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Pia – episode 12

Episode 12

My boss didn’t eat much, he asked me to make fruit salad of which I quic-kly did, Richie later [email protected]£ back with Sonia and went straight to his own [email protected] up stairs,
 i sat on one of the couch as my boss continued the story, but I decided to ask first

“Is the girl still alive, what happened to her sir..

” I don’t know Pia, I don’t even know if she’s alive or not, I don’t know what she looks like, I searched for her mother and learnt she was alre-ady married and moved to another city, she must have felt bad looking at the child, the little girl must have reminded her of how terrible I was and the sadness I brou-ght upon her life, probably that was why she dumped the child with the sick woman, and when I heard where my…my daughter was…Pia felt so awful calling her my daughter, a child I denied and never set my eyes on, I went to my parents and summoned the boldness to tell them what I did years back, I told them about the girl and they felt so sad that I could be so heartless, they wanted me to do the right thing by apologising to the Lady I got pregnant and bring their granddaughter to them, but the lady was alre-ady married and have moved on, they desperately wanted to meet their grandchild, who they were happy she was alive, that was one of my parents wish I never fulfilled before they both got involve in an accident and died, I and my brother was home and got the news that my dad’s car collided with a trailer who had break failure and ran into them, so before they could be rushed to the hospital my dad died and my mum died after few days…
It was a terrible time, so preparing for the burial of both parents was…was one of the most painful and sad moment of my life Pia, so I didn’t continue with the search for my daughter, I just put it on hold to fully recover from my lost, I felt more sad because my parents didn’t get to meet her before the accident, she would have being my mum and dad little and only daughter because they never had one, she would have brou-ght great laughter to their face, my parents were looking forward to meeting their grand child before everything went dark….after the whole trouble was over I went ahead to meet my daughter, on getting there I got another shock that the grandmother died and has being buried but nob©dy knows exactly where the girl was, sh..

“Sorry to interrupt, you mean the little girl’s grandmother also died, and nob©dy can tell what becomes of the girl, do you know if your daughter’s mother [email protected]£ to pick her…

“Yeah, the girl’s mother does not want to have anything to do with the child, because the child reminds her of me and the way I treated her, I guess though, nob©dy knows, the grandmother was alre-ady dead so whoever she gave the child to or wherever the child maybe nob©dy knows…well I moved on, trying to make great meaning out of my life Pia, My full name is Kennedy Brown, you must have seen it somewhere or heard of it, my company name is K, Brown. With all that I have acquired in life I still feel empty, no child to bear my name, I..I..try to start a family severally but it seems not to work out, I still think of my lost daughter sometime and also my late parents and it saddens me…I just wish I can change back the hand of time and right my wrongs, I know many years has gone by, if my girl was with me… she would have being be a big girl by now, finished university or probably studying abroad, the first day you [email protected]£ you told me you were 20years then, which means you will be 23 or 24years by now, my daughter will be 20 or 21, you are older than her with two years or so, life thought me a big lesson, I learnt in a ha-rd way…I don’t know why I’m telling you so much Pia, but i Feel comfortable talking with you, I just want to share my sad story with someone maybe the burden in my heart may ease off..

” I’m sorry for your trouble sir, I’m also sorry that I lied about my age, I’m 21years now, I was just about to clock 17years when I [email protected]£ seeking for job and I know you would have written me off, you wouldn’t have employed me if you know I was a teenager and so I lied that I was twenty then, but last month I completed 21years, I’m sorry sir…

“Hmmm, well you were right, I wouldn’t have employed you if I know you were just seventeen, although you looked too thin and malnourished then I accepted you mostly because you were coming from Jerry who spoke of your amazing strength, despite how you look, talking about Jerry, he is a very ha-rd working young man, do you know Richie is older than him yet he act more matured than Richie, Jerry is struggling to make a good name for himself, you Will think he is older because of his bears, Jerry use to work for me, and he was trustworthy, I like him, I want Richie to start planing on settling down with Sonia, he shouldn’t wait for me or follow all my foot steps, except he wants all his hair to turn White where he is waiting for me to marry first, funny but true, he is my only family now and I want the Best for him, Richie also knows of my daughter that I never met, in fact in most of the search then I was driving around with him, everyone in my family were so eager to meet her but life took a different turn for us,

” do she have a name… I mean your daughter..?

