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When Love Is Not Enough -episode 11


© Amah

James took his car keys and left with Mirabel, they were quiet as he kept driving.
 He later break the silent between them and said

“The reason why I’m doing this is so that you will leave me the hell alone…I could have just ignore you and go home to my wife because I never invited you…you showed up in my office uninvited and started throwing shades at me…that is enough reason to just walk you out of my office but I do not want us to [email protected] angrily…I don’t want us to turn enemies as much as I want you to keep your distance I also don’t want you to have a bad memory about me just like your ex…so I want to make this be your last visit…plea-se do not come looking for me again….

Mirabel was quiet all throu-gh the ride, she did not say anything.
As she draws close to where James will drop her she said

“Does it means that everything we shared means absolutely nothing to you…you felt nothing for me…all the late night talks, the hanging out…the k!sses…the [email protected]磅.the laughter we shared…James can you boldly look into my eyes and tell me that everything we shared was all nothing…

James was quiet as he st©pped at her bust©p and looked straight ahead, Mirabel turned to him.

“I thought we bonded so well, I thought our affair will last for long, I never asked you not to be with your wife all I asked is to create time for me too…I won’t interfere in your marital life…I don’t even have interest in any man again, no man interest me like you do James…I could have being in another relationsh!pif I want to but I don’t feel this spark I feel for you for another man…I don’t…when I want someb©dy I go for the person regardless if he is married or not…and the only time I leave is if i feel betrayed or I feel tired but that is not in your case…I want to be in your arms James always…and allow you to cudd-leme the way you use to do right in your car…and when you [email protected]£ over to my place…remember…I thought you will make out with me that night but you did not…you said you can’t…even though your b©dy wanted it but your mind wouldn’t let you do it…we k!$$£d and had a full pack of [email protected]ç£before you later left…and that was how I started yawning for you…everyday…waiting for the day you will finally throw away your guts and [email protected] me…is true we had fun but it was more than fun to me…

Mirabel took James hands into hers and he pu-ll-ed back his hand from her.
She moved closer and put her head on his shoulder and just then James phone started ringing and it was Michelle.

“Mirabel…move…my wife is calling me…move back and remain quiet…take your head away from my shoulder…

“James, go ahead and answer your call…while are you being harsh to me…is not like your wife will see you… you are acting as if your Bible quoting, spirit filled wife will see us…or does she has an inner eyes that she uses to know what exactly you are doing at every point in time…

“Don’t insult my wife Mirabel…I can’t answer her calls when your head is on my shoulder…that is so disrespectful…just get down…we are at your bus t©p…leave my car because if you say another disrespectful word about my wife I will push you out

“I’m sorry, sometimes I talk too much…I was not really insulting her I was just saying it like it supposed to be…just being real but if you feel offended with that…then I’m sorry.

Mirabel sat properly, James phone was ringing for the second time after he missed the first call because of Mirabel..
James breathed down before picking up the phone

“Hello darling…how are you…

Michelle responded as if something was wrong, she said something but James did not hear

“plea-se speak up…I can’t hear you…are you alright…what happened….

“James, I’m in serious pain…my stomach is aching me real bad…since today I have not being feeling so well, I couldn’t even do anything at work, all I did was just to relax waiting to be alright but is getting worst…I nee-d to go to the hospital…plea-se come quic-kly, come and drive me down to the hospital…I probably ate or drank what I don’t suppose to eat in my condition…. I don’t un-derstand why the pain is severe…are you in the office…where are you pres£ntly…

“i…i…I’m in the office but I’m coming right away…plea-se just hold on…I will be there…I’m really sorry my Love…I’m coming now.

The call ended and James turned to Mirabel and asked her to get down but she refused.

“what do you mean that you are not getting down…can’t you see I have emergency at hand…my wife nee-ds to be taken to the hospital…get off from my car…I nee-d to leave now…

Mirabel refused to go, she sat properly in her seat and did not feel bothered at James threatened to push her out.
She spoke out angrily at James

“if you try such a violent act on me I will report you to the police for as-sault, James this is no joke and I hate to be threatened…don’t even use violence to joke with me because I will take it so personal…we were not done talking before your wife called you…why are you treating me like a nob©dy, is it a crime to love you…and you dares threaten to push me out…just try it and see if I will not spoil your steering and deflate your tyres…and I will make sure I tear your cloths, disgracing you and alerting pas-ser-by…you will not even get to see your wife today again because i will make sure you sleep inside police cell…do not threaten me I hate it….

“Mirabel are you a devil…my wife is in pain…she is in serious pain and I nee-d to take her to the hospital…I really nee-d to leave, just leave the car…oh my God…what exactly do you want me to do…what do you really want…money…do you want money so that you can leave me alone…I nee-d to go and attend to my wife for Christ sake…

“I don’t want any material things, I have enough and I can still get more if I cares to. all I want is you and to let you go now is on one condition…you said your wife is pregnant…I also want to carry your child…I want you James…I will give you time to think about it…all I want for now before you go is to pas-sionately k!ssme…just k!ssme James so that I will be alright…because I’m feeling h0t all over…the pas-sion I have for you have really consumed me and I just want to feel your t©uçh…I won’t let you go if you do not k!ssme…

“whaaaat…Mirabel…hell no. there is no way I will do that…get yourself out of my car right now…I hate to swore but I will push you real ha-rd …so ha-rd and do not care whatever you do…get out Mirabel…

Mirabel smile and remained seated as she remind James what she will do if he dares try such violence on her.

James suddenly [email protected]£d her and began to k!ssher pas-sionately just as she asked for, she was relaxed as she k!$$£d him back.

Michelle was really in pain as she called James severally to know where he was but he wasn’t picking up.
Timothy who was out in the field drove back to the office and saw Michelle in pain.
He quic-kly rushed to her and tried to help her but Michelle asked him to leave her alone because her husband was coming to take her to the hospital
Tim nodded and apologies to her before walking back to his office, leaving Michelle to svçkin pain.

After thirty minute, everyb©dy has close from the office and went home, Timothy usually leave the office sometimes before everyone but he waited behind for Michelle’s husband to come and take her to the hospital but when it gets so dark and James did not show up he has no choice than to go to Michelle who was re-ady for the help and quic-kly agreed as Timothy [email protected]£.

Tim guide her to his car, Michelle [email protected] the back seat while Timothy drove with speed to the hospital that Michelle called for him.
Michelle was admitted immediately they got to the hospital, Tim waited behind to make sure Michelle’s husband comes before he will take his leave.

James drove, speeding as he went to Michelle’s office and found out they have closed.
He asked the security on guard and he told him that they have closed and everyb©dy has gone home and he doesn’t know if his wife has gone home or to the hospital.
James try calling but Michelle’s phone was off.
He wanted to go home and check if she was there but he has doubt if she will be in the house.
 so he drove to their family hospital
When he saw Timothy sitting at the reception he gave a sigh of relief as he rushed to him.

Timothy on seeing James stood up, he tries to shake James but he ignored his hand shake and face him…

To be continued…

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