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When Love Is Not Enough – Episode 13

Episode 13.
Written by Amah

James was talking with Mirabel when he looked from the review mirror and saw someb©dy that looks like his wife coming.
She was facing his car but not so close as she approach.

James opened his mouth in shock, his heart was beating so fast as he began to search for his phone.
His hands were shaking as he thought of what to do.
Michelle must not see him inside the car with another woman or he will be doomed

“My wife… my wife is coming…oh my God…is my wife oohhh… where is my phone… where…oh God… bend your head… plea-se… bend down…I beg you plea-se do it for me if you truly care about Mimi… hide…plea-seesss…I beg you in the name of God…hide… find somewhere to hide… just hide… plea-se Mimi..

Mirabel turned and saw a beautiful woman coming.
She has not met James’s wife before and seeing that she was beautiful and chobby makes her more jealous.

“Do you love me… Just tell me… that you love me and you will compensate me for this my kindness…do you…say it and mean it and also promise to compensate me for this…

Mirabel asked James, she was not bothered as James was panicking and shaking all over, she will use this moment to her advantage.

“Yes….yes…I will compensate you…my wife is getting closer… Mimi plea-se…yes, I love you…I mean it… now i have done as you wish…I beg you just do this for me…hide…my wife is almost to the car…

James cried out as he pleaded with Mirabel, he was sweating un-der the air condition cooling in his car. His legs were shaking in fear as he begged Mirabel.

Mirabel wish Michelle will see them and leave James alone for her so that he can be with her.

But she decided to prove to James that she truly cares about him and bend, she moved to the back seat quic-kly and squat.
She was hiding close to the door of the back seat.
Mirabel left her hand bag in the front seat and when James noticed it he quic-kly throw the bag to the back seat.

Michelle was a two feets away from the car when James opened the car and stepped down.

He was shaking inside but try to appear cool as Michelle was alre-ady by the car.

She didn’t want Michelle who was looking at the front seat to notice anything.
He [email protected]£d his wife and k!$$£d her before saying.

“My love you are here…ummm… you didn’t tell me that you were coming…are you alright…

Michelle did not see anyb©dy in the front seat again she began to wonder if her eyes were pla-ying tricks on her.

“I went for check up at the hospital and I called to inform you that I was coming but you didn’t pick up… why are you sweating… you are shaking…are you alright… wait…I thought I saw two people in the car… the second person looks like a lady…

“A lady… not at all… what will a lady be doing inside my car, in my office during work hour… that’s impossible…hmmm… Mim….my love I guess the pregnancy comes with a double vision for you… there was nob©dy in the car with me…I was just searching for a do¢v-ment…I Just remembered I left it in my office cabinet… let’s leave here… let’s go to my office… let’s go… my love come…

Michelle pause and stare at the car again wondering if she was truly seeing a double vision.
As James urged her to leave the car park environment.
she obliged and followed him.
Few feets away she heard a phone ringing.

Mirabel turned on her phone ringing tone as she noticed that James was leaving with his wife.
She made her phone ringing tone to go high just to attra-ct Michelle’s attention.

Michelle st©pped and looked back at the car where the sound was coming from.

“Can you hear that James…a phone is ringing and is coming from your car…is there a phone in your car…is ringing… let’s go and check…

James heart beat doubled up as he began to panic even more.
He knows is Mirabel trying all means to get him into trouble.

“My Love I can’t hear anything…oh is probably from one of the cars parked here but definitely not from our car… maybe the owner might have forgotten the phone inside… let’s go to the office.. you nee-d to relaxed… come let’s go… my love

Michelle waved the negative feeling she was having and followed her husband who she noticed was not acting comfortable, he was not at ease.
She asked him again if he was alright and James replied with a smile that he was fine.
She also noticed a colourful mark on hisl-ips and shi-t and asked James what it was.
James quic-kly tries to clean it up as he lied that is probably from somewhere which he can’t remember.
He moved uncomfortable, he was panicking.

“Darling… are you alright… what happened…is there a problem… you appear to be disturbe-d…

“Just tired from today’s work load, I wanted to close in time so that I can come home and make you something delicious… one of your favorites…

Michelle smile as she entered James office building.

James lead her to his office and after she was comfortably seated in the office James told her that he was going to check some file at the reception that he will be right back.
He turned on his office television, changed the station to a church programme for his wife before leaving her to watch.

Michelle nodded and fixed her attention to the TV screen showing a gospel series.

James went to his car and unlock the door for Mirabel who was alre-ady seated inside the car and waiting for James

James asked her to quietly leave immediately.

“What of what you promised me… you told me that you love me and you will compensate me for saving you… what happens now… and why don’t you want to introduce me to your churchy wife…why?

“Mirabel, st©p doing this… plea-se st©p it. my wife is here, Just leave before you get me into trouble…we will see and talk next time but definitely not right now… Yes I remember your promise…I will compensate you… okay…just leave plea-se I nee-d to go back inside before my wife starts suspecting that something is fishing……

Mirabel smile, she went closer to him and [email protected]ç£his che-st and as her hands traveled down from his che-st to his trou-ser James quic-kly [email protected] off Mirabel’s hand.
She held her hands in pain.

“For [email protected] my hand so ha-rd I will not leave this premises, I will remain here until your wife comes out and I will introduce myself to her… you just messed up with me James…

James started pleading to her again before Mirabel agrees and cat walk out of the compound.
James combe-d his hand into his head, he gave a sigh of relief before walking back inside.

He later drove back to the house with his wife.
James made sure he switched off his phone every time he was home.

Michelle was alre-ady suspecting James who does not turn off his mobile before but recently developed the habits of always putting his phone on silent or turning it off.
She asked James about it and he told her that he doesn’t want to be disturbe-d with office calls.

James asked the security at his work place not to allow Mirabel in.
And they should call him anytime anyb©dy comes visiting him if he is expecting the person or not.

Mirabel was not allowed into the gate again.
James refused to answer her calls or reply her messages as he delete it all to avoid his wife seeing it.

He was happy that after one week he didn’t hear from Mirabel

He started leaving his phone on again as he thought Mirabel has finally moved on.
Gone for good.

He still looks back to the day his wife almost caught him with Mirabel and thank God for saving him.

He can never forget that day in a hurry, he thought his heart will pump into his mouth

He felt proud of himself.
he was smart enough to save himself from what could have ended so badly for him
He smile within himself as he remembers how he outsmart the terrible situation.

To be continued

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