“I don’t even know her name… I never met her, that’s why I feel crazy referring to her as my daughter… I’m a terrible father…if only her grand mother was alive things wouldn’t have ended up worst for me…or probably I wasn’t meant to be in her life because I denied her and rejected her mother… My parents death took big effect on me but I scaled throu-gh…

” I also lost my grandmother at a very tender age, she was the first person that ever loved me, she brou-ght me up, she wasn’t sick but she was always coughing, I remember giving her water any time that cough starts, I later went to live with aunty Koh, suddenly… the news of her death [email protected]£ like a b!ow, I wasn’t even allowed to attend her burial, I cried so much when Aunty Koh told me she was dead, after she was gone I had nob©dy again, I have not visited home for over ten years now, I don’t even have any b©dy to visit, I don’t even know who my father is, i was referred to as a bastard, i was born out of wedlock…and aunty Koh do say I will end up like my harlot mother, it was a constant reminder from her and I’m glad because I’m working towards proving her wrong, all thanks to you sir, for giving my life a real meaning, although my mother whom i don’t even know so well… got married and…

“Hold on Pia…wait…i want to un-derstand something, you said you lost your grandmother, and that your mother had you out of wedlock and handed you over to your grandmother…you were taking away to live with your aunty Koh, Your mother got married and…. Your grandmother clock twenty one last don’t know who your father is…hmmm…oh my Goooood…what is your mother name and where are you really from…can you still remember the year your grandmother died…

With the way my boss started sweating all of a sudden, I wanted to get him cold drink from the chiller, and high the air condition but he hushed me to sit put and answer his question, I was laughing in my mind as I answered all he asked me, do my boss think I’m his lost daughter, that’s very funny, is not possible, is only a mare coincident that we have similar storyline, but I’m not the lost child of this hvge rich kind man, is not possible…except I’m in a dreamland, although de-ep down I so much wish he is, but is too much of a wish to have a wealthy kind father like my boss and it also sounds crazy in my head

My boss was acting crazy, as he stare at me de-eply, I didn’t un-derstand what was goings on, so i stood up to leave, my boss stood up and started shouting, I was shock, the security rushed down and just at that moment Richie and his girlfriend rushed down, I was scared alre-ady because I thought my boss was going crazy and I don’t want to loose my job, he started putting at me while shouting “she’s the one…oh my God..
Ooooh…she’s the one”
everyone was confuse, Richie [email protected]£ to hold him, asking him to calm down so that everyb©dy can un-derstand what that is really going on,
my boss couldn’t keep calm, he [email protected]£ to me and I saw tears in his eyes as he held me close to him self, he was sobbing like a Baby, while saying
” Pia…You are my daughter”
 I didn’t know what to say or what to do, I just held him silently, his tall hvge b©dy covered mine, for the first time I felt connected,
 Richie doubted it and said it was not possible, he said he was calling a Doctor for a DNA test, and the doctor [email protected]£ and the test was carried out, and it was confirmed,
I was Pia Kennedy Brown, or Pia Brown or Pia Ken, i was alre-ady going crazy like my boss..I was my boss missing daughter, my boss was actually my father.

I felt dizzy instantly and staggered, they held me, and gently sat me down on the couch,
My boss or should i say my D…A….D. It sound some how in my ears, he couldn’t get enough of me as if he was seeing me for the first time, he lifted me from the chair to his shoulder like a child,

 I was in a total shock, my boss has being shedding tears while still holding me ,

 everyb©dy even Richie is still speechless as he wi-de-ned his eyes looking at me and holdings his head,

Could this be a dream, i don’t know if I will ever get out of this shock, is as if I have being thun-derstruck with this realization.


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