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Eruka (episode 3)

© Oby Chinyere
I [email protected]£ down from Dave’s car and walked up to Bazil who was fuming in anger
“So you have being cheating on me, you have being going out and slee-ping with another man after you claimed to love me, so because he has a car you fall for his tricks, just because i don’t have a job or a car you decided to cheat on me, women are s¢v-m…and I was thinking you are different from others…I thought you are a good girl who can’t easily be deceived by all this flashy things and a chance just pres£nted itself you decided to jump at it…every woman is the same, you are a cheap slut Ruka…a very cheap whor…
And before he could complete his word he got a heavy knock on his back, as Julio used the dry plank she was having and hit him from behind, I screamed at Julio to st©p as [email protected] twisted in pain.
Dave who was still sitting in his car saw what was happening and [email protected]£ down, he walked up to us and asked what was going on but got no answer as Julio faced Bazil in rage
” listen very clear, you can do anything to my sister, call her all sort of names when I’m not there but if you try such when I’m around her I will dismantle one of your leg, I may be young but I will never allow my sister to be insulted by a jobless fool like you… Look at me very well I hate you because you are not only a parasite but also an ugly beast..nons-en-se…
As I tried to hit Julio she ran back and continued to rain insult on Bazil who look helpless.
Dave who un-derstood what was going on tried to caution Bazil on his attitude towards me but I quic-kly told him to st©p
“Dave, maybe you should be going, Bazil is alre-ady hurting, plea-se don’t add to his pain, Bazil is my man, the only Man I love so kindly respect that and don’t say anything as for my sister I will handle her when I have her time, Dave you should go plea-se, I won’t tolerate any further insult from anyone to my b©yfri£nd…
Dave quietly nodded and walk back to his car before driving away
” I’m sorry Bazil, is not what you think, Dave and I got nothing together, is you that I love, I will chose you all over because I mean every word when I say I love you, plea-se…I’m sorry that Julio hurt you…don’t listen to anything she says… Is you that I want… I don’t care if you are jobless or not Bazil…
“Ruka, You are very stupi….
As he was about to complete the word Julio charged at him again with the dry stick
” you say what… She’s very what.. Talk now if I will not break all your ribs with this heavy plank in my hand, are you afraid to talk… So you can fear like this… Hahahaha…Mr Jobless is afraid…
“Afraid of who… You, God forbid, you are just a c0ckroach and if not for that big stick in your hand I would have squash you with my leg, little uneducated ant like you…you are just so lucky that you have a weapon in hand…you and your sister put together can’t even raise one of my leg…nons-en-se…
Julio rushed at him unexpectedly and hit him very ha-rd on his right leg, he screamed in pain as he held his leg…
” Mr squash come and squash me, an ant like me will deal heavily with you today, is me and you today jobless man, if you don’t leave now I Will unleash all the terror I have store for you, you have being terrorising my sister, collecting all her life savings and still beating her on t©p instead of a thank you she get beaten up. today I will do so much more to you, that you will be scared to [email protected] f!nger on her, I still can’t tell what she saw in you, you are not even fine, you look like he goat, money, you don’t even have, from your head to toe is Ruka’s money, you are not even humble or grateful for the ha-rd working woman who covers your poverty looking b©dy up…animal like, you don’t have s-en-se… Try me again let me destroy you so that my sister will be free from your claws, do you see that fine man, Mr Dave, he has money, he has s-en-se, he is good looking and also humble that’s the kind of men I want for my sister not amoeba like you…fool…
Julio was seriously raining insult on Bazil which makes me feel so bad, Bazil, after nursing his pain walked away.
after Bazil left I charged at Julio, i tried to beat her but she ran away and faced me from a distance
“Ruka If you are afraid of him I’m not, he can’t do anything, everything I told him is true, Bazil is a mosquito who want to svçkyou dry, you think he loves you, he doesn’t, he is probably giving your money to another woman and you are here dying of love, plea-se I don’t want to be foolishly in love like you when I’m re-ady for a relationsh!p, no man will take advantage of me, love is not one sided, it suppose to be mutual, I re-ad novels and watch movies so I know that this is not right, if you beat me because of Bazil I will just call Mama and Tell her you are working and giving a jobless man all by your money, I know mama raised you better than that…you use to be very strong and ha-rd working but now I just don’t un-derstand what Bazil has turned you into… I’m eighteen Ruka, you are twenty four, I have plan for My life, which is becoming a nurse, what plan do you have for yourself, do you want to live the rest of your life like this, working and giving an undeserved man your ha-rd aimed money, or being beaten and having emotional breakdown for the rest of your life? Ruka…Ruka I expected you to know better, what is wrong with you, why can’t you leave Bazil, he doesn’t deserve you Ruka, you are beautiful and smart so act like it, you suppose to be advising me but love has scattered your [email protected], everything about you is now Bazil as if he is a god.. Mtchew! Just looking at him you will see he is from the family of Satan, Satan’s Junior brother, he doesn’t have s-en-se and you Ruka, you have to wake up before is too late…I Will keep saying it until I’m tired…..
