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When Love Is Not Enough 2 -Episode 2


Episode 2.

Tim got home very late. He unlocked the door with his own key and entered the quiet house.
 He has spent all day working in the office, planning and thinking how to push the company forward before it goes bankrupt.
 After NSC Company withdraw their contract which they have being handling for years, he is left with no choice than to strategies on how to grow his company before it goes dee-per into debt.
The house was quiet, he dropped his car keys on the table and went straight to a cushion in the sitting room and lie down, he was having headache and nee-ded a warm bath.
He doesn’t even have appetite for food and he can’t remember eating anything since morning except a h0t choco with snacks that Glo his secretary made for him.
He was thinking on how to get up and go into the room, his wife is probably slee-ping by now.
Tim felt so tired to get up and quic-kly sle-pt off right in the cushion.
He was tapped awake, he blinked severally and saw Katie looking down on him she was in a lingerie.

“Tim, what is it…why are you out here…I was waiting like forever in the room for you to come in and be with me. The moment I noticed you [email protected]£ in I was happy, i wore this waiting for you to come in and you [email protected]£ back late…instead of you come in to meet me in the room you remained here…hellooo…did you get any gift for me today…

“Katie…I’m tired I just nee-d to sleep. I had a rou-gh day at work…

“You are always having a rou-gh day at work, it has become a national anthem in this house…Tim don’t tell me you didn’t get me a gift?

“What gift is that…i don’t un-derstand…what gift are you talking about.

“So you forgot again, damn it…don’t tell me you forgot again Tim. Last year you got caught up at work and forgot my birthday and when I remind you, you promise to make it up to me this year…you promise to buy me any gift of my choice and also take me out but since you have another rou-gh day at work and returned late taking me out looks impossible…all I nee-d now is my gift.

“ooh today is your birthday…sorry, I forgot.

Katie was looking at him and waiting for him to say it was all a joke but when it appears Tim totally forgot she breathed in and walked inside.
Saddened, broken and dejected.
She angrily yanked off the lingerie that she has worn for her husband, wore her nighty and entered the be-d.
In the morning Katie woke up but Tim was not in be-d, he sle-pt in the living room with his work cloth on.

Katie was dressing for work when Tim [email protected]£ into the room. Nob©dy said anything to each other.
Tim freshened up and as he was coming out of the bathroom Katie was alre-ady dressed and was about to leave the room.
Tim rushed to her, he was still in his towel and st©pped her from leaving, he held her and Katie struggled to get free but Tim refused to let go.
He gently pushed her to the be-d but Katie who was fully dressed and was angry with Tim kept struggling to get free.

“What are you doing Tim, let go off me…like you once said there is time for everything and right now I’m leaving for work. I don’t have time for this…

“Hey…are you going to just leave like that not even a good morning, I’m sorry I forgot your birthday again but I will make it up to you I promise. Things have being rou-gh in the office lately I don’t want to use that as an excuse…don’t be mad at me, I know I have being a j£rk recently…a real j£rk and is affecting us. I’m sorry Katie. Tell me what you want and I will get it for you by weekend…i just want to make you happy. So tell me what you want…

Katie relaxed back, she rolled her eyes at her husband.

Tim k!$$£d her and they both spend good time in be-d just as Katie has always wanted.
She later got dressed again and told Tim when she get back from work she will tell him what she really want as birthday gift.

Katie left and Tim got dressed and left.
When he got to the office a visitor was alre-ady waiting for him.

“Hello Cole…longest time, is being a while…how are you doing…I was here the other day but your secretary said you are not in the mood to see anyb©dy. She asked me to return today.

Tim was surprised to see Mira, his ex-girlfriend after years of disappearing without a word.
He asked her to come into his office and she quic-kly did.
After they were seated, Tim expresses his shock in seeing her again

“Mira…wow, never thought I will see you again…what are you doing here.

“I was in town so I decided to st©p by and say hello to you Cole…i heard that you are married…how is your wife by the way…

“Thanks for st©pping by and my wife is fine, are you married now?

“I’m not yet married. Do you and your wife have any child yet or is she pregnant because is over two years now you have being married…are you two not planning to have a kids….?

“Kira are you keeping timetable on my marital life…Children are gifts from God and I shouldn’t be discussing that with you but we are fine and getting stable first before children comes in. so how is life with you generally…?

“I have being here and there, trying to get busy with life after you broke my heart and left me.

“Mira, I did not leave you rather you left after accusing me of cheating which I never did. I waited, thinking you are going to come back but you never did, I decided to move so don’t throw blames here because you voluntarily left me because you thought I was seeing another woman aside you…

“you gave me that impression, I thought you were because of your attitude Cole. you ha-rd ly t©uçh me when we are together. you are always cold and I nee-ded you to be h0t, I thought another lady was feeding you out there that makes you feel lazy to be with me when I nee-d you…how can you be with your girlfriend and you will not be h0t notch ro-mantic like she wants you to be…

“I was ro-mantic enough but not to your taste Mira. you wanted to turn me into a reboot that does your bidding all the time, I live my life in a certain way but definitely not going to be buried in a ro-mantic plea-sure all the time or in the arm of a woman…I am not such man. morning till the next day doing nothing but S-x. No way… so you left because I was not meeting your nee-d and you thought I was smart and cleaning up my traces of cheat but I was just being me…and I’m sorry you were too impatient and left. now I’m married and focusing on my wife…

“don’t your wife complain, well I guess you have improved now in your love affairs except you have a dull or spirit filled wife who don’t mind. Anyway I miss you Cole…I loved you so much back then but you pushed me away with your cold attitude. Why I [email protected]£ is because i nee-d a job urgently, I don’t know if there is a space here…plea-se, I don’t mind the amount I just want to start from somewhere.

