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16 days wife episode 1 – 3




{ Troubles and love }

Written by : Bianca Faith

Chapter one💋


“Give us a shot each” I directed the bartender .

I’m with my buddy Francis in our special spot in the club, with two of our bitches. Mary and Maggie.

“Yah shots ”Maggie screamed as the bartender brought them.

We grab one each and gulped in at once

“Yeah that’s the Agony ” Francis said and we all laughed.

My phone then rang, who wants to ruin this moment.

I brought it out of my pocket and it was my dad calling.

“Who’s calling? ” Mary asked.

I rolled my eyes, answered it and put on speaker.

“Hello dad ” I greeted.

“How are you doing? Keith ”

“I’m fine, just watching TV with my wife” I said and the bitches busted into laughter.

“Shhh” I shush them.

“Yeah, sorry we couldn’t make it to your wedding ” dad said.

“Don’t worry, I’m good, do you want to talk to her? ” I asked.

“Sure!” he replied.

I covered the speaker on my chest.

“Who’s for the run” I asked.

“I’ll do it ” Maggie said and collected the phone.

While I sucked on Mary’s lips, Francis and I share these bitches.

By the way, I’m Keith Oliver, a billionaire thanks to my dad whom owns a lot of breweries in Brooklyn, New York.

He handed over 2 factories to me.

Anyway, I like keeping a low profile, because I don’t like fame.

So I don’t act pompous.

Francis is my childhood friend, Mary and Maggie are just crazy bitches.

My dad pressurized me to get Married 2 months ago.

I just wanna have fun I’m not ready to commit, so I hired someone to pose as my wife just for the wedding day.


I’m glad my parents didn’t show up for the wedding because, the girl I hired couldn’t make it.

So I just tell them that, I’m married already, lol

Maggie Finished calling.

“Now you’ve talk to her ” I said playfully and my dad chuckled.

“Now back to why I called ” he said being serious.

I got up and went outside, the club is too noisy.

“In 18 days, I want to transfer the ownership of the brewery at Marisol Station”

“I’ll be delighted to have it”

I can’t believe I’m having my 3rd company.

While I was fantasizing, I heard

“In the next two days I’ll like your family to stay with us for 16 days”

“What? ” I asked again, is he kidding me.

“Your mom and I are dying to meet your wife, so you’ll come right ”

“Um…. Yea…yeah sure” I stuttered.

OMG, this can’t be happening, how can I find a wife in 2 days.

So annoying.

I can’t go back to the club, so I texted Francis that I’ll be going.

I got into my car and drove off , Geez, two days?

And seriously speaking, I can’t choose any of my bitches.

They look like party doers not wife material.

Who is perfect? As I was lost in thought, I was jolted, when I heard.

“Help, Help”

From my windscreen, I saw how two boys were trying to drag a girl to a corner.

I rushed to the scene.

I dragged one of them by his collar to face me, giving him A repeated punches on his stomach.

Then the other one from behind yelled as he approached me and I dodged immediately.

Who yells during a sneak attack.

Causing him to hit his partner, they both fell.

Then get up and run.

I turned to the girl who was feeling scared.

She looks like someone of her early 20’s.

“You shouldn’t be in the street, this late are you okay? ” I said approaching her.

Then she ran and hugged “Thank you ” she said.





{ Troubles and love }

Written by : Bianca Faith

Chapter two💋



🍀Keith’s pov🍀

She immediately disengaged,

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to” she said.

“It’s fine ”

Then out of the blue, rain started falling.

Damn, “Come on, let’s get into my car” I told her then turned to leave, but she didn’t follow.

“Come on” I gestured.

“No thanks, I think I’m…. ” she didn’t even complete her statement, I dragged.

Let her stop arguing nonsense, it’s raining damn heavily .

I don’t even have an umbrella to lend.

“I don’t want to follow a stranger ” she struggled to remove her wrist from my grip.


got her into the car, then turned around to the drivers seat.

“Now you’re the one who wants to take advantage, get me out” she yelled slowly.

“First of all, I’m no stranger, I’m the Famous Keith Oliver ” I told her as I got in.

“Wow Mr famous wants to kidnap me ” she frowned.

“Look lady! I just saved your life from those thugs and the rain and this is how you repay my generosity? ”

“See!, you had a motive, by saving me, which by the way I didn’t ask for it” she pointed finger.

I chuckled softly, that’s it I pressed the open button of her door.

“Get out” I said looking at the windscreen.

“what? ” she uttered.

“You said you didn’t ask for my help, now I think you can foster for yourself, so Goodbye” I said still looking away.

She got out of the car and banged the door very hard.

“Hey! You spoil it, you’ll repay it” I yelled.

She stood under the rain, then I took off.

After 30 seconds drive.

I’m not that wicked, although she’s annoying I can’t leave her in the rain.

I reversed, I lowered the window.

“I’ve forgiven you, you can enter ”

“I think I’m now use to the cold” she frowned, still moving.

