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When Love Is Not Enough 2 -Episode 6

Timothy rushed out the moment Mirabel was being attended to.
Doctor Ken told him that Mirabel’s condition was critical

“Tim…what happened…was she hit by a truck…who is she, what is going on Tim?
Doctor Ken asked Timothy
Timothy was losing his mind, he pace up and down why Doctor was trying to get information from him.
“What is going on, what of your wife? The lady you brou-ght in… what happened to her? Her injury is life threatening Tim. She may have internal bleeding and fractures. Tim talk to me, was it an accident? You also nee-d help…come let me examine your head…

“Doctor Ken, I nee-d to go…I nee-d to go after my wife. Is…is a long story I can’t explain right now but I will be back.

“Was your wife also involved in the accident too… talk to me Tim, and you also nee-d your head to be examined. Maybe I can s£nd the ambulance with you…where is Katie?

“I don’t know Doctor…she…i can’t explain right now. But I don’t nee-d an ambulance. I’m fine, plea-se don’t let the lady to die…do all you can for her. plea-se Doctor I really nee-d to leave now.

Timothy ran off to his car and zoomed off.
When he got home Katie was not there. Timothy’s frustration grew
He thought of where she could be and remembered Michelle.
Timothy ran out again and drove off.

It was late when a call woke James up.
James checked the caller and it was Timothy.

“Hey Tim…calling so late….hope everything is fine…

“uhmmm…i..i’m sorry to disturb but I’m at your gate…right now.

James checked the time again and it was almost 2am. He turned to Michelle who was alre-ady awake looking at him
Michelle [email protected]£ inquisitive as she sat up from the be-d

“Darling what happened …is late, hope all is well with Tim and Katie…?

“I don’t know my love, he is at the gate let me go…plea-se check the kids while I go down to see him…

James went outside, Michelle checked on the kid’s in their room before returning to the sitting room. She went to the window, pu-ll back the curtain and peeped out.
She saw Tim and her husband coming towards the door.
She stood as they both entered the house.
Timothy’s has blood stained all over him.

“Tim…what’s going on…what happened to you…was it an accident? What of Katie…where’s Katie…?

Michelle was filled with question
Timothy sat ha-rd on a cushion and held his head in his hand. James sat beside him, holding him. Michelle stood as her patience for answers was running out.
She started with another question, James hushed her to st©p asking so many questions and allow Tim to get himself first.
Michelle nodded and sat beside her husband.

“it was Katie…I can’t find her and I don’t where to find her, I thought she was here…I thought after what happened she will either go home or come here but she is not home and is quiet obvious that she did not come here. Katie [email protected]£ to my office an…and saw me and my PA. Mira who happened to be my ex-girlfriend, she…

Michelle halt him to st©p

“Wait Tim…let me get it right. You mean Katie [email protected]£ in and caught you and your ex who is also your personal as-sistant in the office? is tha…

“Mich…st©p it. He is troubled enough…allow him to do the talking…plea-se…don’t rush him…

James hushed Michelle again. Timothy continued…

“Yes Mich…she caught us together. Mira was my ex and she was the same person that helped me to recover the lost contract with a condition, a car and becoming my PA. Katie also wanted a car but I couldn’t give her immediately after getting one for Mira…

Timothy continued with the story until he told them everything that happened and how Katie destroyed the car and smashed Mira’s b©dy with a ha-rd wood.

James and Michelle was dumb founded after he was done with the whole narration.
Michelle spoke out, holding her heart in shock

“Tim, why will you allow such to happen…oh my God. This is so terrible. I hope the lady survives and where could Katie be. We nee-d to find her before she hurt herself and your wound nee-d to be attended to before it gets infected…this is really sad

Michelle went inside to bring her first air box. James breathed de-eply before saying