“Mira, there is no space. I’m even trying to reduce staffs here, this company encountered a hvge loss recently. NSC withdraw the contract we have being managing for years…they gave it to another company with a pointless view. And we are trying to recover from that hvge shock so you see why I can’t even employ you or anyone at this time…

“I know NSC managing director, the main boss not BDM manager…I know the man but lost his contact for long, if you can trust me and give me his contact I may be able to get back the contract for you…just trust me and give me his contacts, let me use a month or two to get to him then I will get the contract back…

Tim looked at her for a long time not knowing if he should believe her not but he really nee-d what she was offering. anything that it will take for him to get the contract back he was re-ady to do it.
He agreed and gave her the contact before Mirable later left.

James [email protected]£ in excitedly and his daughter ran to him, Michelle was holding their son who will be turning another year this weekend
James lifted his daughter to the air, she laughed out loudly before he dropped her.
He carried his son from Michelle’s arm and shake him in the air.
The little boy giggled, James set him on the ground. he re-moved two lolli-pop from his bag and gave the children, asking them to go and watch cartoon that was alre-ady showing on the television screen.

Michelle collected his bag and went to the room, James followed behind.
Immediately they got to the room he draw his wife into an [email protected] and later said

“My love I got good news. That deal we have being praying for…yeah, it cli-cks and there is this big company that want to [email protected] with my company now. we discussed the percentage and is to our favour because at the end of the business transaction we will be on t©p of the busy market…do you un-derstand what that means for us. It means we will be opening more [email protected] international. we can go on vacation abroad, any country of our choice and s£nd our kids to one of the best school in the globe.

“Wow…oh my God. Wow, God is good and he answers prayer…all our praying and fasting was never in vain. Ooh…I’m so happy.

“me too, even if this whole deal did not cli-ck after all the prayers I will never st©p trusting God because out of no way he will always make away. is indeed a miracle and I am so happy.

James looked at his smiling wife and said.

“My love, come here let me have a good look at you…your eyes is puffy…you look tired and nee-d a good rest. Maybe I can watch the kids tomorrow while you take a rest.

“I will appreciate that but we got Dani’s birthday to plan, he said he wants a bicycle for his birthday…I don’t know if you can afford that right now…

“Why not, money is not our problem my love, God has being providing all that we nee-d according to his riches in glory. The bicycle is resting in my old car trunk. I will leave it there until his birthday…it will be a surprise. We have always [email protected] Deborah’s birthday now is Dan’s turn and we nee-d to give him the best…so we will be inviting the team over for the [email protected] Tim and his wife, Katie. The doctor’s family and our extended family will be here. It will be an opportunity to [email protected] God’s blessing upon our family…

“yea, certainly…I have not heard from Katie for some time now, the last time I asked her about the plans for kids she said Tim told her to wait until he is stable enough…I just feel that is not an excuse but is their wish and I don’t have a say in it. I will call her up this week to know what’s up with her.

James nodded and talked about other things with his wife.

In the night while Tim was home Katie decided to tell him what she wants him to get for her for a birthday gift.

“I want a car Tim…I’m tired of trekking or jumping from bus to bus every day and you ha-rd ly dropped me off so I nee-d my own car. It will be the best birthday gift and I will appreciate if you can just do that for me…

“Katie…a car, hahahaha…why car. I thought I explained my financial status which has being over a year now…I can’t even afford somethings for the house. like I nee-d to change some of the home appliances. I even nee-d a change of car myself, this pres£nt car is eating de-eply into my pocket ma-king me spend the money that I don’t have… Katie car is a luxury and I can’t afford one for you…

“Tim, why are you wicked…you asked me to tell you what I want for my birthday last year, I told you I wanted a Givenchy designer hand bag, you skipped it and totally forgot about it saying this year you will make it up to me…this year again I told you what I want and you are giving me another excuse on why you can’t afford it. Michelle never asked for a car yet she got one from her hubby but you even if I ask for a bathroom sli-ppers you will give me excuse why you can’t afford it…

“Katie, yes…I can’t buy you a car because I don’t have the money. st©p comparing me with James. James has the money to surprise his wife with a car but I don’t and you can’t f0rç£ me to do everything you ask for. How many times have you asked me how the company is coping after the contract withdrawer? My company is heading to a dead end and I’m struggling on how to revive it and the only thing you care about is car…you can never st©p surprising me…you are also working so save money and buy yourself a car and you can leave me out of it…

“you, how many times have you asked me how my day went, do you even care to know how I’m coping with work…you get more busy with work than with me. choosing your work over me. Even if I save for a year my salary won’t be enough to buy my dream car. most days you don’t have money I take care of the house expenses so st©p sounding as if you are the only one, we have not gotten kids yet because you said you are not financially stable, let’s wait for two years but is over two years and instead of getting stable you are have become unstablized. You forgot that I’m a woman. I don’t un-derstand you at all. what exactly are you good at Tim, our love ma-king is totally quack. Always in a hurry to get back to work, if I say I nee-d you now you will company that I’m S-x freak and you don’t have the energy but you have the full strength for work. You forget anniversary and birthdays all in the name of work, you also can’t get me anything I ask for all because you company is hitting the dead end. If a company chose to withdraw their business deal then you sit up like a man and source for another deal, st©p all this excuses because I’m just tired…tired of everything…

 Michelle called Katie inviting her and her husband for the [email protected]

James also reached out to Tim and they talked for a long time and he personally asked Tim to come with his wife for their son’s coming [email protected] of which he promised to be there with Katie.

To be continued..

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