“I can warm you up with my AC ” I told her and she smiled and entered.

I turned on the AC to the hot level.

“Thank you” she greeted.

I started driving “What’s your name by the way? ”

“I’m Faye Forrest ”

“Hmm, an unusual name for a Korean Lady” I said because she looks like one.

She chuckled

“You think I’m from Korea? ” she laughed again.

“Yeah, that’s not funny you look like one” I said.

“But I’m not, I’m from Paris ” she said looking at me, but I looked away.

“So, do you know those boys that attacked you ” I asked.

“Nope, I don’t? ”

“So you’re that weak, you can’t fight back” I smirked.

“No, I’m strong, but I was Emotional that’s why” she said and her expression changed.

“It’s just that, I lost my job today because I was blackmail, it’s so painful ” she said and tears dropped out from my eyes.

I handed over a tissue to her.

She sniffed.

We talked and I didn’t realize, I am at the gate of my house.

“We were so lost in talk, I forgot I had a passenger, where do you leave Faith ” he said.

“It’s Faye” she corrected noted.

“Achoooow, Achoooooow” she sneezed.

“Are you alright?” I asked her.

“I think I’m sick, the cold, oh my head”

“I think I want to puke, Achoooow ”she complained.

🍆Faye’s pov🍆

“Hold on, I’ll take you to my house, I have cold medication ” he said and I smiled inside

He fell for it,

He drove into the compound, it’s so amazing, I looked around throught the windscreen.

“Wow, you stopped coughing ” he looked at me.

“No I think it’s gett… ttt….ttt, Ah… Ah… Achoooow”16



{ Troubles and love }

Written by : Bianca Faith

Chapter three💋




🍆Faye’s pov contd🍆

He opened the door for me and i got out.

He took me in, to his furnished living room, it’s damn big.

“Achoow, Achooow ”

He kept me on the couch,

“Hold on, I’ll be right back” he said and left.

This Mr famous house is big, I wished I lived here, unlike my house that the rent expires in 2 days and I just got fired.

I can’t believe I’m doing this, I’ll explain to him tomorrow.

He came back

“Achoow” I sneezed.

He covered me with blankets and gave me a cup of hot cocoa.

“You’ll be ok, stay here tonight and I’ll take you home tomorrow ” he said and I nodded.


I woke up grimacing, sleeping on the couch is not a nice thing.

I checked the time and it’s 10:00, I heard footsteps step coming.

I hurriedly lay down and close my eyes, pretending to sleep.

I peeped and I saw him, placing a paper on the table.

Then he left.

I opened my eyes, checked the paper.

“In case you wake up, there’s toast in the fridge”

I got up to the fridge, and carried the toast, I turned on the toaster to toast the bread.

I placed it on the plate.

I was twirling around the living room, then suddenly the door open.

“I think I forgot … ” Keith stop and glared at me.

🍀Keith’s pov🍀

So she was awake?

She doesn’t look sick and she’s on her feet twirling holding a plate of bread.

“Glad, you’re awake, because I think you fooled me? ” I sneered.

I reach into my pocket.

“Here you go, ” I gave her money.

“Transport fare to your house ” I said.

“Please, I’m sorry ” she said.

“Sorry I lied to you, please understand I had no choice, it’s just my life is falling apart one by one, I lost my job and my house rent expires tomorrow, I couldn’t go home because my landlady will…. ”

I laughed, this is nonsense

“I was once fooled by you, I don’t want to be fooled again ”


no, believe me ” she said then brought out a paper from her bag.

I took, it was her rent, it’s true.

Then I looked at her and frown.

“I’ve heard you’re nice, please just give me 2 days, I’ll look for a job, then I’ll leave ” she said.

“Fine” I answered coldly and went upstairs.

🍆Faye’s pov🍆

3 hours later

Gaaarrgh, It’s been 3 hours since I went to find a job and I can’t seem to find any.

I can’t depend on Keith, I just got 2 days

I came back angrily tossing my bag on the chair.


“Sorry, I didn’t know you were there ” I apologize to Keith.

“It’s fine, so did you get the job? ”

“No, I can’t seem to find a job ” I said pouring my anger on him.

“Then, I’ve got a job for you” he said and my mood brighten a bit.

“What job? ” I asked.

“I want a very important company from my dad, he wants me to come over to stay with him for 16 days with my wife, so…. ”

“…Your job is, I want you to be my 16 days wife” he said.

Excuse me, did he say I should pose as his Wife for 16 days.

“Your presence will help me get that company and in return, I’ll give you a house and 20 million dollars ” he blurted.

What the fuck, this is big of a deal.

This is one in a million opportunity, or else I’ll be on the street tomorrow.

After the job, I’ll get my own house and 20 million dollars.

“I accept the deal ” I uttered.

“Great, we’ll go shopping today because we are leaving tomorrow ” he said.


Would’ve you accepted if you were in her shoes😃

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