10 days with bella episode 12

Chapter 12
________________ day 6c/day 7( I Will Help You)
Bella and Knight sat on the floor holding each other as they looked at the paintings, Bella right that moment knew Knight really suffered, as a child he watched violence and that’s why he was so cold hearted towards people, now she knows his true reasons behind his character,his just a man who is badly injured in the heart and wants others to feel his pain , Bella stro-ke his hair tenderly as Knights head rested on her che-st his hands wra-pped around her w@!st holding her as if she was going to run, Bella knew now why floren wanted her to make sure Knight open up to her, so long as he keeps this heaviness inside of him, it will keep eating him up and he will turn into a man no one could control , she was also happy that she had agreed to the 10 days to stay with him .
Knight nee-ds help, because by the look of things he really hate that welter man alot and he will do all he can to destroy the man, but now she want him to be served another punishment, they have to find some relating evidence first.
“Does he know your his son? Bella asked.
“Of course he knows” he replied.
” But how did he know? Bella asked .
“, His a co business p@rtner of my father Jacob Houston, he one day saw me in his house when they celebr@ted the success of their companies, he was in the p@rty and he try to take me away but mom floren saw what he was trying to do and pu-ll-ed me from him, right then he knew the people I was staying with , because I couldn’t talk after the accident, they thought I lost my voice and probably lost my memory, so she told him I was just a child they found and I’ve lost my voice and i don’t know my name, the bastard was happy, Little did he know I still could remember everything but couldn’t talk , ever since then he didn’t come close to me ” he said .
“, So now that you’ve grown older, does he still come to you ? She asked .
Knight shrugged.
” Not really, because I don’t really talk to him, we only do businesses together at my father’s company, and the bastard thinks I still haven’t remembered anything” he said .
” But he knows You hate him right ? She asked
” Yes, and he really doesn’t know the reason behind my hatred towards him, he thought it’s because I found out he wanted to steal from my father , and he hated me for telling my father his bad aura , so my father cut all ties with him , that’s why we disgust each other, but my main reason he doesn’t know, am planning to destroy him.” Knight said .
Bella signed, Knight Really suffered, he really did .
” Do you have any evidence that could put him behind bars ? Bella asked .
” No, I don’t ” he replied.
Now this is where they should start finding evidence, Bella thought,she believes the man can also be involved in other things all they nee-d is evidence.
” There’s no nee-d for evidence, I and my brothers alre-ady made a plan to kill the bastard” Knight said and Bella g@sped.
” No, you won’t kill him “she said and Knight left hold of her and looked into her eyes, he didn’t un-derstand why she was against him killing the fv¢ker .
“And why shouldn’t I, this is my business just because I told you my story doesn’t mean you poke your nose into what I do ” he half yelled .
Bella didn’t like that he was angry alre-ady, she moved closer to him and t©uçhed him .
” plea-se Knight,am not trying to make you angry okay , niether am I trying to jump into your business,am only saying that killing him won’t be the best thing to do,just think about it, if you kill him ,what difference does he make you both ,he killed your mother and you killed him, there’s no difference between you two then ” she said trying to make him un-derstand.
” I don’t care Bella , all I want is to end the Bastard” he said
Bella shook her head and t©uçhed his face, ma-king him to look into her eyes,she knew de-eply down that she was falling for Knight, but she knew he won’t feel the same for her, but right now she nee-ds to help him.
“Knight your a broken man and you’ve been throu-gh alot as a child, all I ask is try to be calm , listen ,don’t tell me you want to be a monster like Mr welter , that man is another figure of a devil, but your not , just try to find evidence and hand him to the police” Bella try to convince.
Knight stare into her eyes for a while thinking about what she was saying, maybe it’s true, but he really wants to end the Bastard himself.
“I will help you knight, at least we could be able to bring him down before my 10 days is up ,if your confident enough then know that he will be down before you know it,look why don’t you try to find an investigator , investigate him find out some things about him that could help us trick him , once we do that it’s settled” Bella said .
Knight listened to her carefully, he couldn’t help but stare at her .
” My brother’s are alre-ady doing that ” he replied.
Bella smiled.
” It’s good then ” she replied
” Your going to help me ? He aksed surprised, that she will help him after all he has done to her?
” Yes,i will help you ” she said .
” Why would you help me when all I’ve done is put you in pain ,I f0rç£d you into staying here and having S-x with me am not even different from my Father, Bella i hurt your feelings, maybe it’s best I let you go “, he said sadly turning away from her .
Bella sudden don’t want to go anymore, she wants to stay with Knight, she should be happy right that he finally re-leased her but why isn’t she ? Instead she’s sad that Knight wants her to go she only has 4 more days , no way she wants to help him even if at the last minute she goes away .
” I don’t want to go because my days hasn’t ended yet , I have 4 more days left ” Bella said Knight looked at her .
” If it’s about the money don’t worry, you will get it , so you can go ” he said and Bella wondered why his suddenly pushing her away , but she’s going no where.
” I thought we are going to agree with the contract I signed?,10 days with Bella” she said Knight stare at her, he didn’t want to hurt her anymore, he wants her to go, it’s his cross and he has to carry it himself.
He got up from the floor and Bella watched him.
” I know what the contract said I made it, you don’t nee-d to worry Bella just go ” he said and Bella stood up angrily now and walked towards him.
” Why are you suddenly behaving different,did I do anything wrong Knight? Bella try not to yell.
