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Eruka (episode 5)

© Oby Chinyere
“Ruka plea-se…I can’t live without you, I love you, whatever happens in the past plea-se don’t count it against me because I wasn’t on my right s-en-ses, I can’t hurt you Intentionally, and no man can love you the way I do….
I kept looking at him, this time he was on his feet but was still putting on a pity face, like he wanted to cry, I can’t deny the fact that I was de-eply move by his words and tears, something in me wanted to believe him but something scares me, Bazil had never acted so remorseful before, but I won’t accept him even though de-ep down all I wanted to do was to jump into his arm because I have really missed him, but Bazil hurt me de-eply, he [email protected] me twice so ha-rd that I almost fainted, my vision was blurred after the [email protected], he insulted me and called me names, even the lady with him said I was their “mumu bu-tton” which I think she literally means I’m their fool, I watch her k!sshim de-eply and Bazil pushed me out of his house after warning me never to show my wretched face again in his place, he warned me not to come begging because he will never accept me back but after several months he is the one kneeling, crying and pleading.
I loved him, I give him everything he ask of me, even if it was going to affect me I won’t mind all that matters is his happiness to me, ones he is happy, I will be happy also , he has being jobless for long and has refuse to search for any work to do, Bazil lives off me, he depends on me for everything and I try not to disappoint him because I cherish him yet he treated me like a nob©dy, he beats me up at every slightest provocation and makes me feel unworthy of him, he will always paint it to my face that he is a graduate and I’m just a common trader who suppose to be grateful to him because he is giving me a second look.
As I stood watching him plead to me to accept him back, I went throu-gh several scenes in my mind and find out that Bazil never treated me right like Dave does, Dave cherished me, he go shopping for me, he makes me laugh so well and has never raise a hand or use an abusive word on me, such threat is not in him, despite being more educated, have money and well coordinated than Bazil, he has never used any of that against me rather he supports me, he is a s£nior entrepreneur, he has a great knowledge in business aside education he love business more and has built so many businesses empire all around,
I like Dave because he was there when I nee-ded a friend after Bazil hurt me and broke up with me.
After thinking of the whole thing I found my voice to reply Bazil
“I’m still the same stupid fool you usually beat up whenever she fails to meet up with your demands, the same market lady who doesn’t deserve you because you are over educated for someb©dy like me, the same one you cheated on and allow your girlfriend to insult me, you even k!$$£d her right in my pres£nce because I was just a commoner who can’t do anything, you still went ahead to break up with me, warning me never to come back again now you are here, shame onto you Bazil, you thought I can’t live without you, here I am, my business has grown so well since you left me, my life has taking another new turn since you left and finally I’m with my Prince Charming who cherishes me and never takes me for granted, look at me, I’m glowing, can you see me very well or do you nee-d glas-ses, so with this few points of mine, Bazil, I guess is enough for you to leave my house this minute….
He looked at me as if he has never seen me before, he looked shocked that I could say all that to him, maybe because he thought his crocodile tears and his knelling down will get him back to me but I’m not fooled, yes, I ones feel something very strong for him, the feeling shakes me whenever he is mad at me, it makes my heart beat so fast, it makes me loose appetite and taste of everything and when he is happy with me I feel so happy that I feel like my heart will pump out, I will displea-se myself just to plea-se him, I thought I will never be able to live without him but he created that room and gave me strength to do that, I still feel something for him but is not as strong as before, am happy with Dave, Dave is a nice man, Bazil is of my past, he is a history and I will put him right where he belong.
He refused to leave so I walked past him and unlock my door, he tried to follow me inside but I pushed him away and went inside, I quic-kly locked up my door, leaving him standing outside and calling my name, I peeped from my window and watch him plead until he got tired and left.
Dave [email protected]£ back from his travel but I never told him about Bazil because it wasn’t necessary, we continued our lives, I still thought of Bazil but I tried not to dwell on the thought
Bazil [email protected]£ visiting me again in the market he bought ice cream, food and fruits for me but I refuse to acept them, I asked him to leave but he refused, he sat there with me begging me to accept the things he bought
Ignored him and went about my business.
He later left leaving the things he bought behind, I later checked the pack and saw that the ice cream has almost melted, I wanted to eat one of the fruit but instead I called one of my sales girl, who’s slot was not too far from my shop and i gave her the whole thing, she was so happy as she left with it back to her slot.
