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Bad Girls – Final Episode

18 Years and above
“My turn now” Mervis exclaimed. She wasted no time in impaling herself on my c0ck, sighing a hvge [email protected] of plea-sure as I pene-trated her.
Her honey pot was completely soa-ked from where she’d been f!ngering herself and she easily sli-pped up and down on my c0ck. It wasn’t long before she was [email protected] ing loudly as she bounced up and down on me, before suddenly “Oh Shiiiiit, uh uh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

She [email protected] ed as she [email protected]£, her jui-ces shooting out and running down my c0ckand into my [email protected]
She took a second to compose herself and then sli-pped off me. “I can’t believe you just fv¢ked him until you [email protected]£!” Mutinta exclaimed. “I just couldn’t help myself, his c0ckfilled me so well it was incredible!” She said.
Mutinta couldn’t help herself now, after seeing Mervis ¢v-m she was so hor-nyshe straddled me and pushed her honey pie down onto my c0ck, letting out a [email protected] as it pene-trated her.
It sli-pped in easier this time, but there was still some resistance, and she was alre-ady doing her best to get rid of that. “I can’t believe you two” Natasha shouted,

“You drag me off him, only for you to fv¢k yourself to an [email protected] on it (she said pointing at Mervis), and now you’ve gone back for seconds (pointing at Mutinta).”
“Well you were right, it just feels too good” Mutinta said as she slid up and down on me at an ever increasing speed,
“You can have another go next, you started, so it’s only fair you finish!” By now Mutinta was frantically pla-ying with her tits as she slammed herself up and down on my c0ck, she was looser now, but still very ti-ght and it wasn’t long before she too had an organism “fv¢k yes, oh shiiit, fuuuuuuck, ohhhh daaaaaaaaaaaaad yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssss” She screamed as she [email protected]£ violently, her b©dy trembling with her [email protected]

Her honey pie was clenching hold of my c0ckand it took a hell of a lot of self control not to shoot my ¢v-m into her. She sli-pped off me, my [email protected] now full of her and Mervis’s jui-ces. I ba-rely got to see my di-ck though, as soon as She was off , Natasha literally jumped back on, sighing loudly as I pene-trated her.
She was soon bouncing at some speed, her tits flailing wildly as she did, I wanted to gr-ab out and [email protected] them, but I still had the damn handcuffs on. She started [email protected] ing loudly and then [email protected]£ violently with a loud squeal of plea-sure. Her jui-ces ran out of her honey pot, down my c0ckinto my [email protected]
She [email protected] into me as she fought for breath.
She eventually crawled off me and flopped down into her chair. “Don’t I get to ¢v-m?” I asked. “Of course you do, just not near any of us.” Mutinta told me. “Oh” I said, slightly dejected.

“Not this time anyway, Precious has been waiting for you to shoot ¢v-m into her for the best [email protected] of two hours, she just told us to make sure you had a nice big store of ¢v-m for her.
But maybe next time…. If you want a next time that is” Mutinta said. “I think I’d like there to be a next time.” I said with a broad smile. “So would we!” The three of them said in unison.
They all put their dressing go-wns back on and then undid my handcuffs, I got up from my chair, still n-ked.
Mervis [email protected]£ up to hvg me and whispered in my ear “Thanks for the [email protected], it was the best I’ve had in some time.”
“No problems” I told her.
Mutinta was next: “I still can’t get over how big you are!”

“Well I can’t get over how ti-ght you were!” I replied. “Not any more I’m not!” She said with a chuckle.
Natasha was last: “That was the best S-x I ever had, thanks. I just wish you weren’t [email protected]!ngmy best friend”
“we can pretend I’m not!” I whispered to her.
She smiled and dropped to her knees, k!ss!ngmy still £r£¢tc0ckon the head “Don’t be a stranger” I [email protected]£d my clothes, but didn’t put them back on.
“Now go fv¢k your lucky babe” Mutinta told me,

“But remember, I don’t think she’d appreciate knowing we all had S-x with you.” “Don’t worry, I wasn’t planning on telling her!” I responded.
With that I walked towards Precious’s be-droom, thinking what a lucky guy I was and how great a birthday this had been, but still looking forward to the next time I get to [email protected] my girlfriend’s three friends!
Three months later, the college introduced compulsory HIV/AIDS testing and counselling in order for them to forgive accurate statistics and discovered that the entire group were Positive until now they do not know who gave them a virus.
*****THE END*****

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Don’t be deceived by what you see, without being tested you can not predict someone’s HIV status.
Avoid unprotected S-x.
If you love your [email protected] encourage them to do HIV tests.
If you’re HIV positive let the people who are closer to you know your HIV status in order for you to live a happy life with comfort.
If you enjoyed re-ading this story comment with: AIDS IS REAL!!!

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