After three days i kept calling Bazil but he kept ignoring my calls, so I decided to go to his place uninvited again, I know he was very angry with me, so I bought things for him, food stuffs, cloths and foot wear for him, when I got there, the door was locked so I knocked on the door, after sometime the door was open, and a Lady stood by the door and looked me over, I can hear Bazil voice asking her who was knocking and the Lady quic-kly replied him
“Some useless market woman, our mumu bu-tton, the one her Jezebel sister almost paralyzed your leg…
I boiled at the insult the strange girl poured on me, I angrily pushed her aside and went inside to face Bazil, how could he do this to me, alre-ady having another Lady just because of what happened, and what do she mean by ” mumu bu-tton” why Will she call me that.
As i got inside, Bazil was sitting and watching television, he looked at me as if I never existed and fixed his eye back on the screen, the lady who never cease to say some awful word to me went and sat on Bazil’s [email protected], I watch as they lockl-ips for some time, it was a de-ep pas-sionate k!ssbefore loosing from each other, the Lady looked up at me, she looked at me as if I was disgusting her with my pres£nce as she began to laugh.
I was almost exploding from anger as i charged towards her, u dragged her up and gave her a heavy [email protected] to her face as she screamed in terror, and just then Bazil landed me a double [email protected], one to my cheek and another to my eyes, I screamed as I held my eyes in pain, I couldn’t see clearly, as everywhere was blurred.
“You [email protected]£ to my house to fight my woman, are you running mad, in my house again… You are so stupid, go and call your little [email protected], your saviour to come and save you, that your sister that looks like a witch, run and fetch her, you were so lucky that day I would have beat you and dragged your b©dy in the whole Street, I would have given you all the beaten I received from your sister that day but this little one I gave you now will serve…leave my house and never you come begging because I know you can’t live without me no matter what I do to you….you Will always come back, I don’t want to see you close to My place, and even if you come begging I will never accept you back, because of the little money you do give me makes your stupid sister, small girl like that to insult me and beat me with that dry heavy plank, how much is even the money you give to me, haven’t you seen or ha-rd where a lady buys a car And give her b©yfri£nd, or even raise money so that he can travel out…haven’t you, so how much is even the money that you feel like you are doing something for me…doing me a favour. Get out of here, I don’t move with market woman or traders, I move with clas-sic babes, check my real Woman out, you can see you don’t even belong in my clas-s…go and hang yourself but don’t come begging because I will not accept you back and leave those things you brou-ght for me behind, is a good bye gift from you to me, it was nice doing business with you Ruka…just get out…
My vision was still blurred but I nee-ded to get out, my head was spinning not just from the [email protected] but from knowing i have being foolish, enriching Bazil who I never knew has another girlfriend, Julio said it, she has mentioned that Bazil is probably giving money to another woman, Julio has called him a mosquito who wants to svçkme dry and she was right, how come she knows better than me,
I walked to the door as Bazil followed behind after collecting all the things I bought for him, as I got to the door i turned looked at him i began to wonder why I didn’t see the beast in him all this while, I was in pain and shock, i couldn’t utter a word, I remain speechless as I turned back to walk out, immediately i got a ha-rd push, I almost tumbled over as Bazil pushed me out of his house and also from his life
I quietly took transport home.
I resume back to my business fully this time as I work ha-rd so that I can pay off the money i owe Dave, he never asked me for the money but I don’t want him to ask me before I return it back
I was proud as Julio entered a nursing school
I still hurt, is almost two weeks I still cry most night, I had a blood sh0t eye in the first week which I sustained from Bazil’s [email protected] but is all cleared as Julio did all she could to get it clear, she was happy on hearing me say is over between me and Bazil.
I hurt de-eply but I’m healing fas-ter then I could  imagine.
To be continued…

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