” Bella i cant f0rç£ you into having S-x with me anymore, when I do that I realize am a beast itself doing to you the same thing my Mr welter did to my mother , Bella i don’t want you to feel the same way that bastard made my mom felt although I know you alre-ady felt like that , and am sorry , I will give you your money and you will go ” Knight said trying to walk out of the painting room but Bella was de-eply hurt.
It wasn’t her plan to fall for him, and now it’s really hurting her , she reached to gr-ab his hand .
” Your not forcing me Knight, I really want to help you I promise once 4 days is up , I will go “she said looking up at Knight who did the same.
He gently t©uçhed her cheek and looked de-ep into her eyes, he doesn’t know what he feels towards this woman right in his front, but even him himself couldn’t let go, he doesn’t want her to go, but why ? She deserves to be free , he f0rç£d her into slee-ping with him and lossing her vir-ginity, his nothing but a beast, his no different from his father .
Bella ti-ptoed and wra-pped her hands around his n£¢k , then k!sses him , Knight didn’t want to respond at first, but just her mere t©uçh got him ha-rd , he gro-an ed and wra-pped his hand Around her w@!st and pu-ll-ed her to him ti-ghtly, k!ss!ngherl-ips like she was going to run away from him,bella m0@n ed pressing herself on Knight, Knight picked her up and backed her on the wall with her legs wra-pped around his w@!st.
He k!$$£d from her n£¢k down to her br£@st ,and Bella’s eyes closed as she m0@n ed, knight gently brou-ght her to the floor and re-moved his shi-t , Bella did thesame.
They were both consumed by the irresistable temptation, they wanted each other badly, they couldn’t wait to devour each other not bothering going to the be-droom.
Knight knew too that what they were about to do in this room would be a memory for him too, any time he comes to this painting room, he will remember Bella , when she goes away he will remember her .
When he entered her, Bella pu-ll-ed his head down and k!$$£d him pas-sionately this time around , not because she wants to plea-se him but because she has falling for him, her emotions were in the k!ss, she felt Knight moving in and out of her, she m0@n ed as he filled her world.
She knew Knight isn’t bad at all, what he saw is what he was practicing, that man welter deserved to be burnt to hell for what he made Knight and his mother past throu-gh, and she will do all she can to help Knight put the bastard behind bars , not because she wants to do it , but because she was alre-ady inlove with him.
The following day , Bella woke up not finding Knight in be-d so as usual she went and freshing up, she wore a simple go-wn and her pear of sli-ppers and went down the stairs, she heard some voices and it seems they were discussing business, she drew nearer untill she saw its knight and his brothers talking.
” I want him to get bankrupt” Knight said in an angry tone.
” Yes after that we will expo-se him with this evidence we alre-ady have ” Dustin said .
” But you know that man could be so smart what if he gets to figure out we are trying to get him bankrupt? Aaron asked , Knight signed .
” His just an old pig am sure he will never find out , and also maybe it’s best I confront him ” Knight said .
” Hell man you will do no such thing and besides he still doesn’t know if you remember him, ” luck said .
” That man handles gun, due to the fact he moves from one woman to the other how about we pay one of his sluts to help us out here, we threaten him we got evidence his illegal activities with the money he keeps stealing from people and crushing ones business, we tell him we want his company and you know how much his business means go him , and boom , he would want to find a way to get the evidence and end us” Dustin said.
Bella listened to them carefully and she agrees with Dustin’s suggestion.
” I agree with Dustin” she said from behind as they all turned to look at her, she gently walked towards them and sat at the empty chair, his brother’s looked at Knight trying to un-derstand why Bella is sitting with them.
” I told her everything” Knight said and Bella smiled at his brothers who smiled back.
” Oh! That’s good then we have another p@rtner” luck said cheering.
” So , about what Dustin said, ” Bella began as they looked at her .
“, I suggest we follow that plan, lie to him that you want his company in other not to reveal his illegal activities, once he discovers you have evidence against him , he would be terrified and would want to talk with you , he might want to exchange with you , which means, you give him the evidence and you get his company, but it will all be a plan, once he ask to see you then it’s opportunity for you to strike him.” Bella said .
“, Well I think she’s completely right , but you know welter would have a gun if he calls up meeting with Knight” Aaron said.
” But he wouldn’t want to shoot unless his sure Knight is with the evidence right ? Bella asked .
And they all nodded .
“, Look, that shouldn’t be a problem, fv¢k am a very good friend to my inspector friend, we nee-d to show him this evidence first ” Dustin said scrolling throu-gh the papers his holding which has all information about his illegal deeds and how he take over business and run down people’s financial status, indeed he was a cleaver man .
Bella reached for the paper’s and looked into it , God the man is so disgusting.
” So we should trick him right ?, Knight asked .
They nodded.
” As for your mother’s death, bring it up when talking to him, then he will realize you never forgot him,and am sure he will talk about it, the police nee-ds to hear him saying it him self” Bella said and the brothers looked at her amusingly.
“Wow good suggestion, I can’t wait to bring that Bastard down ” Dustin said and they chuckled
Knight couldn’t help but smile at Bella , after all he did to her, yet she’s being so kind to him, will she ever forgive him for forcing her into S-x with him ?
” Thanks Bella , your really a genius”he said and she smiled at him.
” I promised to help , and I will help you till welter goes down ” she said with a smile
And all the brother’s watched as Knight and Bella stare at each other , that moment they knew their brother is a goner, they smiled.