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ERUKA (episode 9)

© Toby Chinyere
My legs was shaking as I stood in one corner of the house still wondering if what I just ha-rd is true, when I couldn’t stand anymore I sat on the dusty ground,
I began to sob silently, tears poured from my eyes,
Anguish and rage was building in, the weight [email protected]£ overwhelming, when I couldn’t control it any more I tore the t©p I wore and [email protected] the earth severally, the pain was too much, I was acting crazy, I pu-ll-ed at my hair and scattered it all, just realizing that I have being a fool all this while makes me want to die.  I felt like killing myself, I [email protected] the earth again and the next [email protected] was on myself, everything I see around me looks like they were mocking me even the tiny gras-s peacefully growing on the ground, the walls and also the sand.
I was in pain, not from inflicted wound but an invisible injury that makes my heart to bleed
How could Bazil do this to me again, I trusted him, I loved him, I was re-ady to defend him to any existent I was even willing to die for him, I wasn’t foolish as many thinks I am, I was loving a real gold digger as Julio tagged him, Julio saw it coming but I couldn’t or maybe I refuse to see any fault in him, I created a perfect image of him on my head, and nothing anyb©dy do or says will make me love him less,
How could Bazil hurt me this way again, they called me a fool, “ATM machine that dispenses cash for them.
I turned and looked at the wall it was as if the walls were laughing at me, even the cloth I wore felt like it was against me
I punched the wall ha-rd , and withdraw back my hand in pain.
I have overheard them say they won’t stay out long, they will buy whatever they nee-d and return back to enjoy my money, my own sweat, my ha-rd earned money.
And with that thought I rushed to Bazil’s door, I wanted to get into the house and set everything in there ablaze, the house will be on fire by the time they return, I wanted to unleash terror that’s exactly how I felt,
On getting to the door it was locked, I try to f0rç£ it open but I didn’t succeed with that, I tried severally but it was fruitless, and my anger grew even more as I couldn’t open the door, I started punching ha-rd on the door, hitting with all my might, my hand was bleeding but I was covered up with rage I didn’t feel any pain as I punch ha-rder as if I was beating Bazil.
I knew they will soon be back so I turned, I picked up my sack, the bag I used to deliver cloths for my customers, I tried not to leave a trace of my pres£nce there, and after I picked up the bag I ran out as if I was being pursued,
I was running like a crazy Woman, I kept running beside the main road
I was suppose to take transport home but all I wanted was to see if the heaviness in my heart will disappear so I kept running and no matter how I run the pain was still there, I was covered in my own sweat, I was a real definition of a mad woman
Pas-serby give way that night immediately they see me coming, the road wasn’t so busy with people but the few walking beside the road thought I was a mad woman, with my cloth thorn, my hair scattered, and a sack with few cloths in it, I can’t be mistaken for a normal person. the road was wi-de enough so they kept there distance.
I [email protected]£ so tired and started walking slowly, I was breathing heavily, sweat was still pouring down from my b©dy, I pause and sat beside the road, I looked at the moving cars, the cars where all speeding on the free road
I thought of jumping in front of one of the speeding cars and allow it to crush me to death, I felt like dying, I wanted to kill myself, I see no gain in living again, life was not plea-sant at all, nothing in it interest me, and with that thought I buried my face in my palms and cry de-eply into it
“Excuse me…is there a problem… Are you alright… Excuse me
I did not even bother looking up, it was a female voice that was talking to me, instead I slow down my cry and started whimpering, I wanted to be left alone, I don’t nee-d any good Samaritan at that moment,
if I’m to give reason why I’m looking and acting crazy, sitting and crying beside the road what exactly will I even say, will I say that ” I just discovered that I was being used by the same man I love and who also claims to love me.
