everyb©dy resumes from the mid term break, we are inside the dining hall after we’ve finished our labor with some of my friends that are also my s£niors and some of my mates too named Jibola, Lolade, Tevez, Lukman and Ozeoma. We heard Something…
Ask me what it is….
We heard m0an!ng sound from a corner, Jibola and Lolade ti-p toed to the place the sound [email protected]£ from, only for them to come and tell us that it was s£nior biola that was scre-wing his girlfriend..
I was confused that I was just looking at them like a dummy, I didn’t un-derstand what they meant by the word ‘girlfriend’ and that ‘he was scre-wing the girlfriend’…
I was carried away that I was wondering what a girlfriend could be, but according to my own view “it means a female friend”. But the confusing [email protected] was that “is there any other meaning to girlfriend” because our school didn’t have a single girl in it…
We are all boys, I was like ‘can a boy be a girlfriend to a boy?’
After about 10mins in the thinking land, I heard someone scream. This one is not a m0an, na shout…
Lolade and others laughed…
Lolade: (laughing) chai, oti fe baye omo yen je ni sha… (He wan spoil the life of his gf o)
Lukman: s£nior biola na craze o…
Jibola: I can go there and beg them make them
pity me and let me do a round gan…
We then heard another scream, I was like..
‘Eh eh’, I then summon the courage to go
and peep maybe I can benefit from
the “shouting-enjoyment” but as I peep, guess what I saw?
I saw two……..
We then heard another scream, I was like..
‘Eh eh’, I then summon the courage to go and peep maybe I can benefit from
the “shouting-enjoyment” but as I peep, guess what I saw?
I saw two unclad bodies, a light and skinny girl’s unclad b©dy and s£nior biola’s unclad b©dy…
The unclad b©dy of s£nior biolas isn’t a new thing to me because I’ve seen it almost everyday whenever we wan baff for hostel… In short e don tire me.
But the lady’s unclothedness make something rise for my b©dy, guessed it should be my J0yst!ck…
I then saw s£nior biola’s J0yst!ck entering into that lady’s [email protected], its going in and coming out…
He was pounding her like a mortar and pestle…
What they were doing was a surprise that I don’t know the meaning, had it been they sle-pt on t©p each other I would have un-derstood but this one they’re doing is not something I can decode…
They are bleeping like goats(Doggy style)….
After like 3mins that I’ve been peeping, I then heard a knock on my Great Head and someone pu-ll-ed me backward. I wanted to shout but I remember that they musn’t know I was peeping.
As I faced the person, it was lolade… He dragged me down to the bo-ttomof the hall and said;
Lolade: Oniranu ni e o (you’re wayward o)
Me: what do u mean by that?
Lolade: shey u wanfu-ck ni?
Me: I alre-ady have one in my pocket.
Lolade: you’re crazy!
Me: sheybi this it (bring out the fork from my pocket)
Lolade: you’re stupid. Get out of my sight jor, onishe kushe iya…
Me: na u know o.
Later they rang the bell for breakfast, then I saw s£nior biola and that girl moving out of the dining hall and he told us to bring his food to the hostel.
S. Biola: ebami gbe ounje mi wa si hostel o, she e ti gbo?(Help me bring my food to hostel o)
Lolade: ekun, we don hear…
S.biola: mad man…
Lolade: baba, lemme Pour do small na..
S.biola: abi weyrey leleyi ni, lori iyawo temi. (U dey mad, on t©p my wife)
Lolade: kosi were jor, I go Pour ur room when I reach hostel
S.biola: with my food ni o
Lolade: no lele
As he waka for that dining hall, I noticed
everyone in the hall murmuring and then they all busted when he’s out kpata kpata… I was like what’s funny…
That little raw §ex I witnessed live kept me wondering till a day at school during long break that I asked a friend of mine;
Friend: fawaz, come here make we talk.
Me: and the talk is about we-tin?
Friend: about u!
Me: what’s wrong with you o?
Friend: I noticed something about you ever
since the last saturday of last month, I notice a change in you!
Me: observant! we-tin u notice?
Friend: talk to me, I’m your friend fawaz.
Don’t hide anything from me! Is it that they didn’t gave you pocket money from home?
Me: see dis yeye boy, did I tell u anytin do me or
I told u I’m hiding anytin. Leave me alone let me be jare!
Friend: I know you more than you think! Or is it that a s£nior gave you a work that’s too ha-rd or what?
Me: mr knower, keep it up..
Friend: you are too pla-yful, that’s why I don’t like you, you turn almost everything to joke even when everyone is serious…. Look, I promise to help u out if you let me know what’s bothering you and if you don’t. Bye!
As he wan move, I dragged him back and said
Me: do you have a girlfriend?
Friend: (laughing) so, you nee-d a girlfriend?
Me: answer me jor
Friend: I have and is there any problem?
Me: how did you get a girlfriend?
Friend: see foolish boy wey dey whine me!
Don’t think I don’t know about those girls
you deyfu-ck o….
My head rang as I heard that word ‘fuc-k’ again..
Me: look, come let’s talk.
Friend: and what are we doing before?
Me: mtchew, talk jor, how did u get a gf?
Friend: is it a joke or whining?
Me: I mean it, I don’t know how to get a
Friend: I will help you out, but on one reason!
Me: ehn ehn, lemme hear!
Friend: you’ll gimme half of your rice on
Me: for what?
Friend: you dey craze, shey u think say na free?
I go help u get a girl and you’ll be Bleeping her for free… And u are asking me what, water ni!
Me: that’s what I don’t un-derstand,
what’s the meaning of ‘fuc-k’ and what is the ess£nce of a girlfriend?
Friend: no answer for u now, you’ll know everything by night…
Me: why not now?
Friend: sha calm down!
Me: okay boss.
(I named him friend cos I’ve forgotten his name tho)
So, the day flew away with usain bolt speed its like 3hours that e take reach night from that break period.
I was inside my room feeling like ‘what’s going to happen tonight?’ before I heard a gunsh0t!
Guess what?


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