Sometimes when I come back home he will be at my door step with another gift pack waiting for me because he knows when unusually comes home from the market.
I usually ignore him but today I tried to listen to him
“don’t think I’m after your money, I have a job now, is not like before again, Ruka give me another chance to make it up to you, give me another chance to right the wrongs I did to you Ruka, plea-se I love you and I can’t move on without you, I know I took your love and sacrifice for granted, plea-se forgive me, give me another chance and I will prove to you that I’m a changed person, I will never ever raise a f!nger on you again or ask you for anything because I have a job now I will take care of you even more than your pres£nt man, no man can love you like I do Ruka, I’m not after your money, never, I will never ask for anything from you rather I will do everything for you, I took you for granted but I regretted my actions, all my bad deeds…I’m sorry Eruka… plea-se forgive me, I don’t deserve someb©dy like you, you are beautiful, smart, intelligent and ha-rd working I did not see all of this before but I do now, plea-se….plea-s
e….Ruka… I beg of you…
I told him I have forgiven him, and within few days we [email protected]£ cool again as I eventually gave him another chance
Dave didn’t know about it and I didn’t know how to tell Dave that I’m back to my ex so I kept it cool with him
Dave travels often because of of his work so it was a good opportunity for me to be with Bazil
weeks turns into month as my love for Bazil grew again, he acted so nice and gentle just as I have wanted him to do before,
I fell de-eply in love with him again, I started acting cold whenever Dave calls probably he will get the warning sign and eventually leave, but instead he doubled up his care for me, Dave reduced the way he travels and try to spend more time with me, he thought is because of is constant travels that was ma-king me act cold towards him so he tried all he could to give me attention and gifts but that never Changed the fact that I’m still in love with Bazil.
After three months I noticed Bazil doesn’t go out again like he said he hasva job but he ha-rd ly go out, he looked sad and worried whenever I’m around so I asked him what is wrong with him.
he told me he ran into some debt at his work place and they sacked him and told him to pay back the money or he will be jailed
I [email protected]£ worried and scared, he said he doesn’t have any money to pay such a hvge debt and he doesn’t want to ask me so that I won’t feel like he was after my money, I asked him how much was the money, he mentioned a very hvge amount that could practically run down my shop, but I can’t allow him to be jailed, I have to find a way to get the money to save him, he told me how his boss at work is so wicked and gave him just two months to get the money or he will arrest him with the police and lock him up.
I told him not to worry I will find a away to help him get out of the mess he find himself, he told me not to worry about him but I’m alre-ady [email protected] of him so I’m more worried than he was.
I took some [email protected] from my money, but it wasn’t enough so I decided to ask Dave to give me some cash, he was surprised at the sudden demands and how desperate I seem, he asked me what I wanted to use such a hvge amount for, I [email protected]£ up with some lies about extending my business to another slot and he later gave me the money which I quic-kly took to Bazil
Bazil was shocked and happy as I gave him the hvge amount, just exactly the amount he said he owe his boss, I told him to go and settle the man and he said he will.
He thanked me so well.
The following day we made out throu-gh out till the next day, I was in his place throu-gh out and did not even bother going to my shop, I switched off my phone so that Dave can’t reach me and spent the whole day with Bazil.
On the third day, in the evening, I and Bazil went back to my place, as I got to my door step Bazil received a call, he stepped far from me to answer the call, when he [email protected]£ back he said it was a business call, he was trying to see if doing business will work out since getting a job almost s£nt him to prison if not that I showed up for him,
he said he can’t follow me Inside the house because he was going back, one of his business [email protected] was waiting for him, they want to plan how to raise cash to start the business.
I said it was alright that he can go , we k!$$£d for long at my door step and when he loos£ned up to start going I saw Dave.
I was shock and I wish I can disappear into a rat hole, he just stood few feet away looking at me and Bazil without a word, everyone was speechless.
I quic-kly remember that I switched off my phone since yesterday that I was with Bazil so Davey must have being trying my line before coming down to check me at home
I didn’t know what to say or do as I bent my head in shame, I never planned for Dave to find out this way, I felt so bad that he caught me with Bazil, who suppose to be my ex, k!ssing.
I never planned to hurt him this way.
What do I do now?

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