Or will I say my b©yfri£ndwho hurt me before and later plead to be forgiven and I forgave him and continue relationsh!pwith him was a real life gold digger, who not only cheated on me with other ladies,including my sales girl but was indirectly duping me, collecting my money with lies and pretense…
What exactly will I even say
“Hello, plea-se are you alright, why are you sitting out here, this lonely place all by yourself and crying… What happened… Did someb©dy hurt you, did you lost someb©dy or something… plea-se I mean no harm, I just want to help…my name is Mara… What’s your name…
I ignored her and kept quiet, I wondered why she won’t leave me alone and be on her way, I looked up at her, she was a young beautiful Lady, but my pres£nt experience has thought me never to trust anyb©dy, Mara moved closer to me and I tried to scare her away by giving her a deadly look, but she wasn’t scared and she didn’t bother ma-king another move, so out of annoyance I spoke
” I don’t nee-d any help I’m fine, leave me alone plea-se, keep off as everyone else did, because this battle is between me and Bazil, he will regret ever messing up with me, what he didn’t know is that my love is fierce so is my hate, I love like a foolish person without control and I also hate like Queen Jezebel and unleashes terror without care, me, Eruka, I will deal with Bazil, I Eruka will make life miserable for him, he will regret ever knowing someb©dy like me, i will mess him up..hmmm, Bazil just stepped on a serpent tail he will pay in a ha-rd way, I felt like dying before but I can’t die, Bazil doesn’t even worth it, he drained me off my money with lies…and I was so foolish and believed him, hahahaha.. I will have the last laugh, I swear with my last blood if I had gun this night Bazil would have being a dead man, I would have scattered his [email protected] with…
“And what will you gain… What will be your gain if he dies… I mean [email protected] or whatever you called him..
I angrily looked at the face of the girl that interrupted me, and i felt like getting up from the ground and giving her the beating of her life for not minding her business and then she suddenly smile and said
” I ha-rd you say your name.. Eruka..right.. Well I’m Mara, I guess your heart is broken, you felt betrayed…but you have to get your self together if you really want to have the last laugh, I’m re-ady to help you get your sweet revenge…
“I don’t nee-d your help Mala… Leave me alone, why will you want to help me…a total stranger…mind your business I can handle this on my own
” I have being jilted before by a man i also love so much and he claims to love me too, I almost died in the process, well, I don’t really know your story Eruka but from the little I ha-rd from you, it shows that The [email protected] guy or whatever you called him took your love for granted and he mustn’t go Scot free, we won’t kill him but we will make him pay throu-gh his teeth…
“We” who and who are you referring as we…and is Bazil not [email protected]… Is a cursed name to me..
“It really sounds like one, the “we” is me and you Eruka, I want to help you, men like that nee-d to be thought a lesson or they will keep victimising innocent women, let’s beat him to his game, teach him little lesson but we won’t kill him…for me meeting you tonight and wanting to help you means that our [email protected] was meant to cross one way or the other … I don’t nee-d anything in return from you Eruka, I just enjoy helping people deal with the bad guys and girls Who mess with their feeling, I ones had a friend who died because of love… Is terrible
“Hmmm…so how do you want to help me…Ma…
” Mara is my name, I will get his information from you and make him fall, ones he falls into my tra-p the rest will be history.. Trust me Eruka
“I don’t trust you or anyb©dy, to me you are a total stranger and I don’t know why you are interested in my problem but I’m re-ady to give it a try, I will give you my house address and mobile number, come tomorrow if you are serious… Let’s properly plan on what to do, just know that with or without you I will do whatever I have in mind to do…
I stood up and left after giving her my details.
Bazil started the game I will [email protected], the same measure of love I poured on him will be the same measure of wickedness I will unleash on him gradually, he just pushed me to the wall.
I wondered how you could love someb©dy this minutes and hate the person with pas-sion within seconds.
From now on the real fake love and pretense Will begin, Mara or whoever she is beautiful and looks smart, Bazil will fall for her at a glance and with that we will nail him and beat him to his own game, although I don’t trust that girl but I’m willing to give her a try.
And with this thought I cleaned my eyes and went home.
To be continued…

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