“Tim…I do not expect this from you, you of all people should have known better. Was it not you and Katie that helped me in getting Michelle back? You saw how difficult the whole thing was. That alone should have thought you a lesson not to allow a crack on the wall of your marriage…how can you allow this. Buying a car for your ex-girlfriend which she uses to humiliate your wife who has always wanted a car? What a nerve from your ex. I don’t expect this from you Tim. I gave you some money to add up to your business and also asked you to let me know if you nee-d anything, I was re-ady to contribute for us to get Katie a car. I was re-ady to source for contractors and hook you up but you did not show interest in what we discussed. You called me to let me that the contract has being recovered and ever since did not hear from you concerning what we talked about. This is heart wrenching. The same thing was what almost destroyed my own family if not for God and you guys. I expected better than this from you but this is not the time to throw stone or blames. We nee-d to look for Katie and follow up on the lady’s recovery and I pray she won’t die. Oh my God… Jesus, plea-se let her live or Katie maybe arrested for murder…

Michelle [email protected]£ out with the first aid box and asked Timothy to bend his head of which he did and Michelle used mentholated spirit to clean up his head injury.
They all try calling Katie but she was not picking up her phone.
James encouraged Tim to go inside and freshened up.
James led him to the bathroom where he freshened up and James gave him cloths to wear.
The next day, very early in the morning they kept trying Katie’s number but she refused to pick up. they try using an app to find her location but they couldn’t locate it.

Tim and James went to the hospital.
They met Doctor Ken who told them that the lady was stabilized and they are doing all they can for her to make sure she survives, even if any [email protected] of her b©dy have to be disabled but all that matters is that she lives. Doctor Ken said they have to give her pents of blood because she lose alot of it.

James and Timothy went into the where room Mira [email protected] pain and in silent. Her b©dy was covered up with bandages, her leg was hung high. Her face was all swollen, there were blisters on her left eyes which was bigger than the size of the right eye. Her right eyes was closed and it appears she was slee-ping.

Doctor Ken asked Tim what really happened and he told him everything.
Doctor Ken shakes his head sadly. He checked Timothy’s injury, shaved [email protected] of the hair before placing a plaster on the wound after treating it.

Mira looks unrecognizable. They all felt pity for her and as they were about to leave James looked at her again and the resemblance struck him
Although Mira looks like she was hit by a truck which disfigured her fine face.
It will be ha-rd to believe that it was just a beating from her fellow woman that disarmed her.
James looked at her, she has a little familiarity with Mimi.
But James was in doubt of his past Mimi being Timothy’s pres£nt Mira.

 After him and Tim left the hospital. He drove him to Katie’s work place but she wasn’t there, they drove to the house and she wasn’t home either.
Tim was worried sick, he called other family and friends but none has seen Katie. he didn’t know where to search for his wife again.
He kept pacing and talking to himself. James was there to calm him down.

James curiosity got the best of him and he decided to ask Tim what was Mira’s full name
And at the end they both found out that Mira was the same Mimi that brou-ght crisis to James’s home causing Michelle to lose their first baby and almost her own life too.
Timothy who never knew all this was surprise to learn that Mira was the same lady that once tore James home [email protected]

Michelle who was home with the kids kept trying to reach Katie and after severally times, Katie later picked up.

“Katie…oh God, we have being trying to reach you like forever. I’m so sorry, really sorry that you have to go throu-gh all that. Your husband was here throu-ghout last night and he was seriously a mess, broken and sad. He told us everything that happened. Katie, is almost the same thing with me, my husband made a mistake…my first in unborn baby died and I almost die in the process. I know how it feels to get hurt and disappointed from the person you love and trust so much. plea-se you nee-d to come home. No man is a saint, he made a mistake which he de-eply regret. The lady is fighting for her life in the hospital. plea-se where are you Katie? I can drive down to see you. Even if you don’t want anyb©dy to know where you are plea-se tell me and I won’t tell anyb©dy…I nee-d to see you plea-se…

“Mich, I really do not want to see anyb©dy right now. There is no home Michelle, plea-se I don’t want to talk now. I will talk about it when I’m fully re-ady. I’m fine Mich and i only picked your call because I don’t want anyb©dy to worry about me. I will speak with you tomorrow….i will call you Mich…bye.

