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When Love Is Not Enough – Episode 17

Episode 17.


James went with some police officers to Mirabel’s house to arrest her but she was not at home.
Her place was locked up.

They left immediately after gathering information from her neighbors who said she has not being around since yesterday.
James was determined to make sure Mirabel rot in prison after what she did to his wife who doctor confirmed to be in a critical condition

James drove back to the hospital to go and check on his wife.
Michelle was put in the emergency ward ever since yesterday that she was rushed in. she loosed lots of blood and nee-ded quic-k attention due to her condition.

James was praying as he drove back to the hospital,his heart was so heavy. He punched [email protected] on the hospital wall while waiting for any [email protected]£ from the doctor concerning his wife.
He couldn’t sit still as he walk round the corridor.
He kept muttering a silent prayer that nothing should happen to his wife and their baby.

“God plea-se pardon my wrongs and save my wife and the unborn child, don’t allow the enemy to prevail…plea-se save Michelle and the baby…plea-se God…plea-se…

He was still praying when he saw the doctor who was previously attending Michelle, who also happen to be their family doctor. He was walking down the corridor with a straight face, pu-lling off his hand gloves as if he quietly walk down. James breathed de-eply and rushed to the doctor.

“Doctor Ken…my wife…what of my wife…how is my wife…doctor plea-se answer me, what is going on since yesterday…no news. All I get to hear is that she is being attended to…she is in the emergency ward…she is in a critical condition…she is this and that. Nob©dy is telling what I want to hear and I’m not even allowed in there…what is all this…tell me doctor what is the pres£nt situation…plea-se I don’t want anything to happen to my wife or the baby…I beg of you…

The doctor gently tapped James behind the back before saying

“Calm down James, just relax. Your wife lost lots of blood. Her condition is complicated which you alre-ady know…we tried all we could to save her and also the baby…hmmm. Your wife had a high risk of pregnancy… it was a threat to her and the fetus, we dictated the risk in time when she was rushed down here several weeks ago and we recommended an early and regular prenatal care and also told her to stay away from certain things of which she did obe-diently. Michelle do not nee-d anything [email protected], she doesn’t even nee-d much stress just to avoid complications which may arise and we gave a strict warning concerning it all but is unfortunate that this happened…

James was not taking it anymore, he was going crazy with every of Doctor Ken’s word. He began to shake. His heart was drumming with speed as fear griped him.

“Doctor Ken, what exactly are you saying…I don’t un-derstand all this long talk…plea-se…tell me that Michelle is fine…plea-se…tell me nothing happened to her…tell me what I nee-d to here…plea-se…don’t do this to me doctor…what of my wife…what of my wife doctor Ken…

James was holding the doctor, his hands kept shaking. The doctor asked him to calm down

“Just calm down James…Michelle is fine…your wife is alright…she is fine…plea-se calm down

James breathed de-eply as he held his che-st with his hand. He tried to calm down as he asked the last dre-aded question

“…And the baby…what about the baby doctor…?

The doctor shakes his head, he held James shoulder and said

“She lost the baby…I’m sorry…really I am. I know how much you and your wife wanted this child… Michelle has to keep away from certain things for the pregnancy sake and she never missed her prenatal check-up. I’m glad that your wife is alright… Michelle is still recu-perating… and will nee-d time to heal both emotional and also from the injury…is quiet sad that this have to happen but you can always try again…you and Michelle should keep trying and she will conceive another child…I’m sorry…

The doctor tapped James on his shoulder before walking away, leaving him to battle with his thought.

James was speechless, he was relieved on hearing that Michelle was alright. that information alone matters to him greatly. Michelle will be so broken right now and he wish he can see her.
Will she ever forgive him for ma-king her to lose the baby that she has always wanted?

They have being so happy the first day that Doctor Ken gave them the result of the pregnancy.
They have happily searched out babies names, both for a girl and a boy. It was a joyful moment for two of them as they looked forward to welcoming their child when the time is due.

How will he explain that all this deadly drama was all because of him? Mirabel has finally destroyed him, Mirabel has succeeded in wrecking his home, how do he make amend and correct his wrongs.
He was warned by their pastor not to punch a hole on the wall of his marriage or invite the devil to his home and he has unknowing created a de-ep hole in the wall of his marriage. How do he make amend, how can he cement back the hole that he created on the wall, there will always be a wall crack even if he covers up the hole. The crack on the wall will always remind them of what they lost.

James quietly walked to the ward were Michelle was placed, he peep throu-gh the window and saw his wife slee-ping quietly.
He wish to go in there and hold her hands, reas-suring her everything will be fine but Michelle may not want to see him
Doctor Ken has said she nee-ded rest without disturbance, she nee-ds to heal emotionally and internal.
 All James wanted so much is to go in there and ask for her forgiveness.

“Will she ever forgive me, she lost the pregnancy all because of me, if I have not mingled with that jezebel called Mimi all this wouldn’t have happened….God, I’m a terrible person. How do I make all this to go away…how do I undo what i have done….i wish is all a night mare…that this was not happening for real. God…plea-se don’t allow anything to happen to my marriage…I truly love my wife and I regret everything I did….oh God…plea-se help me….

James silently cried.

Mirabel was later searched out from her hiding place, she was arrested and put in cell as she awaits her judgement.

She cried and pleaded that it was a mistake, she did not mean to hurt Michelle.
 No matter how long Mirabel plead no one listened to her. She was put behind bars pending when her case will be judged and a s£ntenced will pas-sed according to her offence.

One week later Michelle was discharged from the hospital and James drove her home

She was quiet throu-ghout and refused to look at James who did not know the right word to use in consoling her.

Michelle wanted to be left alone and James s-en-sed it and decided to keep his mouth shut and not  complicate things any further.

They remained quiet as he drove her home.

To be continued

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