Katie ended the call

 Pascal who has being calling her since yesterday, started calling again. Katie ignored and walked to her h0tel window and stood there looking out.
Tears clouded her eyes, she blinked it back and returned to the be-d.
Her phone was ringing but it was Timothy, she allowed it to keep ringing, he kept calling but she did not answer.
His message [email protected]£ in again, pleading and asking her where she was. Katie stood and walked round the room sadly.

Her phone kept ringing continuously.
James was calling, after which Michelle followed then Tim’s call kept coming.

Pascal followed up and started calling again. She ignored all the calls.

Another message [email protected]£ in
It was from Pascal who told her he was in her town and [email protected]£ in search of her. He wanted to pay her for all her kindness before returning back.
He was lodging in a certain h0tel within town and will drive down to anywhere she was just to see her and deliver her gift.
Pascal s£nt another message pleading to see her even if just briefly.
 If she want to come to the h0tel that he was lodging, she should kindly do so, they will sit out and talk.

Immediately Katie saw the name of the h0tel it happens to be the same h0tel she was lodging in.
She was surprise and called the h0tel GSA to ask them if there was another h0tel bearing the same name as there’s.
They told her that there was no other hospitality home with the same name. they were the only one with such name.

 Her phone rang again it was Pascal, she picked it and asked Pascal to come to the reception if truly he was in the h0tel he mentioned.
And within few minutes Pascal was there.
Katie saw him coming and gaps, he was looking really good.
They stare at each other for some time without a word, leaving some distance from each other.
Pascal looked at Katie, he wanted to draw her into his arm and hvg her.
He wanted to apologies for the way he has always treated her in the past but Katie may not want to be reminded of the past.
Pascal looked at her ring f!nger she was not wearing any wedding ring.
Since he couldn’t hvg Katie he stretched his hand out for her to shake but Katie ignored and took a seat.
They sat in an open place, Katie has a plaster on her arm which she sustained from the car glas-s.
Pascal asked her what happened to her and why she was in a h0tel.
Katie ignored all his question.

 She asked him why he wanted to see her. Pascal tries to apologies for his past sins but Katie hushed him not to remind her of what she has forgotten.
He excused himself and went back to his room.
He returned with a cheque and handed to Katie who did not take it immediately but Pascal pleaded for her to take the cheque.
 She later did and held her breath the moment she saw the amount on the cheque.
She gaps and looked at Pascal in shock.
Pascal said he has another thing for her and asked her to follow him.
Katie did. Pascal took her to a car park. He pointed at a new silver highlander jeep. Katie did not un-derstand as he handed her a car key and said the car was for her.
Katie who was very shock dropped the car key that Pascal placed in her hand on the ground and moved back.
She thought it was a prank but Pascal picked up the car key, went into the car and [email protected]£ out with papers that has Katie’s name on it as the real owner of the car.
The shock was too much for her, it was unbelievable. Not just any kind of car but a jeep.
 Her legs was shaking as she kept moving back while covering her mouth with her hands.
Pascal went to her and gently draw her into his arms, Katie went into his hvge arms and remained there.
Katie’s heart was racing, same with Pascal who sh0t his eyes and smile at the moment of holding the woman who loved him even when he has nothing but he took advantage of her love and pla-yed with her emotions. He regret ever doing that and was grateful to hold her to himself again and to make her happy.

They stood outside the h0tel close to the new car and clung to each other.

Timothy returned with James to pick up his own car which he left at James’s place.
James told Michelle that Mira was the same Mimi.
It was unbelievable when she heard it.
She accosted Timothy, asking him why he will do such a thing with the same lady that almost tore her family [email protected] but Timothy told her he never knew that Mira was the same Mimi that James mingled with…
Michelle told them that she spoke with Katie but she did not disclose where she was but said she will call the following day.
They decided to wait till tomorrow when Katie will call.

Mirabel woke up from the hospital, she was in serious pain. she was covered with bandages and plaster. Her leg was hanging so high, it looks like there was no life in the leg and her left eye was swollen and shut. She was seeing with just her right her eye.
She started crying which later turn into a whimper. No one was by her side to console  her.

Doctor Ken [email protected]£ in to attend to her. He asked her not to cry again because they are doing all they can for her to be able to use her two legs effectively.

To b continued

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